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What I Ate Wednesday: Elimination Diet Update

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I hope you all are off to a very happy New Year so far!

Things have been pretty great over here. You may recall that, after gradually eliminating possible allergens from my diet for the past few months, I finally decided to embark on Dr. Sear’s Elimination Diet for breastfeeding mothers– in the hopes that we may discover any other foods that might be affecting our little guy. We had already seen great results when I eliminated wheat and dairy from my diet, which had eradicated all of his acid reflux symptoms and vomiting, and also improved his sleep, but his diapers were still a bit questionable. Before trying Dr. Sear’s plan, I had also eliminated corn, peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, soy and chocolate with no noticeable improvement.

It should be noted that our doctor hasn’t been concerned about any of these issues, as our baby boy is physically thriving, but I couldn’t help but wonder if something else I was eating might be making him uncomfortable and causing these diaper issues. If you check out the comments on my last post, it’s obvious that all sorts of random foods can affect each baby differently! So, if nothing else, attempting this elimination diet would at least help satisfy my curiosity. Austin and I agreed that if we didn’t see any additional improvement after this super-strict plan, I’d be done with this whole elimination experiment.

And, as it turns out, we didn’t see any more notable improvements after Dr. Sear’s diet. Our little guy did end up sleeping for a few 7-hour-stretches during the experiment, which I thought might be due to a reduction in his gassiness, but he’s continued to have a few random 7-hour-streches here and there, even after re-introducing most of the foods I had previously cut out, so I think that was probably just a coincidence.

What I found the most interesting after this experiment was re-introducing wheat and dairy. After adding a moderate amount of dairy back into my diet (mostly in the form of cheese), we started seeing “seedy” diapers again. As I understand it, the “seeds” are actually undigested milk proteins, so that makes sense! I had actually worried when the seeds disappeared from his diapers a while back, because I had been told that yellow and seedy was “normal” for babies, but now I realize that the seeds disappeared right around the time I had eliminated dairy from my diet. Now it all makes sense! (Oddly enough, I’ve tried introducing both cow and goat dairy separately– and the goat cheese didn’t seem to result in a seedy diaper, while the cow cheese did. Of course, this could be also due to the fact that the few times I’ve eaten cow dairy, it tends to be included in an overall less-healthy meal… like on a slice of pizza. So, that could definitely be a factor, too!) These seedy diapers seem to make our baby a little more uncomfortable, so I’ve been cutting back on the cow dairy again and only eating goat cheese in very limited quantities. Cheese lost much of its appeal during my pregnancy, anyway, so it hasn’t been that difficult to avoid!

When I tried adding wheat back into my diet, our little guy started acting much more uncomfortable– arching his back, crying more often from what seems like gas pain, and showing signs of acid reflux again. We were basically reminded of how cranky and uncomfortable our baby used to be! So, wheat is back off the table for now, and we have a new appreciation for how mellow our baby is in comparison to his old self.

Not surprisingly, I’m thrilled to be enjoying a wide variety of foods again! Below, you’ll see what I’ve been eating this week.


green smoothie in a glass with a straw

I started my day off with a very green smoothie– loaded with kale, cucumber, lemon, green apple, frozen banana and ginger. This combo made about 30-ounces, so it took me a while to polish off the entire batch.

hand holding a piece of almond butter freezer fudge

When I felt like a snack later in the morning, I enjoyed a couple pieces of almond butter freezer fudge.


bowl of salad

Lunch was a large mixed green salad, topped with hard-boiled eggs, raw goat feta and Honey Dijon dressing. I forgot how much I love this dressing– it makes me want to eat salads for every meal of the day!

chocolate cupcakes with frosting on top

A little later, I snacked on the subject of my photo shoot– grain-free chocolate cupcakes with an amazing chocolate “buttercream!” Rest assured that I will be sharing this recipe in the future.


plate with salmon and steamed kale

Austin had to work late, so I made something I knew he wouldn’t miss– wild-caught Alaskan salmon! He’s not the biggest fan of fish, but I actually think he would have liked this maple-glazed version that I came up with last night. I’ll have to make it again for him another time to see what he thinks! I enjoyed my salmon with a half-pound of kale, sauteed in coconut oil and garlic.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Diana @sosmallsostrong



Must. Try. Chocolate. Cupcakes.


