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What I Ate Wednesday

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It’s time for another “What I Ate” post! With the new addition in our life, you may have noticed that I haven’t had the urge to post a usual day of meals. Juggling a baby, I’ve barely found the time to eat, let alone take pictures of my food! Not to mention, what I have been eating for the past several weeks hasn’t necessarily been worth sharing. Anything I can eat with just one hand has been fair game, including soups, sandwiches, pizza and brownies.

Lots of brownies, in fact.

brownies with a small bowl of chocolate chunks

It’s funny– when I was pregnant, I didn’t want anything to do with chocolate. Now that I’m breast feeding, all I can think about is chocolate! And sweets, in general. I’ve used “recipe development” as an excuse to taste-test batch after batch of the coconut flour brownies pictured above. We went through three pans of these in the last week! I’m pretty confident that they’re perfect now.

But I might need to make another batch, just to be sure.

Despite all of the brownie consumption, Austin and I are trying to get back into our healthy eating groove now that we’re getting the hang of caring for a baby. Hopefully these weekly posts will keep me motivated to get creative with our meals again!


Since I’m exclusively breastfeeding our son, my days blend together and seem to start very early in the morning. Around 3:30am, I’m awoken for a feeding and usually feel starving myself!

nutella fudge bites in a bowl

So, I rock the baby back to sleep over my shoulder while walking to the freezer to pull out an early-morning snack. For a while I was enjoying these energy balls, and this week I’m snacking on these Nutella-like fudge pieces. (Recipe to come!) There’s nothing like a dose of chocolate to quell my appetite at 3am!

When I wake up again later for work, I’ve been enjoying a green drink of some kind. Usually it’s a green smoothie, like this one, but this week I have been spoiled by having green juice delivered to my door.

pressed juice in a bottle

I filled out the morning with a couple of hard boiled pasture-raised eggs. (Which are more portable than my usual fried eggs.)

hard boiled egg cut in half


salad in a bowl

I’ve been able to squeeze salads into my day only if I prepare ahead of time. I shred my carrots (using my trusty salad shooter), dice red peppers and tomatoes, and store the toppings in individual containers so that when I’m ready to have a salad, all I have to do is put my greens in a bowl and dump the toppings over them! My salad dressing is prepared ahead of time, as well. This week I’ve been enjoying the Basil Balsamic dressing from the Against All Grain cookbook. It’s one of my new favorite dressings!

I also had a steamed sweet potato mashed with coconut oil and salt… which I forgot to take a picture of.

bag of kale chipsLater in the afternoon, I snacked on some of these delicious kale chips from Trader Joe’s. (The perfect substitute for when you can’t make them yourself!)


mixing salad in a large bowl

I’ve been loving marinated salads for the evening, because they can be made ahead of time and just pulled out of the fridge when we’re both home from work! This one is my version of a Chinese Chicken Salad with cabbage, shredded carrots, romaine, red onion, cilantro, sliced almonds and grilled organic chicken breasts.

chocolate shake in a glass

Later in the evening, I like to whip up a chocolate-y smoothie for dessert– and for extra energy for an evening of cluster nursing ahead. I include almond milk, almond butter, frozen bananas, raw cacao powder and ice.

Sometimes an extra brownie or a piece of freezer fudge is consumed later in the evening/early morning, too… just depends on how long I’m up in the night. I blame my lack of sleep on my crazy sweet tooth!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating lately?

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I have been missing your What I ate:-) Have to say perfect meal. I have found myself that when I pregnant I do not combine properly and just eat what I like salmon eggs and coconut flour cake together or even with sweet potato:-)
Thanks for sharing also cant wait for your new recipes


What did you marinate your salad with? It looks delicious! I hope you get some sleep soon! 🙂


I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant, so my eats are become slightly more normal, but not back to my usual standards! I’ve been eating grassfed, whole milk organic yogurt, lots of fruit, nut butters are enjoyable again, cooked soups with veggies, eggs, green beans, tofu, and some dark chocolate. Looking at your salads still makes my stomach turn just a bit! Those brownies look fabulous, though!


I am interested in that smoothie! That looks awesome. Thanks for helping us newbies out as we try to learn how to eat healthier!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for bring back “What I Ate Wednesday”!!! It is always SO fun to read and see all the creative and inspiring food you eat! Hope you get some sleep soon!! Blessings to you and your family!

