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What I Ate Wednesday

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It’s a short work week for us, as we prepare to take our first family vacation to celebrate Father’s Day. (We’re actually just tagging along for a work trip with my husband, but it’s a nice excuse for an affordable trip!) Anytime we travel, I try to use up all of the fresh produce in our fridge without making any extra trips to the grocery store– so our meals end up being a little different than usual, whether it’s for better or worse. Anything that we don’t use, I’ll try to pack with us for airplane snacks!

This will be the second flight I’ve taken with our little boy, and I’m just as nervous about it as I was the first time around. As he gets older, he gets more fidgety– so I don’t expect him to be thrilled about sitting still on a plane for very long!

Wish me luck.


watermelon sliced and a owl of yogurt, walnuts, and raspberries

I started my morning with some fresh watermelon, which I had to strategically slice for our baby boy. He gets large french-fry-size slices without any seeds so that he can safely feed himself, and I eat the pieces with the seeds. Technically, he still doesn’t “eat” much of anything– he tends to taste the food and then throw it on the floor. Our dog is thrilled with this situation!

A little later, I made a dent in the plain goat yogurt in our fridge. I served it with some raw walnuts and fresh raspberries, which was a tasty combination of tart, sweet, and crunchy. (This is not a good example of food combining, by the way– I’m not always perfect.)


kale salad

I bought two huge bunches of kale this weekend, before I remembered that I had to eat it all in three days, so I used one of those bunches to make a huge salad for lunch. I massaged the kale down to half its size with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic, then topped it with raw goat feta and chopped red peppers.

It was actually so big that I had to finish the rest of it a little later in the afternoon.


goat yogurt ranch and carrots

Shortly before preparing dinner, I snacked on half a bag of baby carrots dipped in goat yogurt ranch (made with dried herbs instead of fresh.)


asparagus and salmon on a plate

For dinner, we enjoyed oven-baked wild Alaskan salmon with a huge serving of roasted asparagus.

mint dark chocolate in a bowl

And for dessert, I had my favorite mint dark chocolate with a cup of decaf green tea. A combo that never disappoints.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Tom @ Raise Your Garden

Well….we’re eating really healthy this week, I’m hoping to be able to shed my bathing suit cover up that goes past my knees and my husband has high cholesterol and the dr. wants to put him on meds. So we’re eating clean and healthy! No meds please.

Good luck traveling with your little one on the plane……my 2-year-old & 4-year-old are very intolerant of car seats and planes! I’m so jealous of people who say their kids sleep in the carseat while driving. Mine? No go. Last year we drove from New York to Florida, and no lie,…………… I had to nurse my little one the entire 24 hour trip, while she was strapped in her carseat. How’s that for a visual? We said, never again!

Happy travels!

    Lisa Joss

    I read a fantastic book about cholesterol and the meds. It may help, it’s called the cholesterol myth. I borrowed it from the library.
    Sorry to stick my nose in but I really want to help 🙂


I’m on a healthy roll this week – I am also traveling on Sunday and need to eat all my produce! Tomorrow I plan on making a huge Thai green curry – as an excuse to use all of my veggies! All I need is to keep fresh produce for my daily juice, otherwise I can just take things out of the freezer/cook pasta/etc until I leave.

Anne from Pintesting

Monday I started my 30-Day Complete Transformation Challenge. I had my Juice Plus+ Complete shake (chocolate) with a banana and cherries, and the Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard to get the nutrition of 25 fruits & veggies. For lunch I had wild caught Alaskan salmon mixed with rice and peas, a spinach side salad with tomatoes and cukes, and a handful of black grapes. Supper was another shake with the Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard, and some watermelon for dessert.

Cindy S.

Salads everyday for lunch – today’s had lots of veggies, salmon & your honey dijon dressing. Monday’s dinner was your easy coconut curry! Leftovers tomorrow. YUM! Tonight’s dinner chicken w/ prunes & olives in crockpot w/ other yummies. Over the weekend, I had made a big batch of hummus so have had that w/ veggies. And I had 2 zucchini I needed to use & wanted dessert so made your gingerbread bars. I love those! I also had your carrot dressing in there too on a salad. I guess I’ve had a “Detoxinista” week! 🙂 As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing!” 🙂 Have fun on your trip – will pray for a calm time on the plane.


Looks so yummy! I will have to try that salad. I am always a little confused though – this is for today, correct? Aren’t you in California? It’s only 3PM here…:) Safe travels this weekend!


    I usually post my meals from the previous day on Wednesday. 🙂


I love this ES chocolate!! Yesterday, I tried your recipe for PB cups and used almond butter instead…once again, AMAZING! Thanks!


Hi: love all you post….thought i’d mention to you that the “baby carrots” that we see are just old carrots that they have trimmed down because the edges have started to go….read that on another holistic post, and it totally bummed me out :-)…haven’t looked at those baby carrots the same way since..


Love the look of the kale dish – I always over buy greens and need to fin more inventive ways of eating them other that just putting them in a smoothie! Have a good holiday!


Yum! Have a wonderful vacation!! I’ll be hoping your flight goes good for your sweet little man.


Thanks for all your efforts, I am learning alot!


I noticed you had baby carrots for lunch.I used to eat tons of these things and a lot of tomes noticed that they would turn white. This turned me off from them as I knew this was not natural.Well just lately there was a write up about baby carrots and why they turn white.
Please do not eat these poisoned veggies as they are not fit for human consumption. Here is the link –



    Hmm… I’ve always thought that carrots turned white when they are dehydrated, similar to dry skin. I’ll have to do a little experiment on my full-size carrots and see what happens!

    There are other sites that have also written about the issues surrounding baby carrots, explaining that the chlorinated water they are soaked may be pretty similar to the chlorine levels found in tap water:


I grew up on a farm in the 60’s where my parents grew carrots in a garden and stored them in a cool cellar – never had I seen them turn white. I have been juicing carrots for the last 17 years and I buy them by the 5 or sometimes 50 lb bag when on sale. They stay in my refrigerator for a couple to 3 weeks sometimes (even till they grow small hair type roots – never had I seen them turn white. I also grow my own carrots in my backyard garden and end up storing them in a refrigerator for a few months till they get used up – never had I seen them turn white. But after opening a bag of baby carrots kept in the fridge they turn white in a day or two. I do also wash my carrots from the garden with the garden hose (chlorinated city water)so something is not right with the info on the 100daysofrealfood website.


I loooove your recipes and your site!
How would you combine goat yoghurt in case of good food combining?



do you know if decaf green tea still has all the important antioxidants as well?

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