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no excuses detox cookbook

Wow, what a week it has been! Thank you all so much for your support of my new cookbook. I love reading your reviews on Amazon and in our Facebook community, particularly because I developed this collection of recipes during one of the most challenging times in my life. There’s a reason why the recipes in my new book are so quick and easy— I was developing them when I had just found out I was pregnant, so my energy levels were at an all-time low, but I still had to take care of my toddler and work my full-time job. Needless to say, speediness was a necessity if we were going to eat anything remotely healthy.

My pregnancy also left me craving more vegan fare, which is why so many of the recipes in the new book are vegan or vegan-friendly. Meat and cheese were totally unappealing to me, although, if we’re being honest, there were times when only bagels sounded appealing to me during that time… so I guess we’re lucky I branched out at all. Ha! To be on the safe side, I did have nearly 35 other people testing my recipes, too, just to make sure my pregnant taste buds weren’t off the charts.

filming cooking videos

Speaking of, if you haven’t been over to my YouTube channel yet, I’ve started making new cooking videos– starting with some of the recipes from my new cookbook. Be sure to check out the Vegan Chocolate Cake, Vegan Chocolate Buttercream (made with sweet potato!), Deep Dish Chocolate Chip CookieWhite Bean & Rosemary Dip, Speedy Black Bean Burgers, and 5-Minute Freezer Fudge. I’ve also got some more How-To videos coming your way this week, like my latest one showing you how to make vegan chia “eggs.”

Adding “video editor” to my evening schedule has made me feel busier than ever, but I love the creativity that comes with it. I feel most like “myself” when I’m doing something creative, which is why I also love my job as a greeting card illustrator so much. (You can see some of the cards I’ve designed over on Cardfool.com.) With my busy schedule the past couple of weeks, I’m trying to keep my meals as quick and simple as possible.

Here’s a look at how I’ve been eating and snacking lately– I realized that yesterday was a totally vegan day of food!

frosty chocolate shake in a blender, black bean brownies on a plate, salad in a bowl, and rainbow lo mein in a dish

Morning: I’m currently obsessed with the Frosty Chocolate Shake found in No Excuses Detox. Austin was especially thrilled when I added peanut butter to it one morning! It’s one of the best chocolate “milkshakes” EVER.

Snack: Because my appetite is through the roof with breastfeeding, I also tend to snack on whatever recipe I tested the night before–yesterday it was vegan black bean brownies. (Still need work, but they’re tasty!) Yes, that means I ate chocolate twice before noon.

Afternoon: I’ve been working on more Instant Pot recipes for you, and this Vegan Burrito Bowl is one coming soon. I’ve been eating it everyday! Makes a great packed lunch, because most days I eat it straight from the fridge.

Snack: I usually need a little more around 3 or 4 pm, so I’ve been making the Strawberry Basil Blast from Everyday Detox. It’s one of my all-time favorite smoothies! I also snack on some Mary’s crackers when I want a crunchy/salty fix.

Evening: We’ve been eating the Rainbow Lo Mein from the new cookbook at least once a week. It’s delicious when served cold for lunch the next day, too! Sometimes I purposely try to save some for tomorrow…  (This recipe does call for honey, but you can use maple syrup to make it vegan.)

I used to be a big dessert person after dinner, but lately we’ll either brew some decaf coffee or tea to sip on while watching a show, or if dinner was really light or early (before toddler bedtime), I’ll make another chocolate “milkshake” for me and Austin as a late-night snack.

If you guys enjoy seeing more “what I ate” style posts, be sure to follow me on Instagram, because I tend to share a peek at what I’m eating most days using Instagram stories.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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I made your best ever vegan mac and cheese and it was delicious. Thanks for sharing


Well, I’ll tell ya this…I heard you on a Wellness Mama podcast a few days ago and I’m headed to the store tomorrow to begin daily green smoothies! Today I bought medjool dates for the first time!!!! ? Love the “what I ate” posts. Keep them coming!!!!

Susan Sostak

Dear Megan,
I love your books and the recipes are fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work. Finally, a way to eat that is easy on the digestion and extremely nourishing.