Ashley C.

love the honesty of this post! i’m so happy for you and your family and your new, little addition!

Heather Lelane

First of all, I am new to your blog and I LOVE IT! You are awesome and do an AMAZING job! Happy to find a fellow food combiner who isn’t too strict with it! I have recently started food combining again to drop a few pounds quick, and yesterday for breakfast had a sweet potato and kale hash (no egg on top). For lunch I stayed with starch and had a sweet potato, black bean and kale “quesdadilla” (no cheese). My late afternoon snack was a spinach, arugula, and goat cheese salad. For dinner I had a HUGE omelet with sun dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese, creminis, and kale.


Thank you for your honesty. Those first couple months postpartum were exactly the same for me. I was trying to exclusively breast feed but a low milk supply made it even harder to find time to eat anything except pre-made bars and fruit I could eat with one hand. I was lucky to get one real meal a day. My baby wanted to nurse constantly!! so much so in fact I had to take her with me to the bathroom once because I had to go so badly and my husband was at work. Nurse 40 minutes, pump 20 while trying to give her a supplement bottle…nape together for an hour or two and repeat!

I’m now 5 months pp and things have been much easier since about 2 months. You’re doing a great job!! I can’t understand how you find time to post still!! Bigtime Kudos to you and thanks!!


I’ve been all about the marinated salads too… they’re so quick to grab a bag of premade ones from Costco… just open the dressing and you’re good. I need to stop being lazy and make my own dressing!

Heather D

Do you have any suggestions for substituting dates? I noticed you use them as a natural sweetener in a lot of your recipes. I’m recovering from candida so I’m supposed to stick to low sugar fruits only.


    It depends on the recipe, but for smoothies you could use liquid stevia or another natural sugar-free option of your choice. You can also check out my Candida recipe section for more ideas!


Those first few months of nursing are hard but so rewarding. I exclusively nursed all 4 of my chirdren. My third NEVER took a bottle (pumped milk of course) which made going back to work or going anywhere for that matter, hard. But I feel lucky to have given them the gift of nursing them. It was hard to stop and I say I had “post nursing depression” after I did. I was sad. I was glad to log on to see your post today, I’ve missed them. Thanks for all your recipies and the work you put into your blog. It is my favorite.

Tasha L.

I’ve missed your “what I ate Wednesday” posts, too. I’ve been craving chocolate a lot, glad to hear that even you do also.Give your little one lots of hugs and kisses and enjoy that newborn phase. It lasts such a short time!


Oh my gosh! I’m so glad to hear you say you have been eating a lot ofbaked foods! I am exclusively breast feeding as well and have been craving baked goods for the first time in my entire life. It’s so odd! Maybe it is the sleep deprivation like you said!! Who knows!


Yum! Im on a strict breastfeeding elimination diet. I miss chocolate so much. I just added nuts back in and am a happy camper, for now.


Can I ask what the marinade is that you put on your Chinese chicken salad with cabbage? 🙂 would love to have a nice healthy recipe!


I too am wondering what that delicious Chinese salad is marinated in?


My baby is 3 months and I’m in the same boat! The whole pregnancy I didn’t have any cravings, ate super healthy then once my baby was here and I was breastfeeding round the clock all I wanted was brownies! I needed to have sweets in the house at all times. If I had my brownies and a ton of water, I was set. I tasted my breast milk and it’s really sweet so I assumed that is why I was craving sweets, to make sweet milk for my little one. Who knows? Now that we are 3 months, things have evened out and I’m back to green smoothies and salads but those can give her gas so I have to be careful. Good luck!


Glad that What I Ate on Wednesday is back. I love it. Hope you have the recipes for the coconut flour brownies and Nutella like fudge posted soon.


I nursed both of my boys for a year each….I recall being famished all the time! It sounds like you are doing an amazing job consuming healthy food options :)) I was a total chocoholic for those two years…it what amazing! i’m tiny, but I always tell people I was able to eat like a linebacker :)) Now that I”m past those years, I’m back to my normal diet and portions. Enjoy this time!


Looking forward to seeing your recipe for those coconut flour brownies, they look delicious!


