What I Ate: 29 Weeks Pregnant

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I had every intention to post more often about this pregnancy, but here I am in my third trimester and I haven’t had a lot to say about it this time around. I feel like it has flown by! It probably helps that I’ve been preoccupied with writing my second cookbook and have been working in my office full-time, so I just haven’t had the chance to think about what my body is going through– which is maybe a good thing? It’s amazing how our bodies can do so much on auto-pilot.

woman 29 weeks pregnant

(This picture was taken at 27 weeks– I haven’t been taking them weekly!)

That also means I’ve done nothing special in terms of working out. If you’ll remember, I consistently did modified barre workouts up until 35 weeks with my first pregnancy. (Not to mention, I walked my dog 2 to 3 miles everyday.) This time, I don’t think I’ve formally worked out more than three times in the last 7 months. I hope to change that in the near future, but I’ve only got two more weeks to work on final recipe tweaks for my next book, so I’ve been trading-in exercise for standing in my kitchen for several hours each night. Hopefully it all evens out, especially considering that I do lift and chase a 30-pound toddler around my house pretty regularly. Lately, we’ve been swimming at the pool after work, which wears the whole family out!

little boy stirring batter in a bowl

Weight-wise, I’ve gained a little more this time, but I also started off about 10 pounds lighter than I did when I first got pregnant with my son. (Perhaps due to breastfeeding? We’re still going strong over here.) So, I’m about the same weight I was at this point in my pregnancy last time. I only get on the scale at the doctor’s office, so it’s definitely not something I’m concerned about. I eat when I’m hungry, and trust my body to grow how it needs to.

In regards to food, my taste buds are totally back to normal, which is a relief. During my first trimester, I think there was a point where I was eating two bagels a day. I only wanted bread and fresh fruit for nearly 3 months! Once I got out of that phase, normal foods have gradually started sounding more appealing again, and now I’m back to craving my usual smoothies and salads. I think the fact that the summer heat has kicked-in is also helping, because heavier food simply doesn’t sound as appealing when it’s hot and humid.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been eating this week:

smoothie in a cup with a bowl, hand holding mixed nuts, glass bowl with salad mix, and little boy drinking a smoothie

Morning: We’re still in our smoothie habit most mornings, and if it were up to my husband we would have the Chocolate Superfood Shake (from the preorder bonus) every single day. I compromise and usually make it for us about 3 times a week. Other mornings we’ve been testing smoothies for the new cookbook, to make sure they’re perfect. I have started using the same smoothie supplements I used in my last pregnancy, including Vital Proteins collagen and Pure Hawaiian spirulina. These supplements may not be necessary, but since I had such a positive birth experience last time (and great skin!), I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to repeat what I did.

Mid-Morning: I usually get a little snack-y around 10am, so I’ve been snacking on two to three handfuls of raw mixed nuts to get me through until lunch. It’s usually a mix of brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, and pecans. (Brazil nuts taste like dirt, but they’re a good source of selenium and you only need to eat ONE to get your entire daily dose, so I’ve been eating exactly one per day.)

Lunch: I try to pack my lunch as often as possible, and salads have sounded amazing lately. I think it’s the heat! This one included a whole head of romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, sheep’s feta and some organic chicken that I cooked in the Instant Pot, topped with a homemade balsamic dressing. I also ate some un-pictured red grapes, which are PERFECTLY in season right now. They taste like candy!

Snack: After making those vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches this weekend, I took the leftover cashew butter cookies to work to keep in our office freezer. I’ve been having one every day around 4pm when I need a little extra push to get through the last hour of my work day. After work, I pick up my son and take him to the pool with Austin, and then after swimming we picked up a couple of green juices on the way home. Green juice is another thing that didn’t sound appealing during the first half of my pregnancy, but now I crave it! (And my son loves it, too.)

Dinner: I’ve been testing and re-testing recipes every single night, so dinner was a freezer meal experiment of a vegetable-based “Baked Ziti.” The recipe is already perfected for the stovetop, but I’m seeing if there are any recipes that I can freeze without cooking first to include super-easy freezer meal and slow-cooker options in the cookbook, too! Crossing my fingers that I can figure a few out…

I’m so tired at night, I have no energy or desire for dessert in the evening. I could easily go to bed at 9pm these days!

Reader Feedback: What are you eating this week? Does the heat have you craving different foods?

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Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

For some odd reason, when it’s hot outside, I no longer crave traditional comfort foods. I’m happy eating healthy food even if it’s boring. Plain salad with an avocado, no dressing.

Lovely pics, you look great! I certainly was not as trim as you that late in my pregnancy, although I had lots and lots of complication with my fluids being way too high ~ to the tune of 20 pounds according to my docs! Scary.

Delicious food. Like one nurse told me, it’s not worth binging when your pregnant. The weight will not easily come off so try to eat your best. Actually, pretty good advice.


