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What I Ate: Dairy-Free Meal Ideas

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While gathering pictures of my meals yesterday, I realized that I had an entirely dairy-free day. I have a mild obsession with goat cheese, so this is pretty impressive for me. And I didn’t even miss it!

creamy tahini dressing

The key to my dairy-free enjoyment yesterday was this creamy tahini dressing. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait another minute! It’s the perfect “creamy” dressing to add a salty, tangy flavor to any dish… just the way cheese would. I may not even need cheese again until I’ve used up this batch of dressing!

Below are the rest of my dairy-free meals. I hope they inspire you to try something new this week!

green shake, peeled banana, creamy tahini dressing, and taco bowl

9:00 am: Chocolate Superfood Smoothie. (This recipe will be available for you guys this weekend, if you’ve already ordered my cookbook.) This smoothie is loaded with protein-rich plant foods, like chia seeds and hemp hearts, and on this particular morning, I also added collagen powder and bee pollen. (Both are good sources of amino acids.)

11:00 am: Half a banana. (Leftover from my son’s pre-nap snack.)

1:00 pm: Carrots with Creamy Tahini Dressing. I wanted roasted vegetables for lunch, so while they were roasting, I snacked on lots of carrots dipped in this creamy dressing.

2:00 pm: Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes & Zucchini— smothered in more creamy tahini dressing. I could eat this combination every single day. I tossed the vegetables in garlic-infused olive oil to roast them, and it added the best flavor. I think I’ll be having this meal two days in a row!

4:30pm: Green Juice & half of a raw Chocolate Almond Butter Tart. (This is what happens when I go to Whole Foods without eating immediately before I go.) The juice was a mix of cucumber, kale, parsley, apple, lemon, lime, and ginger, and tasted awesome, and it was hard to stop at just half of that tart– but I knew I wanted to save the other half for a treat after dinner.

7:00 pm: Take-Out Tostada Salad bowl. Austin had to work late, so he offered to bring home dinner. He brought me this taco salad loaded with black beans (on the bottom of the bowl), lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Whenever something is served in a taco bowl like that, I don’t eat it– not only is it deep-fried, it’s also been sitting out for a while, so it’s usually stale. Not worth it! Especially when I have the rest of my chocolate almond butter tart to enjoy…

7:45 pm: Other half of that chocolate tart. Because I can’t even share it with Austin. It’s too good! I enjoyed it with some decaf green tea while watching Penny Dreadful.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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Maria C

I ordered your book this week, I can’t wait for June 2nd, it will be my best birthday present that day!


I started a 2 week food cleanse this week and your tahini dressing has been a staple for me! It’s so satisfying. Also is it too late to pre-order the book to get the bonus recipes?


I love your “what I ate” posts! I will have to try your dressing recipe, it looks delicious!

Julia Lee

So excited for your cookbook AND that chocolate shake recipe. I’ve already preordered! How do I get access to the special bonus recipes? Is there something special I need to do?


    Megan Gilmore

    Thanks for your support, Julia! You’ll need to submit your receipt to my publisher to get the bonus recipes, but they don’t have the page ready yet– I’ll post all of the details as soon as it is available! (They told me it will be no later than the end of next week.)


I LOVE LOVE your what I ate wednesday posts! I was just wondering if a lot of the recipes on the site be in the cook book?


    Megan Gilmore

    Some of the “fan favorite” recipes from the website are included in the book, but most of them are new!

Athenas Valles

Hii!, do you have a recipe for the roasted veggies? i love your blog! it has inspired me to eat healthier every single day without missing take out food or overly processed food! im ordering your book! 😀


This post inspired me to make the creamy tahini dressing – wow! So good! Can’t wait to get your book!


Love the Hail Merry treats! The plain chocolate tart is my favorite (I also love their sprouted nuts/seeds!). Love your “what I ate wed” posts! Saw that you were going to share the superfood smoothie recipe with those that preordered your book, which I did (so excited!). How can I access that? Thanks!!!

    Megan Gilmore

    Thanks for the support, Kate! My publisher PROMISED me the preorder package would be ready today, but I’m still waiting on them to share the link with me. As soon as it’s available, I’ll make a big announcement to let you know how to get your hands on it!

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