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honeydew and a plate with banan slices and almond butter

Now that it’s warmer outside, I’ve been craving fruit like crazy. Fruit is the ultimate “fast food,” so it makes the perfect breakfast for busy mornings. Lately, I’ve just been slicing a melon in half and digging in with a spoon! Half of a honeydew melon held me over for a while, but when I got hungry again I enjoyed a sliced banana with raw almond butter.


bowl of zuchinni noodles

I had about a pound of zucchini in my fridge that needed to be used up ASAP, so I whipped up a spicy Asian “peanut” sauce (using almond butter) and enjoyed it over the shredded zucchini, along with sliced red bell pepper. It was tasty, but watery– zucchini noodles release a lot of water, even after I had salted them to let the sweat and had drained the excess liquid. Oh, well. I might try using the extra sauce over a salad next time, to see if that works better.

banana and a green smoothie

Soon after that zucchini bowl, I shared a ripe banana with the little guy (he took three teeny-tiny bites on his own!), and a little later I had a big chocolate-banana green smoothie, made with a frozen banana, almond butter, cocoa powder, water, fresh spinach, ground cinnamon, and vanilla.


olives and a plate with asparagus and scrambled eggs

While I was preparing dinner, I snacked on a handful of Castelvetrano olives (and a few un-pictured slices of raw goat cheddar), and for my main course I had three pasture-raised eggs scrambled in coconut oil with onions, peppers and soft goat cheese, along with a side of oven-roasted asparagus. The asparagus turned out so well, I could barely stand to share it with Austin! I need to buy more asparagus ASAP, because it tastes amazing right now.

bowl with dark chocolate chunks

For dessert, I had a cup of decaf green tea with some 70% dark chocolate chunks. I love drinking hot liquids with my chocolate so that it melts instantly on my tongue! Such a good combo.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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I recently discovered I have several food allergies, so this week I’ve been trying to phase them out and introduce healthier options.

I must say, cutting out eggs and dairy, while being gluten intolerant, has NOT been a pleasure thus far!


    I totally feel your pain!! I’m intolerant to dairy & yeast, allergic to nuts & crazy sensitive to sugar & this week I seem to have also reacted to either soya or sushi or both. But I love that this lady shares inspiring meals that my body might actually like (you know minus all the almond butter ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I’ve learnt about sunflower seed butter so I might try that) best of luck! I hope you feel better soon & find some inspiring meals!!xx


      Fiona, I just wanted to stick my nose in and tell you that sushi has sugar in the rice, so that might be making you sensitive to it?


I would love to know how you made the asian peanut sauce for the zucchini. Thats a great idea! I have some spiralized zucchini in my fridge right now i need to use.


love the shredded zucchini salad idea, I had never seen that. I wonder if you shredded it the day before and drained it in the fridge.

emily (a nutritionist eats)

I’ve been all about smoothies and salads – summer is here!


Hi Megan, that looks great!I have discovered a great tip for avoiding watery zucchini noodles – instead of adding a full on “sauce”, create more of a “paste” with less liquid in it. Mix in the paste well, and after about 30 seconds of working it through, you will have a creamy, thick sauce! I hate watery sauces, so this trick has helped me to enjoy my zucchini noodles.

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

Fruit is always my favorite fast food and the strawberries are amazing right now! Gotta get me some asparagus!

Laura @ Raise Your Garden

Honeydew melon is my ultimate weakness! But their 4 bucks where I live! Wonder what they cost elsewhere?!?

Fruit is our families one extravagance, it’s where we live on the edge. I always have a huge fruit bowl with strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and we gorge!

But….I figure, going out to eat with a family of 4 is easily 30-50 bucks, right? An awesome fruit bowl is about 25-30, and so much healthier. And I feel better about myself at the end of the day =)


    You wouldn’t believe it but they sell ripe melons at the 99 cents only store here in CA. everywhere you go, the fruits and veggies are so vibrant and much less expensive than what I used to get back in Philly, even at high-end organic grocery stores. I look back a think I of how much money I was ripped off of buying old produce at steep prices! we could have moved here years ago and saved a ton. If you have a chance to get to a large farmers market or open air market (thinking the Italian market in Philadelhia) you might save a bunch. Also farmers markets are a good place to find good tips from other people. I wish I had taken the time to go to the other places and scope out because I really did lose a lot ….good luck and even still, you can’t go wrong with great produce, no matter what price.


