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Rather than showcasing another regular day of meals, I thought it might be fun to show you guys a peek at our weekend eats.

The weekends used to be a time when we dined out a lot, but that just isn’t as enjoyable for us with a baby… so, we enjoy most of our meals at home together, instead. (Along with the occasional take-out meal or cold-pressed juice.)


green juice and homemade baby food

We started the morning by sharing a pitcher of fresh green juice, including cucumber, romaine, kale, carrots, lemon, and ginger.

While I sipped on my juice, I also made our son’s baby food for the day. (He’s still pretty fickle with food– he eats maybe 10 bites a day at this point.) This jar was a mix of fresh blueberries, a few chunks of fresh peach, and water, pureed using my mason jar blender. I didn’t include the peach peel in his puree, so I ate that along with the rest of the peach, too.

chocolate banana protein shake in glasses with straws

A little bit later Austin and I both had a Chocolate Banana Protein Shake.


beet goat cheese salad in a bowl

This was a quick “convenience lunch” made up mostly of Costco finds– featuring their organic mixed greens, their marinated beet salad (a mix of steamed beets, red onion, parsley, olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper), and some organic chevre crumbles (from Whole Foods). Since the beets were already dressed, I didn’t add any additional salad dressing, but this salad wasn’t my favorite– it had too much vinegar for my taste. I was hoping they’d taste like the pickled beets from one of my favorite restaurants in Kansas City, but no such luck!

(For the record, Austin wouldn’t even touch a salad like this– he HATES goat cheese! He had leftovers from the night before for his lunch, instead.)


artichoke, asparagus, and salmon

Dinner was a feast! A good friend of ours came over for an early dinner and offered to prepare the fresh artichokes he found at Costco. I love artichoke hearts, but I usually rely on the frozen kind– I’m intimidated by all of the effort that goes into working with then entire artichoke! And it is a lot of work. Our friend, Matt, trimmed down the leaves, steamed them for 30-ish minutes, and then cut them in half pan-fried them in coconut oil to get that lovely golden color. All I had to do was prepare the garlic butter for dipping! (I just used my microplane to finely grate fresh garlic into melted grass-fed butter, and then I added minced fresh rosemary and sea salt. So good!)

The rest of our dinner was easy– I prepared our favorite Easy Roasted Asparagus and baked some wild-caught salmon at the same time, simply dressed with fresh rosemary and sea salt. I served the salmon and asparagus over a salad for myself, and the boys ate them straight-up. It was all delicious, but the winner of the night was definitely the artichoke leaves dipped in butter! I won’t be making them again myself anytime soon, but I’ll happily accept any dinner guests who are willing to do it for me.

Austin provided dessert for the evening: cookies! The best cookies we’ve ever found in LA, in fact. (They’re not gluten-free or remotely healthy, but they’re insanely delicious.) I don’t think I’ve had one of these cookies since I was pregnant, and they are just as good as I remember! Sadly, there are no pictures of them… in our excitement, we polished them off before thinking to pull out a camera. But, if you’re in the LA area and are planning to see a movie at the Hollywood Arclight, stop by Stella Barra Pizzeria for a cookie!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Are your weekend meals drastically different from your weekday meals?

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Danielle @ Chits and Chats and Chocolate

If I didn’t love cooking so much, I would want you as my personal chef! I wish my Wednesdays were this scrumptious!

Melissa Moore

Just curious, since I live in Kansas City, what is the place with the best pickled beets that I am clearly missing out on!?!


    They serve them at Andres– it’s a Swiss cafe/bakery that is known for making decadent desserts (not remotely healthy, but delicious), and I love their beets, too!


I’ve been eating well thanks to farmers market season and having your coconut panna cotta for dessert! Btw I love costco! They have really great frozen wild salmon and cod. I would love to see what else you try feeding your little one. I’m starting a mix of purées and baby led weaning with mine in a few weeks.

Tom @ Raise Your Garden

You’re right about going out to eat. It is very difficult with our four and two year old. The asparagus and salmon look amazing. I catch a lot of Salmon in August on Lake Ontario I’m looking for some new ways to prepare it. What’s your favorite way to prepare the Salmon? Is there a way to take the “fishiness” out of it. Thanks for sharing.


    To me, salmon is least “fishy” of all fishes. You may have a bad one.


    I’m not sure if my method takes the “fishiness” out of it, but I just sprinkle it with LOTS of sea salt and fresh herbs (I love rosemary, but other herbs work, too), sometimes lemon juice, and bake it in the oven at 400F for 10-20 minutes, depending on the thickness.


      I love salmon with this “Asian sauce” I’m sure I saw somewhere- it’s approximately equal parts maple syrup, soy sauce, orange juice, and water. Of course adjust everything to your liking, it’s easy and tasty.


When you combine beets, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, carrots and/or parsnips with an animal protein is that “properly combined”?

Thanks so much



    Butternut squash is considered a starch, so that wouldn’t combine properly with animal protein, but everything else would be fine!


Have you tried finger foods with your son? I know my daughter was eating whole blueberries on first birthday. There are pictures of her eating the blueberries and then pushing the cake away.


    Yes, for a while all he would try was finger foods. He gets a mix of both now– he was playing with sliced blueberries while I made his puree. 🙂


I have never had roasted artichokes. Ever. I feel like I’m missing out.


    The hearts are still the best part, in my opinion. I feel like we just ate the leaves so we could dip them in garlic butter. 🙂

Kezia @keziahallhealth

Artichoke have always intimidated me too ! Weekend is def a time to more faffy and treat meal – this weekend is grain free nachos with goats cheese and i always try to fit into some sort of grain free pancake and fresh juice (cant always be bothered to clean it during the week!)


Ah I wonder if my Costco has the marinated beet salad… need ASAP.


I love your WIAW posts. They inspire me to eat more veggies every time I read them :). I have also been reading your blog for a long time, and you inspired me to buy the Pinch of Yum ebook. I am also hoping to improve my photography skills, and I have noticed your pictures are getting better and better. Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to your cook book!

Nikki stevens

Can I have smoothies with spinach and kale if I have low iron? I have been reading some posts suggesting eating the greens raw inhibit the absorption of iron. Thanks. I love your site!


I just have to say….I’m so impressed with all you’re able to accomplish. Having a baby to take care of, a blog to keep up with, recipes and cooking…I’m amazed by how productive you are! I would love to see a “day in the life” type of post where you tell us how you structure your day and how you get so much done. 🙂

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