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You probably wouldn’t expect that my job, which mostly involves drawing and “Photoshopping” all day, would be too stressful… but some days, it’s crazy. And when it’s crazy, I don’t have much time to break for food.

This is what one of those days looks like for me.


green juice poured into a glassGreen juice, made with a romaine heart, 1/2 large cucumber, 4 kale leaves, 3 large carrots and a lemon. It still surprises me how full and satisfied I am after having this liquid nutrition for breakfast– I wasn’t hungry for another 3 hours!

Early Afternoon

green smoothie in a glass with a strawIn need of another quick meal, I reached for a green smoothie! This one included a frozen banana, a scoop of Sunwarrior raw plant protein, 2 large handfuls of fresh spinach, 1 heaping spoonful of almond butter, cinnamon, water, and ice.

Late Afternoon

roasted sweet potato chunks on a plate

I roasted a couple sweet potatoes in coconut oil, minced garlic and sea salt. Filling and delicious!


bowl of soup and saladAustin had to work late, so I met him at a restaurant near his work for dinner. I enjoyed a large bowl of roasted vegetable soup (must recreate!), and a simple side salad with balsamic dressing. It’s amazing how simple food can be so delicious.

For dessert, I nibbled on a few squares of dark chocolate, as usual.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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colleen @ thegiftofmondays

i’ve always done the green smoothies for breakfast but never a green juice drink. how does it taste? is it bitter or does the cucumber somehow mellow it out (like my banana does for spinach in a green smoothie)>


    The carrots make it sweet, and the lemon hides the “green” flavor, so it’s quite delicious! The less dark greens you use, the less bitter it will be. ๐Ÿ™‚


Yum! I’ve finally decided to invest in a juicer for Natalia Rose’s 30-day Candida cleanse from Detox for Women. I can’t wait to start! I think I’m going with the Omega!

the delicate place

i’ve been sucking on the eating front this week, i have been skipping breakfast, sometimes having a green juice and having bone broth for lunches or some raw almonds bc i am too lazy/tired to pack something. dinners are good though usually some protein/veg. last night we had a great tamari glazed salmon ๐Ÿ™‚


Megan –

Is your green juice from an actual juicer? Or just blended? On an previous post of yours you had the nutritional breakdown of juice showing the high protein nutrients, etc, I’m just wondering again if thats from blended or juiced?

THanks and love the site!


    I do use a juicer! In that previous post, it was referring to all the vegetables I put into my juicer as well. (Obviously, you’d disregard any fiber information, since the fiber is removed in the juicing process.)


One of my meals was kale, half an apple and egg whites, all in the blender. The apple makes it sweet. Yummy!


Wanting the green juice!…Could I possibly just “blend” the juice rather than use a juicer? I actually enjoy the fiber part of it all, and if the taste is still “there”…possibility?…Also need to mimick your mini sweet potato roast…true yum!


    Donna – I throw mine into my Magic Bullet – every last bit of it. It is rather thick and sometimes I need to add some water to it to shake it up and loosen it off the sides of the container. I too like the fiber from the fruit, and am time pressed in the morning to peel an apple and steam/cook the kale. Word to the wise – have floss handy after drinking, as the kale finds its way in between your teeth!


Looks yummy! I can’t eat grains or dairy – so I basically eat a quasi-paleo diet to keep me feeling good. I currently live in a situation where I don’t have control over the kitchen and I don’t own a juicer. So I’m hoping I can be creative with your ideas and get back to feeling better.


Just found your website! LOVE IT!!


This site is the best being that I have 200lbs to lose you make it so easy PLEASE KEEP IT UP FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m glad you’re finding it helpful! Good luck with your journey!


Love the sweet potatoes! I’ve been kind of on a sweet potato kick lately as well…chopping up a large on one my lunch salads has been awesome!

I’ve been kind of cheating at food combining lately. Sometimes I’ve been calling tahini a fat so I can use that as the dressing on the aforementioned salad with sweet potatoes instead of olive or coconut oil…it’s so good. I also had walnuts on a goat cheese salad at a restaurant the other day…I’ve never had that combo before and it was amazing.

Do you think nuts/seeds should always be a separate thing?


    I am actually not the most strict at food combining, either. I do think it’s *better* to keep nuts in their own category for best digestion, but my exception lately is macadamia nuts– they are nearly all fat, so sometimes I’ll have a couple macadamia nut fudge squares after a meal, regardless of what I ate previously.

    In regards to tahini and other nuts, I tend to eat them separately with lots of leafy greens and raw veggies, but I think if you’re eating the tahini in the context of a dressing over a big bowl of vegetables and sweet potatoes, it shouldn’t be too bad. It’s certainly not as heavy on the digestive system as if you were to each a baked sweet potato with a big steak!


If I ate that during the course of my day, I’d be a raving, psychopathic, starving lunatic. That’s not even realistic, much less healthy. And certainly not something I’d promote on a healthy eating blog. Even if I was crazy busy during the day, I’d then make sure my dinner was more than salad and soup. It would be more sustainable and nutritious. Very disappointing post.


    I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. My meals fluctuate from day to day, but I always eat to satisfaction, so this is what satisfied me on a sedentary day of sitting at a desk for 12+ hours. While it was a little lighter than some of my usual days, these meals total well over 1600 calories for the day, which shouldn’t leave anyone feeling like a starving lunatic.

    Also, I don’t see anything wrong with having soup and salad for dinner. It’s a combo that’s offered at nearly every restaurant, and with good reason– it’s delicious and filling.


It’s actually surprising how little food your body actually needs, when you listen to it. I am really trying to listen to the cues of only eating when my stomach starts growling and stopping when I am full. Of course if you are very active your body will tell you to eat more to accommodate. I started writing down everything I eat just to see how much goes into my mouth, and right about 3:00 eating is not done to satisfy hunger for me.. just boredom…? Enjoying your site, love your inspiring recipes and love eating healthy!


We juice all the time. Nearly every day. Any combination of kale, chicory, parsley, cilantro, celery, green apples, ginger, lemon. Apples, celery and ginger are the base. Then we add whatever greens are freshest looking at the grocery. It is extremely filling. My husband and I each have a one-liter bpa-free jug with a handle and closeable spout so we can bring it to work and sip thru the day. I love the winter for the grapefruits as well. Anyone who has tried juicing will know that it can carry you thru the day, without going mad ๐Ÿ˜‰
Its worth the try, cuz at the end of the day, we usually have more energy on the “juice-heavy, food-light” days than the other way around.

Thanks for your website!


    Agreed! I’m always amazed at how filling and satisfying fresh vegetable juice can be. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hi, I love your blog, even though I’m not vegan/vegetarian, I try to limit grains and sugar and include a lot of good fats, so I’ve printed and used a lot of your recipes… so I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I was genuinely curious why you don’t eat more protein? I’m curious what your thoughts are on it. Thanks & keep up the awesome work!


    Hi Lee! Some days I do eat more protein than this particular example, but I don’t ever worry about getting “enough” protein. As babies, when we’re growing at the fastest rate in our whole lives, we only need 6% protein, which is contained in mother’s milk– nature’s perfect food for babies! I’d have a hard time believing that we need more than that ratio as adults, when we are no longer growing at a rapid rate.

    Don’t underestimate the amount of protein in vegetables, either! My usual green juice averages anywhere from 12-17g of protein in one drink!

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