What I Ate Wednesday

I’m actually featuring Monday’s eats, since it was a crazy-busy day. Eating nutrient-rich meals and snacks keeps me sane on days like these! 


Un-pictured: My daily probiotics and lots of filtered water.

coffee in a blue mug

Plenty of coffee, with homemade almond milk creamer added throughout the morning.

green juice poured into a glass

Green juice, made with a large cucumber, kale, parsley and lemon. (I don’t recommend this exact combo… it was kinda bitter!)


Un-pictured: Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend capsules

tahini salad mixed in a glass bowl

More often than not, this is how I throw together my salads. I drop a couple of spoonfuls of raw tahini into the bottom of my large salad bowl, add the juice of a whole lemon, garlic and salt, then stir it together until it’s dressing-like. Pile on the leafy greens and veggies, then chop it all together and devour!

almond butter fudge in a bowl with a spoon

Followed by an individual portion of raw almond butter fudge–> I’ll often whip up a small portion on the fly after my lunch salad!

Because sometimes you need dessert after lunch and dinner.

Pre-Premiere Snack

pudding in a bowl

I always get nervous before big events, so a snack rich in healthy fats helps to keep my mind calm. This 3-minute pudding was perfect! (I used a frozen banana, which made it nice and cold.)


On an evening like this, dinner doesn’t really exist. It’s more like a series of snacks.

We were greeted with glasses of champagne the moment we stepped into the venue, so I nursed my glass until the show started. During the after-party, I enjoyed a tasty shaved salad (I think it was cabbage and kale?), which I want to try re-creating soon! I also stashed plenty of sprouted almonds and raisins in my purse, for snacking throughout the night–> which I polished off around midnight, during the after-after party. 

Oh, and there was another glass of champagne and lots of water.

I’m exhausted just remembering it all. And still trying to recover after very little sleep and a full work day!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Do you have a go-to snack that you bring with you to movies or big events?

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Wow, you fit in a lot into that day!! I just went back to check out your earlier post..I love dresses with pockets..you look gorgeous! I always bring snacks with me if possible to movies or events…better to feel prepared!


Were there almonds in the salad served at the premiere? It looks exactly like one from Bon Appetit Magazine that I love to make, with shredded kale and brussel sprouts!! The recipe can be found here:


    The salad they served had candied walnuts in it, but that recipe does look very similar! I’ll have to try it!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

That is exactly how I make my tahini salads, tahini in first, throw everything else on top and cream it together!

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