What I Ate (While Moving!)

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If you’re wondering why things have been a little quiet here lately, it’s because we’re in the process of moving… and I’m exhausted! (Plus, half of my stuff is currently boxed up.)

toddler in a cardboard box

Luckily, I got to take a break from moving to visit my family this week. It’s not easy to always eat well while living in limbo, but I have to say, having a toddler to take care of really does help keep me on track. I may not feel like preparing a proper meal for myself, but I’m almost always willing to find something nutritious for him… so I’m relying on a lot of easy staples this week.

Below you’ll find a peek at what I ate yesterday. These are some of my go-to favorite recipes, because I know how quick they are to prepare and they’re always a hit with my family– even my (now) picky toddler!

smoothie in a glass cup, plate with cut up toast, green juice with energy bites, quinoa pasta salad, Chinese cabbage salad, and beef and broccoli

Breakfast: Chocolate Superfood Shake (from my recipe bonus pack). This is my family’s all-time favorite shake, so we have it several times each week, usually with a couple handfuls of fresh spinach added in.

Snack: My son is going through a growth spurt, so he’s eating all. day. long. His latest obsession is toast, with unsweetened sunflower butter spread on top. We introduced gluten to him for the first time on his second birthday, in the form of Ezekiel sprouted toast, and now it’s all he wants! He also LOVES feeding me and Austin his food, so I am inevitably fed several bites of toast throughout the day…

Early Afternoon: Clearly my own juicer isn’t handy right now, so we found a juice bar for an afternoon pick-me-up. My son and I shared a “Go Veggie” juice with spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, and lemon, along with some protein balls, which were made from a mix of various nut butters, flax and chia seeds, and honey.

Late Afternoon: I made a batch of Quinoa Pasta Salad the night I got here, so I had some leftovers topped with sheep feta. (Although, I highly recommend skipping the cheese and drizzling some hummus on top instead. I started doing that this week, and now I don’t like the cheese version as much.)

Dinner: I wanted to treat a few of my friends to a homemade dinner, so I whipped up a large dinner while also getting my son ready for bed. I made the Chinese Cabbage Salad and “Beef” and Broccoli, both of which are found in my cookbook.

Before I put my son down, I blended the salad dressing and tossed it with the veggies to let them all marinate in the fridge, and I also threw some rice in my new pressure cooker set to cook for 12 minutes. (I love how fast everything cooks in there!) While the rice was cooking, I was able to prepare the sauce for the “Beef” and Broccoli and get the veggies in the pot to steam, and I simply turned off the heat while I took my son upstairs for bedtime. When I came down, the rice was hot, the salad was marinated, and the veggies were steamed, so all I had to do was pour the sauce over the top and serve it. So easy, and so delicious!

Un-pictured from today was also a decaf coffee with a splash of heavy whipping cream, along with a few bites of the BEST wedding cake I’ve ever had in my life. (Not detox-friendly in the slightest, but worth it.)

Reader Feedback: What are your go-to meals when you’re pressed for time? I usually have my freezer stocked with a frozen pizza crust, and I can’t wait to have that on hand again!

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We love sourdough bread:-) with raw butter we grind our own flour and make our own bread…so good

My kids favourite:-)

Do you still brestfeeding?

    Megan Gilmore

    Yes, we are still breastfeeding, though I think it’s more for comfort at this point than for nourishment.

Samantha @ThePlantedVegan

Looks like a delicious day of food!


Thank you Megan for sharing your ‘moving eats’. I always find these posts helpful and I have to say I really appreciated the last paragraph in which you shared about coffee, whipping cream, and cake! Your posts are so realistic and practical.


My youngest and your son are about the same age. It’s kind of a relief for me to hear your little one has become a picky eater too. My almost-two yr old now refuses eggs, most vegetables that aren’t hidden in other food, and lots of healthy stuff he used to gobble up. Definitely keep letting us know what kid-approved meals you’ve found!


Hi Megan!
I love my instant pot, although I had to request a new base as the controls on the base it came with stopped working!

So you are okay with having some of the cow heavy whipping cream now? I’m interested in your intake on dairy, I thought you are trying to stay away from it…


I purchased an Instapot recently as well and I love it. I’ve made several things that have turned out very well. The most impressive thing was bone broth that took only a few hours. Will you be sharing any recipes for the pressure cooker?


Hi Megan
I bet you have less time for yourself now but do you think that you will do more posts about what your son eats?
Menu-type would be soooo much appreciated 😉
Thanks a lot


Hi Megan! Thank you for your “What I ate…” post! Keep em coming!!!! (Recipe for your protein balls?!) I’m already trying some of the ideas you shared!:) PS I have been recovering from the flu and started sipping raw organic cold pressed juices, much like the ones you post. