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What I Ate Wednesday

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watermellon and scrambled eggs with spinachMy morning started off with half of a mini watermelon, which I tried to share with the little guy, but he wasn’t having any of it. (He’s still pretty fickle with solids.) An hour or so later, I had three eggs scrambled with fresh spinach and grated Pecorino Romano.


salad in a bowl and a vanilla cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream

For lunch, I had one of the best salads ever. An entire head of crunchy romaine topped with sauteed asparagus, shredded raw goat cheddar and apple cider vinaigrette. (I snacked on some extra cheese slices while the asparagus was cooking, too.)

Followed by a vanilla cupcake topped with a homemade chocolate buttercream. Oh, yeah. (I made four dozen cupcakes this weekend, both chocolate and vanilla, just to make sure the recipes for the cookbook are perfect– and they are to die for!!)


green juice

After work, I had to make a run to Whole Foods for some essentials, but I made the mistake of going there hungry– so I ended up getting an overpriced green juice as a result. This one was made with celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, and apple.


kale salad and veggie burger

Dinner was a quick meal of leftovers– a massaged kale salad and a homemade veggie burger topped with mustard.

And for dessert, I had the usual. A cup of decaf green tea and a couple rows of dark chocolate.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Tom @ Raise Your Garden

Well first off, I need to eat better. My doctor just told me my LDL cholesterol is too high. It didn’t help that I pounded those Buffalo chicken wings the weekend before. With the 4th coming up I am determined to steer clear of the box brownies, chips, and pop that everyone brings. I like grilling chicken throwing it in a salad with a few eggs, onions, and banana peppers! It’s good for me and tastes really good. I noticed you avoided the roll and the veggie burger I have to start doing that.


I was JUST looking up the recipe for that “burger” yesterday for my 4th of July plans! I’m making my menu now–if I don’t come up with healthy recipes far in advance the whole affair will be a junk food fest! Do you have a lemonade recipe?


Going through candida right now- bad odors, various bowel consistencies- and avoiding sugar and vinegars, mostly.
It’s hard, because I tried being vegan, and have found that I need to supplement at least 1-3 servings of either fish eggs or lean cuts of poultry a week. I get anxious whenever I consume animal foods, because I think of the suffering they endure. Realistically, however, I need to remind myself that I am not a murderer, and that the food I eat is not done out of pure gluttony but from a respect for my body and its individual needs. So, 90-100% of most of days, I am purely plant based, save when thetime for dinner rolls around and I need to have some fish or an animal protein. More veggies makes me feel awesome, and I think the occasioanl servings of animal protein is just like the final piece de resistance in finding the best nutrition for my body.

Julie (A Case of the Runs)

I spy someone cute in the background!!


    Yes, I have to sneak him in every now and then. 🙂

Anne Marie

Eggs, tuna burgers, butter coffee, Hail Merry macaroons. The usual. 🙂


Hi, I noticed that you often have some dark chocolate at night. Does it affect your sleep in any way?
I lovelovelove super dark chocolate (at least 80%, most days I have 85%) and enjoyed it after dinner but nearly every time I stayed awake all night and noticed my heart rate was up. This makes me so sad because dark chocolate seems to be the only real treat I crave since eating healthier.. Now I eat it at 5 pm instead and have 500mg magnesium citrate after dinner, sleep is better.


    When I was pregnant, I could really feel the affects of dark chocolate and couldn’t even eat a square without feeling jittery! But, luckily, I can now get away with a couple rows of dark chocolate without any ill effects. Much more than that, though, and I can definitely feel it when I try to go to sleep.


Thanks for the post! We are actually trying your teriyaki veggie bowls this week! Where do you buy raw goat cheese? I’ve been having a hard time finding it in our area – have tried whole foods but no luck : (


    You might try asking an employee around the cheese counter if they could start carrying it at your local Whole Foods– they’ll usually oblige if they know they’ll have someone buying it! Otherwise, I can find it in smaller natural grocery stores if you have one of those in your area.


Today I realized that I have been on a downward spiral for too long. The best chocolate milkshakes in town and burgers. Topping it off with a large Babe Ruth candy bar. Something inside me was pushing to get more sugar down. I tested for candita and it is pretty bad. So today I made a list with check off days, to start out with two weeks eliminating sugar, wheat, and dairy, also too much fruit.
Breakfast was a green drink with a few almonds thrown in. Almond milk, cilantro, chard, and parsley.
Lunch: a kale, dill, red onion, white chicken breast, cilantro salad with melted coconut oil for the dressing.
snack: A palm sized pile of raw cashews
Dinner: A repeat of lunch. Only bigger


Oh my gosh what a cutie!! 🙂 And thanks for the post too. 🙂

Heather @ Dimples in the Wrong Cheeks

I’m looking at the picture of your lunch salad and it could pass for something from Olive Garden. It looks rich, decadent and smothered in that parmesan cheese that they pile on (you know, just say when). And then I read the ingredients and it’s all healthy items: goat cheese, asparagus. This is what I love about your blog! You give us options. Keep rocking it Megan!


Lots of eggs with sauted onions – they go so sweet if you cook them for ages, lots of ginger in my juice for allergies and courgette spaghetti!


Showing cupcakes without a recipe is a tease 🙂

Please throw us a blue: are they grain free? Do they have coconut flour (hopefully, not, because my tummy doesn’t care for that flour)?


Just watermelon to start? You should consider putting protein 1st and at all meals. It will keep you full the longest instead of just carbs. 🙂

Athletic Avocado

Your eats sound so amazing! Your veggies burgers look spot on! Love your blog!


Your son is adorable!

I can’t wait for that cupcake recipe!

Today will be Kris Carr’s green smoothie, your peach vinaigrette over spinach, and Food Babe’s chickpea curry.

Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen

I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out! Those little cupcakes look amazing!!!


I love starting my mornings off light, with just some fruit or a green juice to wake up my digestive system, followed usually by a bit of protein after an hour or two (depending on when I feel hungry again). My favorite homemade lemonade includes freshly squeezed lemons, filtered water, and maple syrup <3 simple and oh so refreshing! Food to feel good about! Thanks, always, for everything Megan!


I laughed after reading this post because we eat very similar! I had fresh organic fruit with organic full fat greek yogurt for breakfast, a giant (read entire mixing bowl) of spinach and smoked salmon salad for lunch, and then my dinner was scrambled tofu with guacamole and a few squares of giddy yoyo dark chocolate. I love eating real food and taking care of myself, p.s. your son is beautiful

Penny O

Today I dipped into my counter top-fermented salsa and had that with 2 organic farm-fresh eggs. Lunch will be a 1/2 chicken thigh with a cauliflower microsalad and lettuce wrapped in a sheet of nori x 2. I’ll enjoy my 90% dark chocolate after work. Dinner will probably be some protein and a gigantic green salad with maybe the Pecorino dressing that looks so yummy! Thanks Megan! Your little guy is super cute!


    can you share the recipe for fermented salsa


I am an australian in orlando for a conference. I have been using your recipes since February this year and love them. I am staying at one of the large hotels, have no car and am reliant on what the hotel offers in food.
Thankfully I am able to get boiled eggs at breakfast and a basic salad from a well known coffee provider. What troubles me is that everything else is packed with sugar and is very expensive. No wonder holiday makers get filled up on rubbish if major hotels have a monopoly on the food provided and on the whole it’s not healthy.
I can make do, but really want to encourage everyone to be prepared if you are on holidays to bring your own supply and say no to all the french fries that are added to everything.
It takes planning but it is worthwhile in the end.
Thank you again for your blog and the great recipes (love the photos of each stage). Blessings to all.


This is the first time I am reading all your recipes . I really have a very bad diet but I have been wanting to get healthy again. Life is just so crazy at time . After reading all of your get recipes I want to get up in the morning and start eating heathy again! Thank you I will be back soon

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