What I Ate Wednesday


Un-pictured: Raw Prenatal Vitamins and Fermented Cod Liver/Butter Oil.

glass of green juiceLike I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been on a serious green juice kick. I can’t get enough of this stuff! I started off my morning with a large glass of fresh juice, featuring romaine lettuce, cucumber, kale, carrots, apple and lemon.

cutting watermelonLater in the morning, I ended up cutting up a watermelon and snacking on it well into the afternoon… it’s hard to stop with this stuff.


toast with lettuce, fried egg, and tomato on top

When I’m not eating watermelon, I’ve also gotten pretty addicted to these open-faced fried egg sandwiches. I used to eat these regularly when I was a waitress in college, and ever since I made a batch of that Spicy Cashew Mayo, I’ve been craving them practically daily!

It’s simply toasted spelt bread, topped with the spicy mayo, romaine lettuce, 2 fried eggs, and sliced tomatoes. So tasty and filling! (As I’ve mentioned before, food combining isn’t a priority for me during my pregnancy. Eating healthy foods in any combination is the goal at the moment!)


finger with caramel sauceI’ve been trying to get a head-start on some recipes for October (since I’m going to be pretty occupied around then), so I’ve been in candy-making mode. I have a hard time leaving my blender full of residual caramel sauce, so I used my finger to clean it. It was seriously delicious.

Thanks to the sugar rush, I had some spare energy to do a 20-minute Jackie Warner workout!


salad in a bowl and mashed potatoI started off my meal with a mixed green salad topped with homemade Italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, and raw shredded goat cheddar. Followed by steamed Yukon Gold potato, which I mashed up with some grass-fed butter and sea salt. Potatoes seem to be my ultimate comfort food right now.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Fit n Fifty

Last night we had Parsnips. Smashed with butter. What an underrated root vegetable.


    That sounds delicious!


Lately I have been enjoying those tiny russian potatoes, roasted until the skins are crispy and tossed in a bit of grass fed butter, and topped with organic sour cream and chives.


I look forward to your “What I ate Wednesday” posts every week ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been on a raw veggie kick for lunch for the past 2 weeks! I’ve also been eating more sprouted grain bread open faced sandwiches and not following food combining rules either ๐Ÿ™‚ No pregnancy though, I need to get back on track! This morning I had sprouted grain bread topped with sunflower seed butter and bananas…yum!

Unrelated to this post: I have been taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil for the past few months and have noticed an increase in my acne ๐Ÿ™ I heard that it was supposed to help it go away, but it seems like I am having an opposite affect. Any thoughts?


Potatoes are like… the best. I can’t believe how long I avoided them.

Mary Virginia

What kind of bread do you recommend?

Elaine Brisebois

Hi Megan, I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m not sure how far along you are as I haven’t popped in here for a little while. That’s so exciting! Also – your day looks delicious:)

xo Elaine


Sometimes I have to have some potatoes! I think there is nothing wrong with eating them once in a while. Everything in moderation! I love them baked and drizzled with a bit of olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper!

And I just got done eating a bowl of organic watermelon for a late lunch! So sweet and juicy! ๐Ÿ™‚


Just curious, why fermented cod liver oil?



I have been following your website for a few months now, and I am continually impressed and delighted by the recipes you develop. I love your messages about food and bodies. So positive and beautiful! And, just downright, delicious : )

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