Hi, Megan —

Do you have any concerns about consuming caffeine while nursing? I’ve noticed you still eat dark chocolate and cocoa powder. I’m nursing too and was under the assumption that I’m supposed to avoid caffeine while breastfeeding. But maybe that’s an outdated rule? I would love to know your thoughts on this.



    I definitely wouldn’t drink a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea while nursing, but I’m not too concerned about a small amount of cocoa powder or dark chocolate. My doctor said it’s safe to consume 200mg of caffeine a day while pregnant and nursing, and there is only 12 mg of caffeine in 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and in one ounce of dark chocolate. So, at about 24 mg of caffeine per day, I’m well below that limit. Hope that helps!


      Thank you so much for your reply! Yes, that is helpful. It also makes me happy to know I can eat a little chocolate again. I didn’t realize how little caffeine it has.


It all looks delisious, would love to eat like this, and if you don’t mind sharing the peanut sauce that would be great!! I’m pregnant with my first, and I’m afraid if I eat like this I would not get enough protein in for the little one? is that just a rumor? or does baby need a lot of protein thanks


I dug into a fave salad of mine today. Sliced raw beets, apple (peel on), avocado and walnuts with my fave salad dressing dribbled over it! I usually enjoy candied walnuts with this salad, but was trying to reduce my sugar cosumption today. Plenty leftover for lunch tomorrow!


I’ve been loving fruit also! Smoothies every morning + berries or melon as a morning snack, cold bean salads for lunch and dinner, am then dates and warm homemade almond milk for desert. Also been loving avocados as a snack!


I am so glad I found your blog I would have never thought about drinking green tea with chocolate chunks.
I will be doing that asap.

Kristen E.

It sounds like you love almond butter as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚ I eat it at almost every meal! Haha

If you love fruit, especially dried fruit, Trader Joe’s has awesome “Just Mango” slices that are unsweetened and unsulfured. They are amazing! I eat them for dessert all the time.

Thank you for sharing these posts! I love your blog.


I love the sound of that smoothie & saved it to my smoothie ideas document on my computer! I can always use smoothie inspiration. I have my old favorites, but I like to vary it up, too :0).


Your smoothie looks amazing! What are the measurements (roughly)? Thanks!


zucchini looks great!! we need to pull out our spiralizer

Sara Maples

I love it this time of year when asparagus is in season! I am making some tonight too!


Hi Megan, love the sound of that smoothie. Do you have post with recipe? Also, you mention cutting back on sugar. Sugar (even unrefined and in fruit) is a concern of mine. Know you’re nursing and so need extra cals, but wondered what you think about sugar content of smoothies with fruit? Xx


    That smoothie has become such a favorite of mine, it deserves its own post! I’ll try to do that next week. In regards to fruit sugar, I personally don’t believe that “sugar is sugar” as some others do, and chalk it up to the fact that monosaccharides, like those found in fruit, do digest differently (and much more quickly) than disaccharides, like those found in even natural sweeteners, like maple syrup. That being said, the rest of the diet has to be considered when choosing how much fruit to eat. A person eating a low fat, vegan diet can get away with eating much more fruit than a person eating a high-fat, high-protein diet, which would impact how well the body can assimilate the fruit. That’s also why I suggest eating fruit on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning or after a light lunch, so that the body can fully benefit from the nutrients.


Thanks, Megan. That’s really helpful. I fought off ovarian cancer last year and am doing everything I can to prevent a recurrence. It is thought that sugar feeds cancer cells, and though I’ve given up refined sugar and hardly touch maple syrup, honey etc, I often feel guilty even putting banana in my smoothies (crazy, I know because fruit is loaded with nutrients). Can’t waif to see that recipe! Xx


Thanks for sharing your meals throughout the day – as someone who is new to this diet it is great to have food combinations and meals to see where to start. For each meal/recipe do you mark what paricular food group it falls under? Cheers

Emily Alleman

Just curious, where do you get your raw goat cheese? I can’t find raw dairy of any sort at my local Whole Foods…


    I almost always find mine at Whole Foods! I’ve had pretty good luck at every store I’ve been to, both in California and in the Midwest, so make sure you look where they sell blocks of cheese– the Alta Dena brand is the most common, and it’s usually hidden among all of the regular pasteurized blocks. You can also ask your local store to carry it!

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