Thanks for sharing this info! I have a 6 month old baby girl who broke out in eczema randomly. I was trying some eliminating as well and wheat seems to be her issue too. Hope your little guy keeps feeling better!

Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen

The chocolate cupcakes look to die for!!


I’m so glad your little boy is much better, that you found the culprits & you can be on a more expanded diet! I hope he outgrows these restrictions, but either way, I wish you 3 the best!

Also, this day’s worth of meals sounds tasty -esp. that salad, dinner (I love kale & now I’m going to have to try maple glazed salmon!), & I too look forward to these buttercream cupcakes :0).


All looks delicious! Glad your baby is feeling better!

I’m very curious about the straw in your photo of the green smoothie. It doesn’t look like plastic… Is that a glass straw??

Jordan Lynn // Life Between Lattes

I’m really looking forward to this chocolate chip buttercream recipe. 🙂


I just love love love your recipes and I’ve been reading your posts about trying to help your little guy’s gassiness. I have two little boys and I feel for you momma! Your baby is so lucky to have a mother who cares so much and will go to such lengths to help him feel better. I want to give you a resource that might help you solve the gassiness/diapering issues. is a lactation resource based only in facts and science that I turn to a lot. I hope you will find this helpful:

Best to you both and thank you for bringing so many yummy foods to our kitchen.
– Kristine


I just love your blog, I can’t wait to try your recipes. As for the breast feeding, when ever I ate garlic my son would have issues. You should try it for a day and see what happens. I had to cut it out while breast feeding and was very sad but it helped.

All the best!


Glad your little guy is feeling better and your diet choices are widening! It’s a tough thing to cut out all those foods, but definitely worth it in the end. I just have to say your honey Dijon salad dressing is the go to dressing in our house. My hubby and I love it as wel as my 4 yo who requests it as a dip for his veggies. Not to mention the amazing immune boosting ingredients like raw acv, honey, garlic, ginger etc. So great on so many levels!


I’m doing a detox diet for January so I’m eating super healthy! Last night I tried Kasha (roasted buckwheat) for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. I made a batch of your cashew coleslaw dressing this morning and I can hardly wait for lunch – it is seriously lush.

Katy G

I am impressed that you have/had the commitment to eliminate all of these items from your diet and add them in so carefully that you really know what effect they had on your son. I had a very fussy little lady once…if only I would have known to eliminate items from my diet, we may have had a whole different child. I tended to think it was just her nature to be more fussy, but it very well could have been similar issues from a heavily laden diet of dairy and wheat. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes, especially the gluten free cupcakes and chocolate buttercream….YUM!


I can’t wait to get my hands on that cupcake recipe!!!



I’m so glad you posted on the seedy part! I’m breast feeding my second and after lots of food allergies with my first I immediately suspect something I eat so after he started spitting up I cut out dairy and it went away but his diapers were no longer seedy and I was beginning to worry about that even though he’s been doing great otherwise. Thanks again for sharing, now I don’t feel the need to cut anything else out!


You have to try out this gluten and dairy free caesar salad dressing that I found. Every time we have salad, my family is begging me to make it!


I’m sorry for your loss…. but Yay… more gluten and dairy free recipes coming up!


Thank you for explaining the seedy diapers–I’ve always wondered that but have never found an answer. The undigested milk proteins make so much sense! Thanks for all your amaaaaazing recipes! I have shared the link to your paleo chocolate chip cookies with friends more times than I can count! Every time I make them people beg for the recipe 🙂

Living Outside of the Box

Yay!! Glad you found some answers to your diaper questions 🙂 We finally our little guy on solids and we are getting more sleep, and he is happier throughout the day! Whew!!!


I have so many questions regarding the elimination diet. Is there a book to reference?

Thanks – Nicole


Um almost none of the things you ate are allowed… eggs, almonds, vinegar…

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