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What I Ate Wednesday

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You may have noticed that I’ve posted a bunch of dessert recipes lately, but I think I’ve reached a point of sweet stuff burn-out. (I’m sure it will just be temporary… my sweet tooth is never gone for long.)

While I do have a few more treat recipes up my sleeve, expect to see some more savory recipes sprinkled in over the next couple of weeks– a couple of which you’ll see sneak peeks of below.


peach and scrambled eggs with spinach

I always like to start my day with something fresh and hydrating, whether it be a green juice, a smoothie, or a piece of fruit. This week, fresh peaches have been my favorite! They are so juicy, I eat them with a knife– slicing off one piece at a time, so the juice doesn’t dribble down my chin and onto my computer.

A little later I’ve been needing something more grounding. A couple eggs scrambled with fresh spinach does the trick.


Chickpea and avocado egg salad in a bowl and in a lettuce wrap

This is my favorite discovery of the week– a vegan “egg salad” made from chickpeas! My sister-in-law gave me this idea months ago, and I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I ended up eating half the batch directly out of the bowl before spooning it into butter lettuce leaves for a hand-held option. Stay tuned for the recipe soon!


raw mexican rice bowl

I’m working on some new recipes for a fun little side project, including this vibrant raw rice bowl. This particular bowl was devoured after the photo session was over– which ended abruptly, because my camera died in the middle of it. I’m so sad!


mushroom tacos in lettuce wraps and small bowl of guacomole

I had my heart set on making some vegetarian tacos using only vegetables as the filling, so I tried my hand at it last night. Unfortunately, the vegetables shrunk down so much with cooking that I didn’t really have enough to serve two people! So, I ended up adding a diced chicken breast to the mix. Next time, I’ll be prepared with more veggies. (They were delicious, though– especially with homemade guacamole!)

I ended the night with a mug of decaf green tea and the first episode of Fargo. Austin and I love catching up on TV shows over the summer, and we’ve made quite a dent in our list so far!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

I’ve been loving peaches, too, this week. Oh, and cherries- I just finished off a stack of cherry pancakes made with coconut flour… delish!


    Cherries have been so good lately! My baby boy can’t get enough of the Rainier variety. 🙂


Well I can’t say my doctor was too happy with me last night. I thought it was time for my kid’s to have their first smores around the fire. Wow did that bring back some good memories. Usually when my wife makes a mistake by not making enough of something I am usually the one that needs to fend for myself. In other words she would have had the veggie taco and would have made myself a whey shake. Tonight it’s roast beef sandwiches from a local bar in Buffalo. I don’t know why it is but the small bars always have really good food compared to the big restaurants.


    S’mores by the fire sounds like a very special treat to enjoy with your kids. I have the best memories of making those with my dad!


    Tom, you seem to really like to berate your wife. Why was that even a relevant comment that she makes a mistake? I would be so happy if my husband made me a whey shake. You can’t be happy if you can’t be grateful.


Iam loving smoothie lately, but it does not sustain me for long ….Megan I am breastfeeeding my son and I am hungry all the time I think you are in the same situation,but when I compare my breakfast to your I eat much more big smoothie with lots of greens whole avocado 2-3pieces of fruit 2 egg yolk and ghee or coconut oil plus nuts on top.Would you advice to eat less? I mean for cleaner eating and kind of lighter meal….I do not want to loose any weight


    Breastfeeding definitely makes me more hungry in general, but I’m not a much of a breakfast person– I tend to eat most of my calories after noon. Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you. As long as you’re feeling satisfied, I wouldn’t change a thing!


I’ve been eating a quinoa bowl with chicken, avacado, and basil pesto almost every day this week for lunch. It’s so satisfying without being heavy.


    Lauren, that sounds fantastic! Do you have a blog? I would love to see that recipe!


I really enjoy the “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. They give me great meal planning ideas. I love the pictures and your recipes. Thank you!!


Having lots of salads! Trying new salad dressings…..yesterday lunch was turkey & lots of veggies on greens & dinner was salmon & different veggies on romaine! Used roasted chickpeas for croutons! All was delish.


Great post! I’m looking forward to the chickpea “egg salad”! Yum, that’s right up my alley! Your sister-in-law is a genius! The vibrant raw rice bowl looks really good, too. But your reference to a side project makes me wonder if it will be posted, or if you’ll wait to publish it in something? I hope only your camera’s battery needs to be recharged or replaced! Or does the camera itself need to be replaced?-hope not! I enjoyed a new recipe of bean and rice burritos this week :0).


    She is a genius! I’ll be posting more details on the side project soon, assuming my broken camera doesn’t delay the process too long… I have to wait for its replacement to arrive! It’s permanently dead, but it did last me over 5 years, so I guess this was to be expected at some point. 🙁

Emily @ Glitz Glam Gluten-Free

Ohh everything looks so delicious! Can’t wait to hear about the recipes for the raw rice and those tacos! I’ve loved all your sweet recipes so I can’t wait to try out some of your savory ones! This week I’ve been eating a lot of salads! I think it’s the warm weather and a cold salad with lots of delicious veggies and homemade dressings have been hitting the spot!


Great plan with lettuce for grain free tacos – will need to give that a go. Cant wait for egg salad recipe:) I love mixing up paleo, vegan and grain free eating – best of all worlds!

Washington Cube

I am looking forward to the recipes on all of these. I’ve been either testing out some of your past recipes (still eating the black bean soup in small portions!) and fresh fruit and vegetables. I need to use up some spinach today and get some protein in. I also have to shop today and one thing I’m buying is Trader Joe’s pineapple mango salsa.

Penny O

Thanks for sharing your food with us!

This week I’ve been eating broccoli salad with a cashew-nut base & organic chicken on lettuce. I made some organic, raw milk kefir and blended it with frozen local blueberries this morning. Always local organic eggs. Coffee with nutmeg and a little salt instead of sweetener.

Lastly, I’ve also been enjoying those healthy cookies you posted recently. They are incredible!

Bre England

I am so glad I ran across your blog the other day! You have been a life changer for me! It’s very nice to find someone that posts easy to follow recipies for not only food, but beauty products also. Thank you for sharing what you do!

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