I find the cravings and over indulgence of “sweet foods” disturbing ! You must, must be certain to include tons of good fats in your diet at all times. Another interesting point: the more fats you eat the more content and sated your baby will be. I would suggest connecting with Weston A. Price website and learn about nourishing traditions. I have raised 6 beautiful children, but now observe the unnatural sweet cravings in the families who are vegetarian. I respect someone’s choices… it is their journey…. but to ignore the laws of nature will take it’s toll.. babies, children and mommies NEED lots of good fats. I will compliment all of you who are breastfeeding… It’s superb, superior, and so profoundly nurturing for baby and mommy !!


    I would like to ask you something.
    I have been nursing my 17 month somewhat exclusively and I have been craving sweets ever since he was born. Sometimes it is so bad that I,although I am full, I would still need some sweets before bed. I don’t know why..
    I thought magnesium deficiency-so I had tried to take supplements. But it didn’t become better.
    Now, I have to say that I have been a vegan/later vegetarien for about that time as well. Any experiences or ideas/tips for me on how to kill my sweet tooth? It is so unhealthy and a bad habbit that I really would like to cut out.
    Thank you in advance.


Hello Da’Naeva. Nursing is a big job for moms and oftentimes we become depleted. I would keep things simple: No processed foods,
Sweets should only be consumed as a very, very special treat, ie a birthday or anniversary. If you incorporate lots of good fats (like extra virgin olive oil, BUTTER, coconut oil, fat from grass fed animals, bacon, etc) along with lots of vegetables and some fruit, it would be a great thing for you and baby. There is good book called “wheat belly” you should read. It’s very easy to understand. Another favorite person is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.. I heard her speak 3 years ago. Her book is called the GAPS DIET. Eliminating gluten/wheat is big help. I am very happy you are nursing. The greatest gift you can give your child ! I always have homemade soup on hand… nourishing and quick! I’m not sure I have helped you in anyway but I wish you the best.


    I have all of those books/resources/foods on hand but just can’t find the power to follow them. My sweet tooth and carb craving is outta control!! I’m also bf’ing (5 months pp) and battling a post partum hyper thyroid issue (possible caused by a pituitary adenoma that was just discovered. Still waiting on follow ups with my doctor, endo and neurologist). I wonder if its related or if I’m just plain addicted!

    Gonna try to suck it up and tackle this addiction. wish me luck!

    Thanks for the (inadvertent) kick in the butt Bianca and the amazing website content Megan!! Your site has been my favorite since I discovered it two years ago.

Carolyn t

Hello! What dressing do you marinate your salad with? Looks great!


P.S. to Da’Naeva I consider Vegan/vegetarianism to be extremes however I respect other peoples choices. I did mention in my first reply that I have noticed the people who crave sweets are the low-fat vegetarians…. I like balance and moderation. The Weston A. Price foundation is a wonderful site…. they respect ancient traditions and nourishing foods…

Shelley chase

Hi do u have the recipe for the brownie u ate on Wednesday? Thanks


Hey there! It’s been 19yrs since I had to assist and counsel for those late endless nights and hungry days that went round the clock so my thoughts, complements and kudos go out to you!
Those coconut flour brownies, is that recipe still “in development”? I can’t find it unless it’s a twist on the Brownie Bites.. Is this recipe “out there” on your page to try out?


    The coconut flour brownies are not posted on the website yet! I have special plans for them, which I’ll be able to share in the future. 🙂

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

Those kale chips are amazing!


Just stumbled onto your site and it is just what I’ve been looking for. We are trying to reduce the amount of refined sugars in our diet. I would love your recipe for the Chinese Chicken Salad.


yes – hoping for the recipe for the chicken salad and can’t wait for the brownies. 🙂


Can’t wait for that coconut flour brownie recipe! Looks amazing!


Thank you for bringing back “what I ate Wednesday”!!!!
It is my favorite part of the blog:)


Hi! Can you please post your recipe for the salad? It looks delicious! Thank you!!!


what’s the recipe for those brownies!??!?!??!?!


Hey, I posted earlier but I was wondering if you could post the recipe for the Chinese chicken salad dressing? I’m always looking for homemade dressings that are healthy! Thanks 🙂


    I have special plans for sharing that recipe, so I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available. 🙂


      Okay great! Can’t wait 🙂


Just stumbled upon your site. Very inspiring and helpful. Really looking forward to the recipe for the coconut flour brownies pictured above.

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