Hi Megan! I’m so happy that you wrote a pregnancy post! I am exactly at the same point in my pregnancy – 29 weeks! So it’s nice to hear about your experiences 🙂 Like you, I crave different foods when it’s really hot outside. In fact, I feel like drinking a lot more than eating! So I concentrate on hydrating, refreshing foods like fresh fruit, salads, smoothies, juices and homemade ice cream 🙂
I also gained weight a little more rapidly than planned, but my doctor says there’s always going to be a part of it that we can’t control. She says as long as I eat a balanced diet and remain active, I shouldn’t worry about anything. I wish you all the best in the final weeks of your pregnancy! Take care 🙂


You look great, and so do your meals!! I have a question in regards to breastfeeding longer term. I am just approaching 1 year with our little girl and have been fortunate to work at home to help make this happen. As we get closer to a year, I think about reducing the number of feedings/day. Perhaps you’d do a post in the near future of how that looked for you and your little one, and maybe some tips? I know its different for every mama and baby, but insight would be helpful. I’d love if she can continue to nurse in mornings and evenings for as long as she likes.


    My younger daughter nursed until 2 1/2 and then I made the choice to wean her, or at least try, and we did it cold turkey. My objective was simply to see if it was merely a comfort thing for her and what we might do to comfort in other ways…had it been really traumatic for us, I would have simply resumed breastfeeding on demand. However, aside from just a few tears and a bit of confusion at first, she weaned very easily. At the time, she was only nursing upon waking in the morning, at nap, bedtime and sometimes once in the middle of the night. As for decreasing frequency of feedings, it usually happens sort of naturally with the addition of solids. Offering frequent, healthy meals and snacks may facilitate decreasing the number of times your child wants to nurse. I also tried distraction at around the 14-15 month stage because she wanted to nurse about every two hours…when she would ask, I would offer an alternative like snuggling while reading a story, taking a walk, etc. Sometimes it worked, other times it didn’t but it’s an idea. You’re so right that every mother and child are different and it’s hard to know what the right thing is. I always reminded myself that no one knows my children as well as I do and you just have to trust your instincts. Decreasing the frequency of nursing sessions and/or weaning completely are decisions that should be left to two people: the nursing mama and her nursing baby. No one else! Do what you are comfortable with and what will keep peace and harmony in your family and home. We mamas are all just trying to do the best we can and believe it or not, that’s enough:)


We are addicted to your chocolate superfood shake! This heat (even in San Diego) makes me want to drink it every day but I try to make sure I limit it to a few times a week…or maybe once a day. ☺️ It was even our Father’s Day lunch.

    Megan Gilmore

    I’m so glad to hear that! It’s definitely the shake we make the most often in this house… my husband would probably drink it 3 times a day if he could! LOL 🙂


I love that you are still breastfeeding. I still breastfeed my son. He will soon be 1,5 year old. I would like another baby, but we will wait with trying till he is at least two. So I am sure I have milk for my son. I only craved bread and roasted fruit in my first trimester. It is actually raining where I live, so warm comfort food is appealing.


Yum! What is the first picture? Chocolate brownie mix?

    Megan Gilmore

    It’s a freezer fudge recipe that is in my next cookbook. It’s easy enough that my son can help make it! 🙂


Thank you so much for the post!!! I’m also pregnant with my second and have gained more weight this time around even though I eat really well. It’s scaring me but you helped put things in perspective. Feel good!


I loved your podcast on FBP. Good luck with everything!


Just found out about this website. Looking forward to trying recipes. However, I just found our I have a heart problem (but docs don’t know why , I don’t have any of typical indicators and am very healthy). Now I have to really limit my salt in-take. All cardiac patients need to. Anyway there is a no sugar category and I was wondering if you could do a low or no salt one.

Rachel Cate

So glad to hear that you’re doing so well ? I really hope you keep thriving for the rest of your pregnancy. I’m in Australia so it’s ridiculously chilly this time of year (yet I still crave my green smoothies so have to wear an extra coat at breakfast time ???). Then for the rest of the day I want slow cooked meals and soups, I honestly can’t get enough of simple broth and veggie meals with a bit of slow cooked meat and tallow for good measure (and himalayan salt and dulse flakes).

Kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

I have been loving medjool dates dipped in PB and getting an enormous chocolate green smoothie into my morning! Travelling just now so it can be tricky but managing it so far 😉

Shelly Alston (Waugh

Congrats! I am a little behind, so when I pulled up your blog I was pleasantly surprised! You are so inspiring!!!!


Thanks Megan for all the recipes and posts! I’m 19 weeks pregnant and love to get ideas about daily meals from your blog. Congrats on your new baby girl! Quick question about the containers you use for your lunch salads. I’m in NYC and pack my salads for lunch but because of the commute (esp picking up my 20 month old on the way home!) I try to pack light. What do you recommend? Thanks!

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