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What I Ate Wednesday

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know it’s been quite a week. We discovered leak in our kitchen ceiling, and when the repair man came to fix it… well, let’s just say it got worse before it got better. It looked like a sprinkler system went off all over our house!

While we wait for our walls and floors to dry, we’re using our kitchen as little as possible– so my meals have been pretty simple, as a result.


green juice and chia seed puddingI started my day off with a cold-pressed green juice purchased from Whole Foods– a simple combination of cucumber, romaine, parsley, and pear. When I felt hungry a little later in the morning, I ate half a box of strawberries.


taco salad bowl

Austin came home and took care of lunch for the both of us! He brought me this huge taco salad, complete with black beans (on the bottom), romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. (I typically don’t eat the taco bowl– they’re usually stale.)


bowl of salad and cauliflower pizza crust

We had a frozen cauliflower pizza crust in the freezer, so I put it to good use and made a large pizza in less than 15 minutes! We split the pizza, and each had our own romaine salad dressed with a homemade Parmesan vinaigrette.

For dessert, we split a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake. (Not properly combined with our dinner, but so good!)

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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I just sat down to read this with a chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake! Agree, so good!

Cindy S.

We had your chocolate peanut butter shake on Sunday! oh so good. We’ve had salads with salmon & veggies & then your Japanese dressing on top – that’s our favorite dressing! One night we had breakfast for dinner. I’ve had various smoothies for breakfast, two days of mango & coconut milk, etc. & today I think I’ll have blueberry & spinach & not sure what else I’ll find to add in. We went out last night – a local restaurant has the best black bean soup! I want to make your gingerbread later today because it’s so good! I need to figure out what’s for dinner though! Must go do that! 🙂

Laura @ Raise Your Garden

Ahhh, my cauliflower pizza was a bust! We ended up throwing it out. Willing to try again though.

Peanut butter shake. Put me in coach. And all men just seem to love Peanut butter, right? it’s just their love language I think!

Jamie Miller

I’ve been meaning to try a cauliflower pizza. Must add to list of the many things I want to try!

Mary Kate

Those meals sound great! I made one of my favorite meals tonight: Quinoa and Bean Chili! Yum!

Aleta Jacobson

These sound very good. Not having a kitchen is the pits. I hope the problems get fix soon for you.

What’s the news on your book? Can’t wait for it come out. 🙂


    Thanks! We’re in the editing process with the book now, and it will go to print towards the end of the year– I don’t have an official release date that I can share yet, but I’ll be sure to post an update when I do!


I’ve made the cauliflower crust twice now and it is the best! I make sure I squeeze all the water out completely. Then I make sure I bake it until the crust is really cooked. I can’t remember if I had to adjust the baking time from the recipe. There is a head of cauliflower in my fridge right now waiting for the next crust. It is not only delicious, but I feel good after eating it, which is more than I can say for any of the gluten free crusts I’ve ever tried.


do you eat enough?

i work with girls with eating disorders…and some of them eat more than this…

i am not writing this out of spite or anything of the sort, but general concern.

take care.


    No need to be concerned, it’s just difficult to show quantities in snapshots like this. I’m not in the practice of counting calories or reporting every tablespoon of oil or ounce cheese I eat, but just doing some quick math my dinner and dessert alone on this day are close to 1500 calories– and that’s not including breakfast or lunch. I’m eating extra fats while I breastfeed, so there are close to 500 calories of dressing on my evening salad alone!


I am so glad to hear this 🙂

I really do enjoy your blog and am glad you are taking care of yourself.

Much love.


I think this is a fair question, Monika. Megan, I love your blog and have made quite a few of your recipes, but I’ve frequently wondered the same thing when reading about what you eat in a day. If I only consumed juice and strawberries in the morning, I’d definitely pass out before I got my hands on lunch! Although I do think different bodies can get by on different amounts and types of food (at different times of the day). Unfortunately for me, I just don’t find fruits and vegetables ‘filling’ when I am really hungry. I’m hoping that the more I eat of them, the more my body will ask for them and find them satisfying.


    Meal timing is definitely different for everyone, so I totally understand! In college, I pretty much lived off of coffee during my early morning waitressing job, and wouldn’t get to actually eat something until 3pm, so my body is accustomed to not eating most of my calories until later in the day. In fact, I’m not hungry at all until at least 10am most mornings, so by the time I’ve had my juice and fruit, it’s nearly noon already! Even when I was pregnant, I didn’t crave much in the morning, and would eat the majority of my calories throughout the afternoon, and less in the morning and evening. I feel like listening to my body has never steered me wrong, and it’s only when I try to abide by some self-imposed calorie goal or meal times that I run into trouble, so I hope others will follow their own intuition, as well!


Great. Thank you.


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