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As I mentioned in my last post, having some healthy staples on hand is KEY to staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food can be just as quick and easy as eating packaged convenience food, but it does take some practice and preparation.

cracker dipped in zucchini hummus

This past weekend I prepared a few staples ahead of time so that my weekday meals would be fast and easy. Here’s what I currently have ready-to-go in my fridge:

Preparing all of this only took about an hour or so of hands-on time over the weekend, and it has totally paid off already. My meals have been SO easy this week! Granted, Austin and I are a little sick of the quinoa salad already… but that’s only because it makes a huge batch, so it’s lasted us for several meals already.

Here’s a peek at what I ate yesterday:

chocolate smoothie, apple slices and almond butter, salad in a bowl with asparagus on top, date energy ball with a bite taken out of it, lentil chili, and a bar of dark chocolate

Morning: I made a large batch of smoothie for Austin and myself. (Our son shares some sips, too, but I make him his own smoothies to last through the day.) This one included dates, raw cacao, raw tahini, hemp hearts, spinach, and vanilla and it tastes SOOO good– like a chocolate milkshake!

Late Morning: I snacked on a large Fuji apple with raw almond butter during my work day.

Lunch: Since my salad dressing was all ready to go, making a large salad for lunch was easy. I used a whole Romaine heart topped with raw goat cheddar, bell peppers, and leftover sautéed asparagus from the night before. It took less than 5 minutes to throw this all together!

Late afternoon: I snacked on a couple Date Energy Balls before taking my son on a walk. They are my favorite treat lately, with the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Dinner: We had leftover Lentil Chili (from my cookbook) with Mary’s Gone Crackers. (I used green lentils to make the chili this time, because that’s what we had in the pantry, but the taste and texture is WAY better if you use red lentils like the recipe calls for!)

Dessert: A few pieces of 77% dark chocolate.

As you can see, having some healthy options on hand can make eating well pretty quick and easy! When we finish the chili, I’m going to make a big batch of my Easy Coconut Curry next!

Reader Feedback: What are your favorite healthy meals and snacks to have on hand? 


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Samantha @ThePlantedVegan

I love these posts! I think having snacks on hand is key to a successful week, I love having fresh dates and some hummus with veggies on hand at all times!

Anita @ Simplyfitspired

These meals look so delicious and give me inspiration for healthy meal prep. Thank you for sharing!


My daughter has been using your recipes on your website & raves about them all the time. We’ve tried several of them and they are all delicious. She decided to order your cookbook so I bought one as well. I’ve just started reading it, WOW very interesting! I am really excited about trying this new lifestyle. Once a person gets organized I think it would be pretty easy to make this a life long change. One question that I have is you say not to use non-stick frying pans, what about the one called “THE ROCK” they seem OK, but are they really? Thought you might be able to help me with this. Thank-you for sharing all your information,


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