What I Ate Wednesday


Un-pictured: Lots of water, a cap full of pure raw aloe juice and a cup of hot green tea.

green smoothie in a glassI started off my day with a green smoothie!

Included in the mix was a frozen banana, 2 cups romaine lettuce, a spoonful of chia seeds, a couple scoops of Nativas Naturals hemp protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon, and ice. I ended up with about 2 glasses worth, which I sipped on throughout the morning.


sauteed spinach and eggs in a bowlWith kale currently in season, I have HUGE bunches of it to use up!

Cooking it makes it shrink down into manageable portions, so I sauteed about 3 cups of raw kale leaves in some grass-fed butter and fresh garlic, until it was nice and wilted. Topped with three soft-boiled eggs, it makes quite a filling meal.

Post-Workout Snack

banana soft serve in a small bowlBanana soft serve, made with almond butter for extra-creaminess. So good.


I started off with a mixed green salad, topped with about a cup of shredded carrots and sun-dried tomato dressing.ย 

Followed by two bowls of homemade chicken and vegetable soup. It doesn’t quite feel like “soup weather” here in California yet, but considering it’s nearly November, I’m not waiting any longer.

You can expect to see LOTS of soup the future! It’s one of my favorite cold-weather comfort foods.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Any favorite cold-weather comfort foods?

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Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

I always love seeing your meals! So healthy and full of veggies! That soup looks awesome! I’m so happy soup weather is starting!


Uh i love soups. I am looking forwards to see your favorite soups.
I need to try some new recipes.

the delicate place

your lunch is def one of my frequent meals. i am enjoying a basil cabbage parsnip soup i made, steamed artichoke globes, roasted chicken and brussel sprouts and lots of dandy blend with almond milk this week!

Megan Lane

Love that idea for lunch! I too have plenty of kale in our garden and I love soft-boiled eggs. I’m getting a little bored with my cold salads so that is the perfect way to mix it up.


What a great, balanced day! That smoothie looks so good!


I feel the same way (living in L.A. with our non-wintery weather), so I started making hot chocolate this week! I put some vanilla almond milk in my Blendtec and added TJ’s organic chocolate syrup and also some chocolate chips. Use the “soup/fondue” setting and it whips (literally WHIPS) it up to create a nice frothy warm drink ๐Ÿ™‚ Mmm…this is sounding so good I think I’ll make it again today, and maybe blog about it too! ๐Ÿ™‚


The soup looks delicious! Will you be sharing the recipe?


I love seeing your daily eats- whole foods and well-balanced! I love incorporating soups into my daily diet-they are definitely a staple. My favorite vegan soup recipes include carrot-ginger, roast tomato-pepper and creamy broccoli. There is also a traditional kabocha pumpkin soup my mom makes which is delicious- its filling, naturally sweet and more of a dessert. You simply steam/roast kabocha squash, puree with a little warm (vegan) milk, and mix in some cooked adzuki beans- you can make it extra special with a sprinkle of roast hazelnuts:). Your site is a go-to for healthy satisfying recipes- thank you:).

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit

Love the Kale + Eggs!! Looks super yummy!!

    Penny O

    I also love the eggs with the kale. Thanks!


I noticed you’be been doing aloe juice instead of probiotics. Does it have the same benefits?

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