What I Ate: Weekend Fun

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In these “What I Ate” posts I usually share a look at what I ate on a previous workday, but today I thought it might be fun to share a peek at the weekend for a change. Our weekends used to be drastically different than our work days, back when we could enjoy a leisurely brunch after sleeping in, but now that we have a toddler our schedule stays pretty similar– he rarely lets us sleep in!

father and son playing with toys

Really, the only thing that changes on the weekends is that we tend to dine out for at least one of our meals. During the week we almost never rely on takeout options, because it’s too expensive and rarely tastes any better than something we can make at home, but it’s fun to have a special treat on the weekend.

Here’s what I ate this past Saturday:

what I ate including two salads, a green smoothie, and almond butter fudge

Morning: I made a double-batch of smoothie for Austin and I to share for breakfast. This one included sunflower butter, chia seeds, spinach, raw cacao powder, collagen, vanilla, water and ice.

Early Afternoon: I made a quick salad using an entire romaine heart, chopped bell pepper, leftover Maple Glazed Salmon (from my cookbook) and Everyday Basil Vinaigrette (also in the cookbook).

Late Afternoon: We took our son out for some sunshine and “ice cream” from Pressed Juicery. Their soft serve is made entirely of fruit, nuts, and seeds, and it tastes ridiculously delicious. My new favorite combo is the Roots + Vanilla flavors together– it reminds me of a creamsicle! You can see my son in the background begging for a taste, and I love that I can share this treat with him without either of us suffering from a sugar crash later.

Evening: We met up with some friends for dinner out. I got an Italian chopped salad that looked a little small when I first got it, but it turned out to be really filling. It was loaded with chopped romaine, purple cabbage, cucumber, roasted red pepper, shredded cheese, pistachios, and raisins, all dressed in a champagne vinaigrette. It was totally delicious! My son even enjoyed sharing several bites with me– which keeps me accountable when I order my meals. I make a point to never order something I’m not willing to share with him, too! (You can see the extra snacks I brought for my son in the background, too– a container of fresh blueberries and dates, and a small container of homemade almond butter, which he eats with a spoon.)

Dessert: When I got home I still wanted a little something sweet, so I had a piece of almond butter freezer fudge. We always keep that option in the freezer– it’s so good!

Reader Feedback: What did YOU eat this weekend? 

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Thank you for sharing! I love the pictures of your son, esp the one with the ice cream 🙂 I wish we had a place like this in New England. I often make banana almond/other nut butter ice cream though to make up for it. I love these posts, but I always feel like I way over eat in comparison, but I guess it’s all relative to many factors, person by person. Plus looks can be deceiving. I had to track it for my doctor and averaged 1900 even though people didn’t think I ate enough . Anyways, thank you for sharing as it gives us good ideas on delicious things we can eat while eating clean 🙂

    Megan Gilmore

    That’s the only thing I hate about these posts– photos can never do portion sizes justice, and I also don’t include the little bites I’ll have here and there of my son’s food. I don’t track my calories on a daily basis, but I tend to hit about 2,000 calories on days when I’m active, and I probably eat a little less on the weekends, when I don’t workout. 😉


      That’s a good point , thanks for the response 🙂


Thank you for all your posts on healthy eating. I love your cookbook and my teenage daughter and I have been trying out numerous recipes. By following your diet plan, I feel more satisfied and no longer have cravings that I had before. Thank you for your What I Ate posts as well because they give me a visual sense of what a days worth of healthy eating looks like. Love the photo of your family – reading your blog is inspiring!

    Megan Gilmore

    I’m so glad to hear that! I hope you continue to enjoy the cookbook recipes!


I just wish food combining would become intuitive for me! I tried today and already mixed a protein (gelatin) with an avocado in a smoothie. Arg… Soon it will become easier. Your book is easy to follow, I just need a routine.


Thank you so, so much for sharing your daily meals/snacks/desserts! Please continue to do so!!! Its wonderful to just copy some of your ideas and have a “no brainer” day with food planning. I just discovered your site and want to try every single thing i see! PS Wondering if you do bread? If so, what kind falls into your allowance?…its the one issue I’m stuck on while transitioning to clean and nutrient-dense eating. ❤️gia

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Gia– glad you found me! I love sprouted Ezekiel bread when the craving strikes, which is available at most grocery stores these days. And since you’re new to the site, you might find my free meal plans helpful! You get 21-days of free meal plans when you sign up for my email newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bbM_Zj


Love your posts like this! Can you do a post on collagen? I would love to know more about it. Why is it good for you? Why do you use it, etc.? Thanks and keep up the awesome work 🙂


I have a 19 month old son so I love it when you give us a look at what your son is eating. Would love to know though, what do you do when he doesn’t like/want what you offer him? Dealing with this is what makes feeding my toddler stressful!

    Megan Gilmore

    I usually just offer him something else, but keep trying the foods he refuses at the next meal or the following week. He definitely goes through phases! He used to love scrambled eggs, and ate 2-3 a day at one point, then when he turned 14 months he refused them completely! We stopped feeding him those for a few months, but now he likes them again. However, they can’t be scrambled– he only likes fried eggs now! So, I definitely recommend trying to serve foods different ways and just keep adjusting as they change. When I think about it, I still go through phases like that as an adult where I’ll love a few certain foods for a while, then I won’t want to eat them again for few months. 😉


      I’ll be trying fried eggs next! Thanks!

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