What I Ate: January 18th

Although we’re already halfway through January, I feel like I’m just now starting to settle back into healthier “new year” habits. I didn’t make any crazy resolutions this year, partially because my birthday is in January and there’s no way I’m NOT eating cake on my birthday! (If you saw my stories on Instagram, you saw that I made the Vegan Chocolate Cake & Frosting from my new cookbook this year– it’s delicious.)

slice of vegan chocolate cake on a plate

If I’m being honest with myself, I indulged in way too much sugar and treats over the holidays (using my nursing-a-baby appetite as an excuse), and now I’m reminded of how challenging it can be to reign-in my sweet tooth again. Why is it so easy to slip into bad habits, and so much more challenging to get back into healthier habits again? Ugh.

To help ease myself into healthier habits again, I’ve been following the 3-Week Bonus Meal Plan with the support of our new online Facebook community. (If you haven’t joined yet, you can request to join here— it’s free.) I love having the accountability and motivation of a group! We’ve also been doing the free Physique 57 workouts together, and I can’t believe how sore I am… even if I only have time for 10 minutes at a time.

I’m not being too strict on myself at this point, but I’m already starting to feel better just easing out of the sugar-fog I was in. I’m not gonna lie, there’s still a big stash of Almond Butter Blondies in my freezer that I will pick at every now and then, but it’s still a step up from what I was doing. Progress, not perfect, right?

Here’s a peek at how it’s going lately.

smoothie in a cup, slice of almond flour banana bread, salad in a bowl, two date energy ball, and pan of cauliflower baked ziti in the oven

Morning: My husband is still obsessed with our favorite chocolate shake, so we have it at least 3 times a week. (Recipe is in the first preorder bonus.) My son doesn’t like chocolate right now, so I’ve been making two smoothies most days, to give him something fruitier. He loves the Strawberry Basil Blast (from Everyday Detox) this week.

Snack: My son is loving the Almond Flour Banana Bread that I posted last week, too. This week, I tried making it with eggs for those of you who asked, but I still prefer the texture of the vegan version better. (Eggs make it almost too moist, and more difficult to cut.)

Lunch: Not surprisingly, I made the Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bowls for lunch– almost everyday for the last couple of weeks! I’m obsessed. I thought I’d show you what they look like after I chop them up because they’re not as pretty, but they taste better when they’re all mixed up.

Snack: I had two snacks between lunch and dinner– first, some leftover sweet potatoes with more cucumber tahini dressing drizzled on top. Later, I had two Almond Joy Energy Bites as a treat. (Recipe is in the preorder bonus for the new book.)

Dinner: I heated up a freezer “dump meal” from my new cookbook for a really easy meal. The Cauliflower Baked Ziti tastes like lasagna, without requiring any pasta. It’s my new favorite comfort food! (I could eat lasagna every single day.)

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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detox book and meal plan

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Are there any gluten free recipes in your new cookbook?


I’ve been eating a lot of your recipes this week!! I’m obsessed with the almond joy energy bites and have been putting your honey dijon dressing on salads for lunch. For dinners I served my very skeptical parents their first vegan meal, the lemon asparagus pasta recipe from your blog and they were both practically licking their bowls clean lol Hubby and I also had the chow mein as well as the lentil and sweet potato curry. Both turned out amazing and even my hubby is enjoying our new healthier meals and isn’t missing meat so they must be tasty 😉 Thank you for sharing all of these incredible recipes, I’ve yet to try one I don’t like 🙂


Just wondering what recipe is used to make that chocolate cake… The icing on it looks divine!


I am awaiting this cake! Preordered!,,,,


Dear, I did purchase your book on my iPad, but I can’t find the chocolate cake recipe. Could you guide me? Thanks….btw looks delicious and I would love to make it!

    Megan Gilmore

    I’m not sure if the iPad version has page numbers or not, but the Vegan Chocolate Cake is found on page 166 in the book– in Chapter 8: Sweet Treats. Hope that helps!


      Megan, thanks for your feedback. I just would like to tell you, the vegan chocolate cake is not there and the iPad version has numbers, but page 166 direct me to hemp dressing and I did look chapter 8 and it is not listed there. Every time that I have guests for dinner always I make one of your desserts and everybody loooooooooooves!

        Megan Gilmore

        Is it possible that you’re looking through my first book, Everyday Detox? (My first book has a hemp seed dressing.) The Vegan Chocolate Cake is in my second book, No Excuses Detox.


omg i do use your website and book often and i did not know you have a new book. Purchased!! thanks and have a lovely day!! chocolate cake will be made this coming saturday.


Your recipes are fab! Just ordered your cookbook. I see a chocolate cake in my future! Thanks for your amazing efforts!

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