Yuko Miki

I love your new cookbook! I’ve been drooling over every recipe in there and making a list of recipes I want to try 🙂 It’s so nice to have a cookbook where I can make/eat almost everything in! I was also curious about your illustration work (I’m an illustrator, too!) so thank you for sharing 🙂 So cute! Oh, yesterday I made your nut-free granola (although I only had 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds so subbed with some walnuts) and couldn’t stop munching on it! It’s SO good. I’m hiding them in the back of the cupboard so I won’t just keep snacking on them 😀

Lyn :]

Hi Megan, Well today I opened my” No Excuses Detox Cookbook”, I started the day with the “Frozen Chai Latte “- Yummy!! Then made the” Mock Mullligatawny Stew”- Excellent !!! Finished the day with” Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies” (from your book” Every Day Detox” – So Good!!! I love both of your cookbooks, and think every household should have them. I so appreciate the work you put into your recipes, and the lay out of your cook books!! I also appreciate the meal plans, and shopping lists ( that must have taken a lot of time). I wish you would do a third book :] where you write out meal plans (taking the recipes from both of your cookbooks) for proper food combining and weight loss.
I would buy that too !!! You have done such a great job and have two beautiful , easy to use cookbooks , that produce wonderful results !!! Thank you, Lyn :]

Lyn :]

Hi again, I just made up the “Sweet Tart Smoothie” – Oh My Sooooooo Good !!!!!! You nailed it on the name. But don’t be afraid people if you don’t like Sweet Tarts – You will LOVE this smoothie !!!!!!! L.L.


Hi Megan! I love the Frosty Chocolate Shake from your new cookbook – tried it with peanut butter this morning and it was AMAZING! Curious what brand of cashew butter you use for this smoothie and for your cashew butter cookies. Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

    Megan Gilmore

    I recently found a brand of cashew butter that has no added oil or salt– it’s called Masie Jane’s I think. For the book, I went through a LOT of cashew butter recipe testing, so I used the brands that were most easily accessible to me, like Trader Joe’s and Whole Food’s 365 brand. Both of those contain added oil and salt, so if you use one without those two ingredients, the recipes might turn out slightly differently. (But still probably good!)

Lyn :]

We are LOVING this cook book!!!!! We had the Sloppy joe-stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner. Wow soooooooo great!! I am not usally a fan of sweet potatoes, but that has changed as of tonight!!!! I hope people will try recipes that they normally would steer clear of . Because Megan’s recipes are that good, that you might find your self loving that veggie or whatever!!! I am going to the store to buy a bag of that wonderful vegtable that I use to not like!!! Thanks you Megan!!!!!!!!! :]

    Megan Gilmore

    Yay!! I’m so glad you loved it. I won over my meat-and-potato eating brother with that recipe, which is when I knew it HAD to go into the book! LOL 🙂


Just received my copy of No Excuses and I sat in bed reading it late into the night. It is fabulous! Even better than the first book, I think. I’m old enough to be your mother, my dear, and I love that I can learn new things from the next generation. Congratulations on doing such good work and I look forward to experimenting over the next few months. Happy Spring!


Hi Megan, I tried the smoothies with dates in them before and I couldn’t get the dates to blend, even after soaking them. I finally purchased a Vitamix after coveting one for years and I made the smoothie Chocolate Frosty Smoothie. I am frustrated because there were full dates still left unblended after going to the highest speed. I spent a lot for blender and it didn’t really make a difference. Do you or anyone else here who have Vitamixes have any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong?

    Megan Gilmore

    Hmm… troubleshooting, I’d first make sure that you removed the pits from the middle of each date. The hard pits are almost impossible to blend, even with the Vitamix. If each pit has been removed, I’d make sure you’re using the tamper while you blend to keep pushing everything to the bottom. And also make sure you’re blending all the smoothie ingredients until they are completely smooth first, before adding the ice. I’ve never had a Vitamix leave even a chunk in my smoothie, let alone a whole date, so if after practicing with it a few more times I would call customer service because it might not be working correctly. Your smoothie should be silky-smooth with the Vitamix.

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