What I Ate Wednesday


breakfastI started the morning with a small glass of green smoothie (leftover from the one I make for Austin before work), followed later by half a box of organic blueberries.

When I felt hungry later in the morning, I polished off a bowl of chia pudding! I like to blend it all together, so it’s more like a porridge, rather than tapioca-textured. This batch was made with almond milk, vanilla and maple syrup– together, it tastes like a bowl of melted vanilla ice cream.


lunchMixed green salad, topped with chopped cucumber, beets and oven-roasted tomatoes, plus some shredded raw goat cheddar and homemade Greek dressing.

Followed by 2 pasture-raised eggs, sauteed with spinach, tomatoes and a sprinkling of raw goat cheddar.



The folks at Suja Juice sent me a complimentary juice package this week, and I couldn’t be more excited about their cold-pressed juices. What makes these juices unique, is that they use a High Pressure Pascalazation technique, which keeps their products raw and many of the enzymes in tact, but also the extends shelf life. Unlike most juice packages, which must be consumed within 3 days, these juices can last up to 30 days in the fridge. Perfect for those of us who may not want to complete a juice fast, but would like to regularly include juices into a busy schedule.

This Fiji flavored green juice was perfect– not too sweet, but not too heavy on the dark greens, either. Yum!



Dinner was pretty simple! Baked wild salmon with a side of sauteed Brussels sprouts.

Followed by half a bottle of Vanilla Cloud Almond Milk, also from Suja Juice, for dessert. Austin and I shared the bottle, and both loved it! The flavor reminds me of Honey Nut Cherrios, in liquid form.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary shipment of juices from Suja Juice, but I am under no obligation to write a positive review, or even mention it at all. As always, I will only mention products on this blog that I truly love and endorse.

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word on HPP is no go. Anything that doesn’t rot in its normal time as a whole food is not something you want to consume…


That spinach egg saute looks scrumptious. I’m going to have to make me some of that tomorrow.


Megan can you post the recipe for your chia pudding?

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