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Ugg, I’ve got a cold.

I’m hoping it’s one of those 24-hour bugs that will go away as quickly as it arrived, but for now, I thought I’d share what I eat on a day when I’m not feeling well. It’s definitely a bit different than my usual fare!

In other words, it’s kinda boring and bland. But when nothing sounds very appealing, boring and bland foods do the trick!


sunflower seeds in a container, brewed tea, and a bowl of cooked oats

When Austin woke up and saw how miserable I looked, he kindly brewed up a piping hot mug of “cold & flu” tea (an herbal blend purchased from a local specialty store) for me to sip on. I’ve been drinking LOTS of this tea all day long!

I snacked on a handful of raw sunflower seeds straight out of the jar while I got some early morning work done, and when I felt hungry a couple hours later, I prepared a batch of slow-cooking oats over the stove– topped with lots of cinnamon and a dollop of coconut oil mixed in. I rarely eat oats, but today it was one of the few things that sounded appealing. It was quite filling, too!


green smoothie in a glass and a plate of fried eggs with toast

Thank goodness I had a leftover glass of my green smoothie from the day before saved in the fridge, because it was the only way to get some green vegetables into my lunch! It still tasted just as good as it did the day before, too.

A little while later, I was hungry again. All I wanted was eggs and toast, so that’s what I had. Two pasture-raised eggs fried, plus a piece of brown rice toast topped with butter. Not properly combined, but the toast was exactly what I needed to help “scratch” my sore throat.

pineapple chunks, cooking mixed veggies, and a cup of tea with lemon slices

When dinner time rolled around, I snacked on some fresh pineapple while preparing a big batch of vegetable soup! Into my soup went any and every vegetable that was in my fridge– including broccoli, zucchini, onions, carrots, and celery. It was simple, but delicious.

I finished off my evening with a mug of hot water with lemon and raw honey. The perfect cold-soothing drink!

Reader Feedback: What do you like to eat when you’re not feeling well?

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Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! I always use Kick Ass Immune tincture when I have a cold and do my usual green smoothies, adding sprirulina to get that extra boost. Feel better soon!


Uggh! Sorry to hear you are under the weather! I was last week as well. I drank lots of herbal tea and your soup sounds like my veggie stir-fry that I pigged out on after I felt like cooking finally… I put just about every kind of veggie I had in the fridge in it with lots of garlic, onion and ginger! Not soup but I love veggie soup and was thinking of making some in the near future!

Hope you feel better soon!


I’ve been sick 3 times since the first of the year. I eat a plant based diet and always boasted about being sick free….learned my lesson! No one is invincible! I tried every all natural remedy out there to boost my immune and shorten my sickness…none worked! I think my bouts of chest colds were brought on by chronic stress. So as soon as I got done with this last cold I kicked up my exercise and yoga regimine. Started taking some elderberry and so far so good! Oh and got rid of my toothbrush! Hope you feel better soon!


    My husband has been sick 3 times since the first of the year, too. Since I had avoided it all 3 times, I thought I was invincible, as well… go figure! I find that garlic usually helps me get over colds quickly, so here’s hoping this doesn’t last too long!


Thanks for sharing your post even though you are not feeling well! The oats look really good – which brand do you buy? Is toast and butter not properly combined? Or toast with eggs? Hope you feel better!


    Butter, in small amounts is neutral. It’s the toast and eggs that aren’t properly combined together. (But still a tasty combo!) ๐Ÿ˜‰


Where’s that raw garlic at?!


    I just ate a whole clove straight. I’m going to be tasting that for the rest of the day!


I live in L.A. county and am currently studying at IIN too and am loving the program! I’m ecstatic to have found your blog! I love your simple, tasty recipes, and your well-rounded approach to healthy eating. I especially appreciate your sweets recipes….so simple and full of good-for-you ingredients for me and my family.

Question: You mentioned that you don’t eat oats very often. Just curious….why is that?

Thanks and keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚


    I find that when I start my day off with oatmeal, I typically crave more carbs and sweets for the rest of the day. I much prefer starting my day with a green smoothie, so I get a nice nutrition boost and set a healthy tone for the day.


Feel better! I’ve been off since I spent most of Saturday night/ Sunday morning throwing up (sorry, if that’s too much info!). I’ve been barely able to get any food down since even though the rest of my body feels fine. I’ve been able to get down a couple slices of toast each day, but i miss my veggies! I’m about to make a papaya-ginger juice to see if that settles my stomach. Do you have any suggestions of ways for me to get the nutrients I need while not upsetting my stomach?


    Gently cooked veggies (like soup) and smoothies are about the only way I can get produce into my days when I’m sick. Hope you feel better soon!


I like to eat vitamin C rich foods on an empty stomach, always seems to make me feel better quicker.


I hope you feel better Meg! I love your blog, and your WIAWs! I actually have already made a couple of your recipes and they have all been hits. I made the pale pancakes this morning in the oven, and added some pumpkin and they were AWESOME!
xoxoxo Michelle

Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!

I hope you feel better soon! I like oatmeal, toast, and soup when I’m not feeling well.


Boo to being sick- hope you feel better soon! My go-to’s for being sick are raw garlic and as much tea as I can drink! Honey for sore throat/cough too.

Quick question about the smoothie. You mentioned having it leftover in the fridge from the day before… I read on a blog somewhere that it’s best to drink green smoothies within a few hours of making them, because after that, the fruits and veggies start to oxidize and lose nutritional content. Any thoughts on the accuracy of that statement?

Lily S.

I always make what I call Super Veggie Soup when I’m sick. Lots of garlic and onion, broth, carrots, and every other vegetable I can find. And it seems to do the trick!


I got a cold too.. I make a big pot of chicken soup with homemade chicken stock and drink plenty of garlic/ green tea too. Sleep is also the best thing. Hope you get better soon… Oh, don’t forget to do some saline washes. ๐Ÿ™‚


Feel better soon! I like to do thieves essential oil about 2-3x per day in water (or diffuse) just when I start feeling sick and it seems to knock it out. I also do 1-2 spicy lemonades with cayenne each day. Lots of fluids, antioxidants, fermented foods/drinks and rest too of course.


Try EATING something! Im all for eating healthy nutritious food, but pineapple and soup for dinner?


    When you’re sick, and end up sleeping for over half the day, it’s not unusual to eat much less than you normally would. Since soup is standard “sick food,” I see nothing wrong with having that for dinner.


Just discovered your website in searching for a healthy pumpkin bar and yours is incredibly wonderful, moist and yummy and tastes as if it can’t possibly be good for you! I topped the bars with ‘light’ cream cheese frosting which tasted great but will try your maple frosting next time. This was such a success, that I’m looking forward to trying the Mexican soup and other recipes!


PS – but to respond to your question, what you listed sounds perfect for a ‘sick day.’ When I am under the weather, I drink lots of tea with honey and lemon, brothy nutritious soups, and toast and oatmeal are comforting too. You pretty much covered them all!

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