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container of blueberries and a bowl of chia seed pudding

I’m still without a blender at the moment, so I’ve been starting off my day with some fresh fruit each morning. On this particular day, it was organic blueberries!

Followed later by a bowl of Vanilla Chia Pudding.

Early Afternoon

banana slices on a plate with almond butterI’m breaking my lunch up into two smaller meals lately, so I don’t feel overly full in the afternoon. My stomach gets full SO FAST now, thanks to the little person occupying most of my space! My first snack of the day was a ripe banana with almond butter.

Late Afternoon

grain-free toast with egg, lettuce, and tomatoThese aren’t properly combined, but I find egg sandwiches so comforting lately. I like to serve them open-faced, on sprouted-grain toast with lettuce, tomato and Dijon mustard.


pressed juice in a glass

Evenings have left me feeling very tired lately. I’m keeping up my long walks with my dog each night, but when I get home I have no energy to eat! I find drinking my greens easier than chewing them these days, so I’ve been sipping on fresh green juice in lieu of a salad most nights. This mix included Romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, kale, lemon, and apple.

spicy tuna rolls

The green juice gives me the energy boost I need to make the rest of dinner! On this particular night, all I wanted was raw sushi.

It’s a good thing these Spicy “Tuna” Rolls are pregnancy-friendly, since there’s no raw fish to worry about! I’ve been craving these rolls regularly, so I keep all the filling ingredients ready to go in my fridge. It makes the assembly process quick and easy!

Dessert was a buckwheat cookie. (I had to share the second one with Austin.)

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Lyzz Kirk

Oh, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one in third trimester that’s completely beat by the evening!!!


Those “tuna” rolls look awesome!


I need to make those tuna rolls. Those look incredible, but all your meals do to me.
I love simple Snacks with just a fruit and nut butter. So easy.


Hi Megan! I just recently stumbled upon your blog, and I am really enjoying it! I read your last post about buckwheat, and I was wondering
what grain mill do you use or recommend? Thank you!


You poor thing without your Vitamix! I would be lost too, but I adore chia pudding:) I love your recipe and blueberries are a fave in my smoothies!:) That juice looks yummy too!:) Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself:)


Those egg sandwiches look delicious! I love Dijon with eggs. Fantastic combination. With this summer heat, I’ve been addicted to trying different smoothie combinations lately. I hope your blender is up and running again soon!


I would like to know what kind of skin care products you use to clean your face and what type of cream?
Thank you


    I use pure coconut oil or olive oil to wash my face, and that acts as my moisturizer, as well. I don’t use any other creams or lotions, so my routine is quite easy and affordable!


So,no soap or anything? How does “washing with coconut oil” look like? no more expensive burts bees face wash or night cream for me anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ yay
Thank you for your quick reply!!


I would like to be your baby. That little guy is eating GOOD! hahaha

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