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What I Ate: Vegan Eats

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After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting and body image issues, I’ve found that I feel best when I’m free of labels and strict dietary guidelines. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my fair share of plant-based and vegan meals!

chocolate shake, almond butter fudge, carrot dipped in hemp seed ranch dressing, and salad in a bowl

I realized that I ate almost entirely vegan options on Monday, so I thought I’d share a look at my meals that day to show you how satisfying plant-based dining can be.

Morning: I go through phases where I almost never use my juicer, and then later I can’t get enough of it. Right now, I can’t get enough of it! This batch of fresh veggie juice included a whole cucumber, several carrots and celery ribs, a small handful of fresh parsley, 1/2 a beet, 1/2 a Fuji apple, and a small lemon.

Late Morning: When I’m hungrier for more, I whip up a big batch of my Chocolate Superfood Shake. I’m addicted! The shake recipe is found in the preorder thank-you gift I’m giving away, but there are plenty of other vegan chocolate shake ideas here, too.

Early Afternoon: I’m still shooting a few extra photos to share from the cookbook, so I ended up snacking on TWO large pieces of Almond Butter Freezer Fudge in the process. It’s soooooo good. The recipe is perfected to fit a standard-size pan in the cookbook, but it’s also posted here on the blog. (Note: This recipe isn’t technically vegan, because it’s made with honey, but you can make it with maple syrup or coconut nectar if you prefer!)

Late Afternoon: I was too busy to have formal lunch, so I ended up eating nearly an entire bag of baby carrots dipped in a creamy Hemp Seed Ranch dressing. (Recipe is in the cookbook, but in the meantime this Creamy Tahini Dressing is a similar dairy-free dip option.)

Evening: Austin and I each enjoyed a portion of Chinese Cabbage Salad (also in the cookbook, but you can try this salad for something similar), which marinated in the fridge all day– so there was no prep work needed after a long work day. We followed our salads with big plates of roasted veggies! I roasted four Yukon Gold potatoes in garlic-infused olive oil, salt & pepper, along with a pound of Brussels sprouts tossed in more olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Easy and delicious!

Dessert: I enjoyed two rows of mint dark chocolate while watching the new season of The Bachelorette. (If you watched it, too, you know the first night felt like a big waste of time!) 

Note: I don’t usually mention my workouts here, since I’m not a fitness expert, but I thought it was worth mentioning that I didn’t workout on this day because I did a killer Physique 57 workout the day before– and I could barely walk afterward! So, needless to say, Monday was a pretty sedentary day. (Other than chasing my toddler around… which is always a bit of a workout!)

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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I love these posts!

Question though, I’ve been seeing you and others using hemp seeds a lot more lately. Is there a difference between hemp seeds and hearts? I bought one once (can’t remember which) and they had a really hard shell, is that normal? What kind do you use?


    Megan Gilmore

    I use hemp hearts– they’re shelled hemp seeds!


I love getting meal ideas from your Wednesday posts! I also love that you don’t give yourself strict ‘breakfast/lunch/dinner’ titles, but instead go with your hunger. I’d love to hear more about your exercise regime as well!


Curious as to where you purchase your goats milk mozzarella?! I live in NYC and I can’t find it anywhere!!!! The small health food store by me used to carry it, but no more! I’ve checked whole foods, fairway, health nuts, etc… Any help would be appreciated!

Kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

I too made almond fudge – so this week I have been snack lot son my Salt Almond Freezer Fudge, lots of dandelion lattes and peanut butter cup milkshakes as a tasty treat – so GOOD! I love your approach to eat – I am the same. Some day I eat like a caveman other i eat like a vegan – listening to our bodies is def the best thing 😉


I can’t wait to get your cookbook. I already made the shake and broccoli salad! Delicious! Very filling and was able to hold me over longer than normal. One question…how many servings should the shake contain? It took up almost all my calories for the day.

Sara Maples

Looking forward to trying the new cookbook recipes!


I love the roasted veggie & potato idea! Sounds delicious 🙂


I am so new to this but very interested. Could you please tell me how to make Almond butter. Your almond fudge sounds lovely, also your chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I’m looking forward to trying these along with some of your other recipes. Thanks 🙂

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