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What I Ate: Unprepared

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Do you ever have those days where you just don’t make it to the grocery store? We’ve been out of our staples for the past couple of days, so I thought I’d show you what my meals look like when we’re not totally prepared.

gingerbread cookies

Every now and then I feel totally burnt-out on recipe development, and after shooting the Black Friday bonus pack a couple weeks ago, I needed a bit of a mental break. Hence, why there was no new recipe last week!

The problem with taking a break is that now all of the sudden there seem to be a million recipes I want to work on before Christmas– I’ve gotten lots of dessert requests from you guys. So far, I’ve got a delicious batch of Paleo Eggnog Cupcakes coming your way; I just need to figure out the frosting. (It’s so challenging to make a good frosting without using white powdered sugar!) Once I figure out a good frosting, I’ve also perfected a recipe for cut-out gingerbread cookies that are just waiting to be iced.

On my recipe development days, it isn’t uncommon for me to have a couple cookies for breakfast and another few later in the day when I test another batch. I feel like blogging and social media can give an impression that I, along with other bloggers, always eat perfectly, but I want you to know that I certainly don’t! (Especially with tasting recipes on a regular basis.) I do aim to share healthy meal ideas with you in these “What I Ate” posts, but some days we eat french fries and pizza, too. Life’s too short to be perfect all the time.

Knowing that, here’s a peek at what I ate yesterday:

smoothie in a cup with a straw, blueberries, eggnog cupcakes in a cupcake tin, quinoa salad in a glass bowl, butternut soup, and grilled egg sandwich

Breakfast: I shared some fresh blueberries with my son (while he also ate some toast), and then we made a double-batch of the Chocolate Chia Shake from my cookbook. It took me nearly two hours to drink mine, so this shake kept me full until noon.

Snack: We had almost nothing in our fridge, so I snacked on a vegan gingerbread cookie. (recipe coming soon)

Lunch: I finally made it to the grocery store after my son’s nap, but I went there hungry– so I ended up walking out with too many impulse purchases! I grabbed some Cauliflower Tabbouli from the Whole Foods prepared food section, and doctored it up when I got home with a couple spoonfuls of pesto and lots of shredded raw goat cheddar. Delicious!

Snack: After my work day was over, I worked on a batch of paleo Eggnog Cupcakes. These turned out SO well! My son and I shared a cupcake, until he demanded his own. (If you know him, you know that’s rare– he doesn’t usually like baked goods!)

Dinner: I’ve had a butternut squash sitting on my counter for nearly a month, so I decided to try making my Curried Butternut Soup in my Instant Pot. It’s a really old recipe, so I am hoping to take some better photos of it soon with a few tweaks I made to the recipe last night. My son loved it!

After I put him down for bed, however, I was still hungry. Normally, I’d make a salad or some steamed veggies and top them with a dressing I had ready to go in the fridge… but I didn’t prepare a dressing this weekend. So, I made us egg sandwiches instead. Nothing fancy, just two pieces of Ezekial sprouted toast topped with fried eggs, raw goat cheddar, lettuce and mustard. Not properly combined, but quick and tasty.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Anything you’re looking forward to making for the holidays? If you have any savory recipe requests, I’m all ears– I’m getting sick of sweets!

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I have the BEST substitute for powdered sugar for you! 1c granulated stevia or xylitol, pulsed in the vitamix! It comes out just like powdered sugar. I do it all the time as I run a healthy baking business and it subs in perfectly. It doesn’t work so well with coconut sugar though. Hope this helps and can’t wait to see the recipe!

    Megan Gilmore

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t tolerate ANY zero-calorie sweeteners, so I can’t make that myself, but hopefully it will help someone else! 🙂


      In Germany I can get Agave in a powder form.The texture is exactly like powdered sugar.I haven’t tried to make a frosting out of it but I guess it has to work.This agave powder is a blessing for me!! And so are your recipes:-)


      I wonder if coconut sugar would turn out the same if you pulsed it in the food processor? Hmmm…think I’m going to try it! Megan, I bought myself and my sister your cookbook and we love it! We’ve been following another cleanse meal plan and have never felt better. This cookbook is just what we needed to continue on our path. Thank you!!


Thanks for sharing! Great to know that others have these days too!

kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

Oh healthy nachos? I currently use organic corn chips but I have been trying to figure out how to make own one without dehydrator! And yes I hear you recipe creating often means brownies for breakfast is a normal occurrence!


    Brownies for breakfast doesn’t sound so bad 😉


I’m looking forward to your gingerbread recipe! I’d also be very interested in a coconut-free icing for gingerbread. Thank you!


Hi Jenna…I use artificial sweeteners a lot too…and my Cuisinart coffee grinder does a great job powdering them! I don’t use it for coffee beans anyway…but I’d think it would be a snap to clean it up for beans :).

Thanks for all you do, Megan…it was you I found when I started on the journey to cut out sugar and work towards less processed foods…you’ve made it pretty darn easy…THANK YOU! 🙂



It’s my birthday this week so I’m looking forward to the one time of year I get to eat cake that I didn’t make… dairy free due to an allergy is not easy to come by where I’m at unless I’m making it.


I made frosting with kerrygold and powdered maple syrup and a little vanilla, it is a great consistency and flavor! I get it from the frontier co-op.

Sandra Steed

Homemade powdered sugar, 1 cup, evaporated cane sugar, coconut sugar or rapadura and 1 tbls. arrowroot powder.


Thanks for sharing! Love your blog!


How long did you cook the Curried Butternut Soup in the Instant Pot?

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