Weekly Detox Dinner Plan (Week 2)

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The week before Thanksgiving is typically a difficult one for me. I always have the urge to do some last-minute recipe testing before the big feast, and this year we’re planning not one, but TWO big dinners. (Because I can’t resist hosting a “friendsgiving” feast, too!)

weekly detox dinner plan

This year, I’m hoping this meal plan will help keep me on track without indulging in too many extra holiday treats. (I say this after spending the whole weekend working on a deep dish cookie recipe with homemade vanilla ice cream– so, let’s just say I’ve already had my fair share of sweets lately.)

I loved working from the meal plan last week, so I’m hoping this one proves useful for you, too. Granted, this week is a little trickier with the holiday, so just like last week I’m only planning 6 days of meals, assuming that on Friday you’ll still have some leftovers to polish off. (Or maybe you’ll want to skip cooking for a night and dine out.)

Here’s our dinner plan:

And here are the snacks and dressings I’ll make ahead of time:

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week ahead!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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Happy holidays Megan! So thankful to have found your site- you are an inspiration and model to so many, me at the front of the line! Sugar addiction and binge eating are something that have been issues for me personally and it is really amazing to hear that you once suffered from similarly- wondering as part of a “giving thanks” note if you could share how to rid the body of sugar and beat the cycles for good! How did you do it? And what made you stay committed?


Yikes! As an English major, I had to correct my previous comment while re-visiting this post! That’s “amazing to hear that you once suffered similarly…” My goodness- shame on me! ???❤️❤️❤️

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