What I Ate Wednesday


smoothie soup in a bowl

It was a chilly morning, so instead of an ice-cold smoothie, I blended up an entire head of romaine lettuce with one cup of fresh pineapple for a refreshing “soup.” Topped with cinnamon, this was a delicious way to get my morning going, with a burst of enzymes and nutrients!

hash brown casserole on a plate with two fried eggs

A little later, I was ready for something heavier. I heated up some leftover “hash brown casserole” and served it with two pasture-raised eggs. So good!


a bowl of salad and a bowl of ginger coconut yam puddingLunch was a mixed green salad, topped with chopped cucumber, roasted red peppers, and homemade Greek dressing.

Followed by a bowl of Ginger Coconut Yam pudding, based off this recipe. (Using a Japanese white sweet potato for this particular batch.)



slice of chocolate cheesecake with chocolate shavings on topAfter a Physique 57 workout, I worked on a photo shoot for my new chocolate cheesecake recipe. Not surprisingly, I polished off the subject when I was done!


smoothie in a glass and vegetable and quinoa dish in a panI wasn’t in the mood for salad last night, so I whipped up a quick green juice to sip on while I prepared dinner. This juice included romaine, cucumber, ginger and pear. Nice and light!

For dinner, I attempted to recreate Austin’s favorite Vegetable & Rice bowl from a local restaurant. I sauteed a bunch of veggies with wild rice and fresh jalapenos, for a spicy dish. It was darn tasty, if I do say so myself.

In fact, it was so filling, I didn’t have any room for dessert! Instead, I sipped on a hot mug of peppermint tea while watching the Bachelor… Austin and I both can’t look away from that show.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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raechel @the rebel grrrl kitchen

I love the warm smoothie/soup idea. And I’m really looking forward to that cheesecake recipe! Wow! (Crossing my fingers that it’s vegan!)


Your desserts look really good! The cheesecake crust looks immaculate.


Hi Megan, I’m a huge fan! You’re on my ipad in my kitchen almost daily! I’ve made about 8 different variations of your pumpkin spice donuts:)
Can I ask, the hash brown casserole and eggs…is that an ok combination?


    Yes, spaghetti squash is considered neutral, so it’s a flesh-based dish. (I just call it “hash browns” because that’s what it reminds me of!)


are those real eggs? do you know i good sub i am a reluctant vegan.


    Yes, those are real eggs– I love them! There’s no sub for fried eggs that I’m aware of, but when I was vegan in college, the occasional tofu scramble was a decent substitute!


      What made u start eating animals again? So you condone dairy?


        It was completely a personal choice, but after years of being a vegetarian, I found that I feel better physically and mentally including eggs and goat dairy into my diet. That doesn’t mean I “condone” it for the entire population– since everyone is different, I think it’s ultimately up to each individual to decide what’s right for them!


yum the cheesecake looks amazing ! i just made a raw banana cream pie last night with fresh cut strawberries & drizzled dark chocolate, hopefully that will last me until you post the new recipe for the chocolate cheesecake ๐Ÿ™‚ !


Haha, my husband and I are huge Bachelor fans! We love criticizing what they say and do…it’s such a guilty pleasure! I always love seeing your eats, and I can’t wait for that cheesecake!! ๐Ÿ™‚

the delicate place

it is sooooo cold here, i have only been having a green juice in the morning. i cannot bring myself to the thought of a smoothie! the highlight of these week is cured meats and potato pave by thomas keller…i LOVE the ad hoc cookbook. it’s so savory and delish!


Cannot wait for that cheesecake recipe, looks AMA.


I had to make a vegan version of spaghetti squash casserole since I was craving it again! I made a creamy mushroom sauce for it from one of your other recipes.. your clean green bean casserole! I sauteed parsnips, onion, garlic and mushrooms, blended that and left some of the mushrooms chunky, then added some salt, pepper and nutritional yeast then baked it. It came out really creamy and yummy! Everyone here loved it, even the non-vegans!

Today I was hungry for Waldorf salad, so I made my own version with a a creamy hemp mayo that I came up with. It was delicious!


    I was wondering if that creamy sauce would work for this! Thanks so much for trying it out and letting us know!


I look forward to the Chocolate Cheesecake recipe! Loos delicious


Hi there!

Could you share your greek dressing recipe? I can’t seem to find it and would love to know! Thanks!!


How do you calculate how many calories are in each serving of your dishes? I am watching my calorie intake. Thanks!

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