What I Ate Wednesday: Quick and Easy Meals

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There’s been a lot of recipe experimentation going on over here lately, so my meals have been a bit more sporadic than usual. I don’t want to tease you all with a bunch of recipes that I can’t share yet, so here’s a peek at some quick and easy meals that I rely on when my experiments don’t turn out as planned!

juice in two glasses with straws

It’s pretty difficult to mess up a juice, as long as you stick to ingredients you know you like. (Glass straws help if you don’t like the flavor, too!) Austin’s been joining me in this morning ritual, so we’re grateful that Costco carries so much organic produce– we go through it fast!  The juices above included a couple hearts of romaine, celery, kale, cucumber, carrots, lemon and green apple.

coffee milkshake in a glass with a straw

This shake is my new favorite drink on the planet– Kelly’s “Coffee Milkshake” recipe! It features chia seeds, Caramel Nut Dandelion tea, dates, and grass-fed gelatin (this cold version doesn’t clump in smoothies!). I use regular ice cubes instead of the coconut milk ones, and add more chia seeds for an extra-thick drink. It’s better than a frappuccino, and filling, too!

spinach and eggs with hollandaise sauceEggs are always a go-to in our house when we need a comforting and filling meal, fast. These are scrambled in grass-fed butter with spinach, and topped with an experimental creamy “hollandaise” sauce.

noodle bowl

This Quick Noodle Bowl makes a quick and easy gluten-free lunch, and is a fun change from typical salads.

curry in a bowl

I’ve been serving experimental recipes nearly every night for dinner, but when all else fails, I always have curry sauce, quinoa and frozen vegetables on hand for a dinner ready in less than 20 minutes!

We almost always have these vegan and Paleo-friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies stashed in our freezer, too, which are guaranteed to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Reader Feedback: What are your go-to quick and easy meals?

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Do you just put a scoop of the gelatin right in the smoothie and blend? How much? Thanks!!


    Kat, here’s the link the bold face “Coffee Milkshake”, below the photo, takes you to when you click on it: http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/2013/12/coffee-milkshakes.html – it says 2 tablespoons of only this: http://bitly.com/1b8gklL gelatin can be blended right in with the other ingredients, as other gelatins will clump. I hope that’s helpful & that you or Megan don’t mind me jumping in :0). I’m looking forward to trying that shake, too :0D.


    I actually switched around the ratios in the version I made, mostly because I didn’t feel like looking up the recipe when I was making it! I used 1 spoonful of gelatin (here’s the link: http://bitly.com/1b8gklL), 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, and only 1 tea bag of the dandelion tea. That particular gelatin blends seamlessly into any smooothie– you can’t taste it at all!


Good luck on your cookbook, Megan! It’s very exciting, & I know it will be great :0). Will the “hollandaise” sauce be in your cookbook, or will it shareable when you’ve got it all figured out? It’s so yellow I wondered if had the traditional egg yolks still in it with nutritional yeast added to it.-feel free to not respond to that if it’s a secret!! Also, this post is a reminder that I’ve got to make your Easy Coconut Curry that I bookmarked so long ago :0).


    Yes, the hollandaise will be in the cookbook. 🙂


Hi Megan-just curious if you know what animal the gelatin is derived from? I noticed the orange container comes from a porcine source, which I don’t want to eat. Do you know if this one is bovine? Thanks.


Thanks so much for posting about those glass straws! I like a lot of lemon in my smoothies and juices, and I use a straw to try and save what’s left of my tooth enamel 🙂 Had no idea there was someone out there making glass and even stainless steel reusable straws!

Also, just BIG thanks in general for sharing your recipes and keeping a blog. Your easy & tasty recipes are really helping me to change the way I eat. I LIKE SALADS NOW!!!


Hello- I always wondered how in the world do you make your juice come out in that color. Mine always comes out green. Could you tell me what ratio you are using for each ingredient?

Jen @ Existential Evolution

Oh I can’t wait to try the coffee milkshake. I love the taste of coffee but not the jitters and brain confusion it causes after 1/2 cup! Thanks!


Just found you and am SO EXCITED!!! Thank you for shining your light! With love and joy!


Your blog is my FAVORITE healthy, clean eating blog online! And what makes it even better is that you’re now a new mama, as I am, too! Our babies are only weeks apart in fact, and I’m so encouraged by the great insights you share on your adventures with motherhood now. Quick question regarding the dandelion caramel nut tea…did you drink it while pregnant and did you feel it was safe to do so? I’d love to buy some–yum!

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