What I Ate: Monday 2/27

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There’s something fascinating about seeing what other people eat.

We all do it, but we all do it so differently!

While I have pretty much lost all desire to keep a daily food journal– let’s be honest, my meals start to look pretty monotonous after a while– maybe a look at one day each week could be fun?

Let’s start with Monday.


ginger coconut pudding in a bowl with banana slices on topGinger Coconut Pudding, topped with a sliced banana. I wanted to conserve my leafy greens for a salad later in the day (trying to use up my groceries before my trip) so I skipped my green juice, and opted for this pudding instead. Into my Vita-Mix went the water and flesh of a whole young Thai coconut, a knob of fresh ginger, and liquid stevia. Blend until creamy, and top with a sliced banana.

Way more fun than boring breakfast cereal.


cherry chocolate avocado smoothie ingredients in a blenderCherry Chocolate Avocado Smoothie. Into my Vita-Mix (again), went 5 oz. fresh spinach (the whole bag), 1/2 a bag frozen cherries, a whole avocado, scoop of raw cocoa powder, and liquid stevia. Oh, and I added a couple of ice cubes to make it extra milkshake-like.

So good, it’s addictive.


Mixed Green salad with Raw Cauliflower Couscous in a bowlMixed Green salad with Raw Cauliflower Couscous <–both topped with plenty of raw goat cheese. I think it’s pretty apparent by now that I could happily eat goat cheese salads every day for the rest of my life. Every now and then, though, I try to spice it up with something different, like the couscous.

Things that rarely change? My salad dressing. I love lemon-y homemade salad dressings, and could (and do) eat them over everything.


There’s always something sweet at the end of my day.

bar of dark chocolateI enjoyed my favorite dark chocolate bar while watching The Bachelor.

(Who is Ben going to pick?! I’m pulling for Lindzi…)

Pretty tasty day, if I do say so myself.  😉

Reader Feedback: What have you been eating lately? Do you like seeing what other people eat?

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That smoothie is exactly what I’d like to consume at this exact moment in time! I do like to see what other people are eating, just because it can inspire me to break out of any little routine I’ve settled in to & try something a little different. As for me, it’s been the usual various veggie concoctions (though last night I made a sprouted quinoa salad to jazz things up a bit!) & breakfast this morning was a banana cinnamon smoothie.


Please keep your food journal it is inspiring for me I always browse back to your archive. Love avocado does it combine with fruit like cherries or only with bananas? I love your recipes and eat it almost every other day. I eat lots of organic salmon we have very good always fresh organic in store and lots of raw goat yogurt(homemade love it)


    Yes, the avocado does combine as a fruit in this smoothie. (It can also combine as a starch, making it very unique!)

    I’ll try to keep up the periodic food journals– I just have to actually remember to take photos before I eat! 😀

Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Yes I love seeing what other people eat! Do you have the recipe for your dressing anywhere? I’ve been experimenting with some of my own but would love some different ideas. Lately I’ve been eating TONS of quinoa salads (including the one I posted today – Coco Lime Quinoa Salad which makes my heart sing! The link is http://wp.me/p1Y0xO-3fn if you’re interested!) Have a great day Megan!


    I was planning a post for my favorite salad recipe soon! I’m addicted to how tasty it is. 🙂

    Your quinoa salad sounds great, too!


I do like seeing what other people eat!! Kinda crazy…but I’m ok with crazy 🙂 The cauliflower cous cous.is that just cauliflower?

Have a great day! The cherry chocolate smoothie sounds fab too!


    The couscous has other veggies and seasonings in it, but I haven’t quite nailed a perfect flavor combo yet… guess I’ll have to keep experimenting with it!


I love to know what other people eat… some of it makes me want to try it, some of it makes me inspired to create my own delicious concoctions, and some of it is just me living vicariously lol. A few months ago I found out I am allergic to over 100 foods and good additives…wheat, corn, potatoes, spinach, onions, kale, lemon, grapefruit, salmon, peanuts, MSG, Parsley, basil, oregano, just to name a few. As you can imagine this changes a persons diet quite a bit! No eating out, no processed foods, no pre-mixed seasoning combination… this means learning to cook and eat all over again! I searched the internet and got nowhere, until I found this vegetarian, vegan, veggie centric, raw food focused community of bloggers 🙂 It has opened up a whole new world of options and changed my perspective from all the things I can’t eat, to all the beautifully amazing, creative food that I am privileged to eat now. I could not be so happily on my path to true health if it weren’t for all the amazing strangers who post their favorite meals and recipes both of their own creation and linking you to more resources of recipes created by others.


Yes I love it, I get new ideas to make my meals less boring. Everything looks delicious! I have a question though.. why don’t you eat any grains or legumes?


    It’s a personal preference– I feel better when I avoid grains and legumes, and they don’t add any nutrients to our diets that we can’t get elsewhere.


courtney has grown on me, but i’m pulling for lindzi too 🙂


    Surprisingly, Courtney has grown on me, too. And if Lindzi doesn’t get picked, she’d make a great Bachelorette next time! 😉

Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

So fun, I loved reading this! The cauliflower couscous with goat cheese is something I’ve never tried, sounds delish!


It All looks really good,,,but that coconut/ginger puddin’ has got my name on it for sure! It feels so good to use everything up before a trip and come home a load up again.

Casey Lorraine

Yum yum yum to all that 🙂


Hi Megan!

I came across your site when looking up a few candida-related things. I was wondering, can you eat the raw goat cheese on an anti-candida diet?



    It depends on the cleansing program you choose to follow, but the Detox 4 Women approach definitely allows for raw goat cheese– which is why it was my plan of choice. 😉


      Thank you!! 🙂


Cant wait to try out that smoothie tomorrow. I was just wanted to know if it is okay to eat raw spinach. Or are you cooking it in some way before adding it to the smoothie?


    It’s fine to eat raw spinach, unless you have been instructed by your physician to follow a low-oxalate diet. I prefer raw spinach in my smoothies, because the flavor is masked by everything else I add in!


      nice! i’ll try it out then! thanks!


Just wondering, did you have the entire chocolate bar or do you have a couple of pieces throughout the week?

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