What I Ate Wednesday


Un-pictured: Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins and Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver/Butter Oil.

cherry chocolate shake

I’ve been a boring, creature of habit lately. This Cherry Chocolate Shake has been my go-to breakfast nearly all week!


salad in a bowl and quinoa stir fry

I’ve been obsessed with re-creating a shredded cabbage salad that we love from a nearby Asian-fusion restaurant, so I started off my lunch with this latest experiment. It features a sweet sesame-lime dressing, along with shredded carrots, chives, red onion and fresh cilantro. It’s not exactly like the restaurant version, but I might actually like it better!

Followed by a stir-fry of assorted vegetables and quinoa, tossed with tamari and coconut oil.


salad and broccoli in a bowl

I started off the evening with a large mixed green salad, topped with a chopped apple, raw goat feta, and lemon dressing. Followed by a bowl of steamed broccoli, smothered in marinara sauce and topped with shredded raw goat cheddar. I could eat this combination every night!

For dessert, Austin and I are still on our chocolate banana “milkshake” kick. It’s pretty similar to this recipe, but without the peanut butter and only 1 banana.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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I think we are obsessed with the same Asian restaurant. My family eats there weekly. Id love for you to recreate their salad recipe. Their salmon is my favorite food right now.


Everything looks delicious! What kind of marinara do you use for your veggies?


    I love the Organic Pasta Sauce made by Whole Foods brand. It’s pretty affordable, too!

Shawna Manning

PLEASE post the recipe for the cabbage salad. I love the combination of those flavors.

the delicate place

i tried taking FCLO only 1-2tsp a day and i was getting bloody noses and flare ups in my skin! i had to go back to nordic naturals fish oil. i guess it just wasn’t for me! this week, fish vera cruz style has been a winner 🙂


    Wow, I’ve never heard of that! I love Nordic Naturals brand, too, so it sounds like it would be a good idea for you to stick to that. Your fish sounds tasty, too! 🙂


Ditto on posting the cabbage salad recipe. It looks delicious!


Hi Megan,

Just wanted to let you know I love your blog- you are a huge inspiration on my path toward optimal health! I was just wondering where you found the lovely colourful bowls so often pictured in your photos?

Thanks for your response and for all of the info!


    Thanks! I bought them at West Elm. 🙂


That cabbage recipe looks AMA. Are you allowed to take probiotics when you’re pregnant? Just curious!


    Yes, it’s definitely encouraged to take probiotics while pregnant. They are included in my raw prenatal vitamins, so I don’t have to take an additional supplement.


Love the way you eat. so healthy and yummy. Can you please post the recipe of cabbage salad.


Do you calculate the grams of protein you eat every day?I am concerned that you may not be getting enough in your otherwise healthy eating plan. When I was pregnant I calculated my protein intake after my evening meal, and made sure I had an evening snack to make up what amount of protein was deficient with a protein-based smoothie. Protein is especially important during pregnancy- the first three months when the brain and vital organs are forming as well as later. Some moms, fearing weight gain the final trimester, do not take in adequate protein. This can bring on toxemia which is very dangerous to mother and baby.


    I don’t count calories or any type of macronutrients, such as carb or protein grams, because that would make me crazy. (Been there, done that!)

    Keep in mind that these Wednesday posts only show one day out of many, and I make sure to always alternate the foods I consume, including plenty of eggs, nuts, seeds, and fish throughout the week. My doctor is thrilled with my baby’s development, my weight gain, and all of my vitals up to this point, so I plan to keep up my routine. I think people are often quick to forget that green vegetables, and grains such as quinoa, contain a surprising amount of protein, too! I can’t imagine fearing that protein would make me gain weight, so I hope other women don’t, either!


i used to eat broccoli on my angel hair pasta covered in tomato sauce. i will have to try it again without the pasta. sounds really good.

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