What I Ate Wednesday

It’s another travel week for me, which means everything is backwards. I’m waking up earlier than usual, working later than usual, and squeezing in my meals and workouts when I can.

Just goes to show, you can still eat healthy, in spite of a crazy schedule!


Un-pictured: Water and raw probiotics. (For those of you who have asked, this is the only type of “multi-vitamin” I take–> this brand actually does include a broad spectrum of vitamins in each probiotic pill).

starbucks coffee cupLots of coffee.

With the time difference, it’s nearly lunch time before my stomach thinks it’s time for breakfast. Coffee with a splash of organic heavy cream, and plenty of water get me through the morning, until I’m ready for real food.


bowl of homemade guacomole

A cereal-sized bowl of guacamole.

I simply mashed a whole avocado with a generous portion of fresh pico de gallo, from Whole Foods. Served with a whole bag of baby carrots for a quick meal!

Pre-Workout Snack

green smoothie being poured into a glassLike I said, things are a little backwards while I’m traveling. Instead of having my green juice in the morning, I’ve been enjoying it after work, as workout fuel! It’s nice and light before a workout, and I love how it doesn’t spoil my appetite for dinner.


scrambled eggs and salad on a plateI had dinner plans scheduled for the evening, but since I wasn’t sure about the options as the restaurant, I decided to whip up three scrambled eggs beforehand. I’m always confident I can get a decent salad at almost any restaurant, so fulfilling my protein needs ahead of time just makes my life easier.

Especially when the restaurant’s dinner-sized portion of salad is teeny-tiny… I would have been starving otherwise!

Dessert, of course, was stashed in my purse.

package of endangered species chocolate

I can’t get enough of this mint dark chocolate lately. It’s a miracle if I stop at only eating half the bar!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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I just had that exact same chocolate for dessert last night! I usually can only eat 1-2 squares of any dark chocolate but THIS one is another story! Lol


I love your giant bowl of guacamole salad!
This week I’ve been in a bit of a date and banana shake fix. I tried it with figs one day, but it just wasn’t as good. Luckily having three medjool dates a day has meant that I don’t feel like chocolate (I tend toward an addictive personality when it comes to cocoa!).


Love this chocolate too. Have zou ever think about keeping zour juice from afternoon till morning in fridge or freeye it< I often do this when I do not have time to juice in the morning. Hope that some nutritions are still there


    The vitamins in the juice are definitely still there, even after freezing. There is some enzyme loss, but I still think that’s better than nothing!

Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

Love the chocolate for dessert! Best part of the day for sure! Although all your meals look amazing!


do you travel with your juicer?? i have an omega vert which i love but have been having hard finding the time to use it lately!!


    No, I don’t take my juicer with me, but I’m lucky enough to have access to one when I’m working in my office! When I was in NYC last week, I had to resort to buying my juices, or going without. :/

Morgan Torres

Hi there! What brand of heavy cream do you use for your coffee? And you’re not talking about half/half I’m assuming.


    No, it’s not half and half. I use Organic Valley’s brand of heavy whipping cream– it’s organic and pasture-raised! I love how a small amount goes a long way… ๐Ÿ™‚


I am curious which brand of probiotics you take that has the “multivitamin” in it? I take so many vitamins & supplements that it would be nice to try something that consolidates them. Thanks!


    This is the brand of probiotics: http://amzn.to/Ot7DpM

    Originally, I didn’t even know I was buying a probiotic with so many vitamins in it– but it’s a great perk! ๐Ÿ˜‰


I have to tell you I make myself mint chocolate and it is much much better than this one. I have been buying this mint chocolate but when I have found my own recipe I have stopped:-)
raw butter, coconut oil,pinch celtic salt, bourbon vanilla, stevia, chocolate powder,and flavoranics peppermint extract.


    That sounds delicious! I’m more likely to make my own chocolate when I’m at home, but when I’m traveling so much, buying a bar is much easier. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll have to try a mint version when I get back!


I am interested on that brand of probiotic. I see they have 85 billion in each capsule, how many do you take?

Thanks, Kat


    I only take one each morning right now, though I think the recommended dosage may be higher (I don’t have the bottle around to check).

    I took two of them once, and my stomach was doing flips for the rest of the morning! So, they’re definitely effective… but I’d build up the dosage gradually. ๐Ÿ˜‰


what kind of milk do you take when you’re ordering at starbucks or are you generally taking a long black?


    I don’t use the milk at Starbucks. I usually have a container of homemade almond milk creamer or a small carton of organic heavy cream in my office fridge, so I add it when I get to work!


This is a bit scary. You eat in a day roughly what I eat by midday. ๐Ÿ™‚


    That’s pretty impressive if you can eat 2000+ calories so early!

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