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This month has been a particularly busy one for me, but we’re ending it on a fun note. First, with a visit from my mother-in-law, and then with a Labor Day trip to celebrate our son’s first birthday! Seriously, where has this year gone. I can’t believe he’s going to be one year old!

With guests in town and a trip on the horizon, our meals have been a mish-mash of cleaning out the fridge and take out– which has been a nice change. After finishing up my last round of recipe testing for the cookbook, I’m looking forward to a long weekend of not cooking!

Below is a peek at our eats this week.


green juice and scrambled eggs wtih spinach

We kicked off our morning with a fresh vegetable juice made with carrots, romaine, kale, celery, apple, and lemon. Our little guy has started sharing a few sips of my green juice with me lately, so that’s extra motivation for me to make it more often!

A little later I had three eggs scrambled with some fresh spinach– an quick and easy way to stay full for a while.


quinoa pasta salad in a glass bowl

My mother-in-law has been joining us in the afternoon to help with our son while I work this week, so I whipped up a big batch of my favorite Quinoa Pasta Salad for us all to enjoy for lunch. It’s always a crowd pleaser!



apple slices

I snacked on some apple slices while whipping up a “pudding” for our son in the Vitamix. (He got a blend of apple, avocado, and frozen mango.)


whole foods salad

For dinner, we headed to Whole Foods for an easy take-out meal. We each built our own salads from their salad bar, and mine was a combination of romaine lettuce, steamed beets, carrots, marinated cucumber salad, goat cheese, and chicken. (I added my own homemade salad dressing when we got home.) This combination was SO good.

For dessert, we all shared cookies from Stella Barra while watching Bachelor in Paradise. (Which is more entertaining than watching The Bachelor, if you ask me!)

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? Any fun Labor Day plans?

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Well, My self-esteem just went way down as I just gave my kids leftover pizza for breakfast, something I never do! And this is after they ate store bought cookies at my moms house yesterday, yuck (but you know, you can’t control grandparents). I love juicing my breakfast too, I feel “full” after a good ole chug of homemade veggie juice in the morning.

Our Labor Day plans are heading to my parents cottage on Lake Ontario and picking as many organic blackberries in the wild as we can to freeze for later!

Emily @ Glitz Glam Gluten-Free

This has been the week of zucchini noodles for me! I made them into Pad Thai earlier in the week and last night had them with a homemade marinara sauce! And so glad to hear I’m not the only one loving Bachelor in Paradise– it’s so much more addicting then the regular version!


I love your updates. I am just surprised you eat the prepared food at Whole Foods especially the chicken. Conventional chicken fed soy, GMO grains and who knows what with no pasture and then cooked in canola oil.


    I think it’s important to show that I’m not “perfect” all the time, and that sometimes we resort to prepared convenience foods. Though, we do always buy the organic rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and add it to our salads at home, so it’s not the conventional version!


      Does your Whole Foods sell organic rotisserie chicken? Our WF does not sell an organic rotisserie chicken. Only conventional. Are you sure it is an organic chicken? I


        Yep, ours sells both! It must vary by region. The organic ones are $4 more expensive.


          Seriously Josey, take a step off your high horse. It’s refreshing to see bloggers being honest about what they eat. Nobody’s perfect. Anyone who thinks or says they are is probably a hypocrite. Also, I’m sure she’s not an idiot and knows if she’s purchasing organic or conventional chicken.


AMEN! Bachelor in Paradise is 10x better than the Bachelor!


Sounds tasty! I am planning a treat of some quality indian take away for a bridal shower i am going to and some homemade sugar/grainfree brownies fudge! WIth lots of fresh vegi juice in between!


Hi Megan! I love your site! I have a question for you…. I have a fracture in my foot:(
Which just happened yesterday. I am awaiting an appointment date for the specialist and currently hobbling around on crutches trying to get through the day. I am in a hurry of course to heal and get back up and running or at least walking. Lol. Do you have any recommendations of certain foods, supplements or herbs I should be using/eating or anything else I should be doing to speed the healing process? PS….I am a vegetarian but not vegan. Thank you. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated! Trying to stay positive and do all I can to heal quickly.


    I’m sorry to hear about the fracture! I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to give, other than to take it easy and give yourself the time needed to heal. You don’t want to do any permanent damage by trying to walk or run too quickly! Sending you healing vibes. 🙂


I notice you scramble eggs with spinach a lot. How do you make them? Do you cook spinach and then add eggs? This is probably a silly question, but I’d love to add this to my routine and not sure how to make it.


    I usually start to cook the eggs first, then I stir in the fresh spinach when there are about 2 minutes left– it doesn’t take much time to wilt!

Millie | Add A Little

That juice looks super yummy!

Lori Long

Hi!!! Thank you for all you do! Is my there a certain iced coffee you love?

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