What I Ate Wednesday


green smoothie in a glass with a straw

This is the first morning I’ve had green juice in a while– it’s been too chilly! This one warmed me up, though, with a kick of fresh ginger, along with cucumber, romaine, pear and lime.

This combo produced quite a bit of juice, so it was surprisingly filling!


salad in a bowlMassaged kale salad, dressed with homemade ginger dressing and topped with fresh mango salsa (from Whole Foods).

two fried eggs on a plateFollowed a little while later by two pasture-raised eggs, cooked in grass-fed butter.


vegan queso dip in a small bowl with a chip in it

I ended up snacking on some of this vegan Rotel dip, with baked tortilla chips, while snapping some photos for this upcoming recipe. This stuff is shockingly good. It tastes eerily like the version made with Velveeta.


bowl of salad and a bowl of spaghetti squash with sauce in a bowl

I started off with a mixed green salad, topped with a homemade fennel slaw, chopped red peppers, and a Greek dressing.

Followed by spaghetti! Half of a spaghetti squash, topped with marinara and raw goat cheddar. I could seriously eat this stuff every night!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Red Deception

Still on the 21-day adventure cleanse, a la Kris Carr. I’m on Day 10, which is when I usually crack. I’m hoping to get over the hump and get through the whole 21 days!


What’s the vegan rotel recipe? It looks so yummy!

the delicate place

i’m a nut doing a 3 day juice cleanse and there is ice outside haha. i did it myself (took me a little time last night!) but for $70 i now have six 16oz juices per day all from organic produce—far cheaper than most juice stores! i have never done one before so i’m eager to see how it goes! i think today might be the hardest day from what i’ve read..i feel fine right now but let’s chat about it when it’s 3pm haha


Can’t wait for that vegan Rotel dip recipe!

Kyra (Scribbles & Sprinkles)

Soooo jealous that you have spaghetti squash where you are! I’m in NZ, and spaghetti squash is nowhere to be found 🙁 I still haven’t gathered the courage to try a green smoothie – one of my 2013 resolutions!


Hi Megan, I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I really think your approach is the best: eating well is a year-round thing, it’s more about having a realistic plan, and it doesn’t need to be as complicated as many present it to be (even though living in the midwest not close to a Trader Joe’s or other such store, it is a challenge, yet a worthwhile one!). I’m now five years into giving this body what it needs food-wise and also thought-wise. And, eighty pounds lighter later, I don’t even think of the word “lifestyle” anymore. It’s life, pure and simple…Anyway…to answer your question…Two things I’ve been into recently: turnips and roasting vegetables. Adding small amounts of turnips to lots of things, not raw, cooked, either mashed, diced, or sliced, offers not only a little zing but also helps add some good fiber without all the fill. (I’ve found leaving some around until they start to get a little soft reduces the sharpness, for those folks who are turned off by the “zingness”.) Roasting vegetables is just plain fun! Some halved carrots, a few Brussels sprouts, a couple cauliflower flowerettes, an onion ring, a little olive oil and sea salt and grated pepper, and shazam! Anyway…Keep up the great work!

Ashley Lenn

Still enjoying big salad bowls, green smoothies, a lot more tea than usual…
I got a spaghetti squash last week so I think Ill be making that tonight with some marinara and a salad!
I will also be making your carrot juice 🙂 Sounds amazing!
Thanks for sharing your eats and tips! They have been so helpful

Penny O

Yesterday I ate 2 apples for lunch, some greek yogurt with sugar free hot chocolate mix for lunch, almonds for a snack, wild salmon with salad including feta & walnuts for dinner, red wine, sunflower seeds for dinner.


I made roasted acorn squash parsnips carrots and onions. Blended it in my blender with a little veggie broth and simmered it in a pot with some herbs. SO SO GOOD! Perfect after the shoveling I did yesterday!


Eggs, lots of eggs! I need the nutrition and calories since I’m 110# and nursing an 8 month old with a monster appetite. Had an awesome green smoothie today too with raw milk kefir, a banana, an apple, and a big handful of TJ’s “cooking greens” (spinach, mustard, turnip, & collard). So amazing!


What is your tip for spaghetti squash? i made some last week per the produce sticker instructions and yuck…no one in the house liked the texture (a little tough) so boo for that…would like to figure out how to make it well if you have a suggestion. thanks


Hey Megan! I’ve been following your blog for about 2 months now:) Did you happen to change your taste for marinara sauce? I recall in your comments for October 5th, 2011 post you mentioned “I’ve tried spaghetti squash with marinara, and it grossed me out– probably because it doesn’t taste like traditional pasta. It’s slightly sweet and earthy, so the addition of a sweet marinara is just too much..” Or you use different brand of sauce now?


    Yes, I did used to feel that way about marinara on spaghetti squash! I’m not sure if the brand of marinara changed, or if my taste buds changed, or if I got better at cooking spaghetti squash (I definitely did, with practice), but now I love it with marinara and goat cheese! Even my husband likes it, too. We do use an organic marinara sauce with no added sugar or oil, so it doesn’t get overly sweet, and the goat cheese adds the perfect balance of salt. So good!



Could you share your recipe for the Greek dressing? I would love to know- Thanks!!


    I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it’s ready to share– it’s still a work in progress. 🙂

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