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What I Ate: My Go-To Favorites

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Do you ever find yourself in a food rut? I feel like I’m in one right now. Though it’s not a rut that I’m looking to get out of anytime soon– I’m loving each and every bite!

I have a tendency to go through phases with what I eat, craving the same few things over and over again until I completely burn myself out on them and move on to something new. Right now, I’m in a chocolate smoothie and creamy salad phase. I could eat them everyday… and lately, I have been!

chocolate shake in a glass with a straw

As it turns out, this may not be an uncommon practice. I recall reading that one of the habits of “highly successful and fit” people is that they eat virtually the same few meals over and over again. As long as you’re getting a variety of nutrients (by changing up your leafy greens, vegetables, protein sources, etc.) I guess this approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing– it creates a habit, which can make healthy eating practically effortless!

Below are the foods I’ve been habitually enjoying lately.

vegetable juice, choclate shake, salad in a bowl, and chocolate almond butter tart

Morning: Fresh vegetable juice, including a whole cucumber, several carrots, 1/2 of a large Fuji apple, celery, ginger, and lemon.

Late Morning: Chocolate Superfood Shake. (Seriously, I have this shake 5-6 times a week– it’s so good. I’m glad to hear that many of you are enjoying it now, too!)

Afternoon: Large romaine salad tossed in Creamy Jalapeno Dressing (recipe in my cookbook), followed by half of a Hail Merry Chocolate Almond Butter Tart– these were on sale at Whole Foods this week, so I bought two!

Late Afternoon: The other half of that Hail Merry tart. I meant to save it for tomorrow, but it was just too good to resist.

Evening: A large romaine salad topped with raw cheddar, bell peppers, and Everyday Basil Vinaigrette (also from the cookbook), followed by 3 fried eggs topped with nutritional yeast and half a pound of sautéed cabbage– both cooked in a generous amount of coconut oil.

Reader Feedback: Do you find yourself eating the same few things over and over, too? If so, what are your favorites right now? 

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Yes, I have my go to protein smoothie, it’s just easier to make it twice a day and then I only have to come up with one meal to make and that’s normally some type of salad. I normally do this for quite some time and then I get stuck on something new for a while.


My go to breakfast is organic greek yoghurt with frozen berries and chia seeds or flaxseed – I’ll have that basically five times a week (if I don’t have the toddler pancakes). My everyday snack are roasted hazelnuts, sometimes with raisins but most times without.
It’s so much easier once the habit is in place, Willpower is a finite resource that needs to be rationed for more important stuff.

Lauren Vacula @

Can’t wait to try your chocolate smoothie. I have also been on a smoothie kick lately!!!

xo, Lauren

For some smoothie inspiration:


Hi Megan, I love your recipes ! I want to order your book from Amazon, one I want a book and because I live in Germany. Is there anyway, I can take part of your special? By doing it this way instead of getting your book as an Ebook.

Thank you !


I am eating every day the same breakfast:-) raw sheep kefir just change seasonal fruits and nuts in it

The page you link advice to eat often and smaller meal that is tottaly different that many paleo suggest
even Natalia
What do you think what is better to have big meal or smaller and more often?…

    Megan Gilmore

    What link are you referring to? I don’t recall linking to any advice.

    Every study I’ve read suggests that it doesn’t matter if you eat big meals spread apart or small meals more often, though I have seen research regarding eating “windows” which suggests that it may be best to avoid grazing all day long.


      Michaela is referring to the Women’s Health Mag link embedded in the sentence about highly successful and fit people. The link brings you to a list, and #4 on that list says to eat small frequent meals.

        Megan Gilmore

        Thanks for clarifying! As I mentioned above, I’ve never seen a peer-reviewed study that suggests it’s better to eat smaller, more frequent meals versus 3 large meals a day, but I have seen research suggesting it’s beneficial to give the body rest without food for significant periods of time, such as with daily intermittent fasting.

Kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

I totally do this – right now is my salt caramel almond fudge recipe I am working on and lots of dandelion lattes and carrot sticks. Not all together of course!!


Hi….i need to order book. Letmme know how…thanx


Thanks for the great dinner idea, that sounds so yummy & super easy! Just what I am looking for now that I am back to work after having my baby 🙂

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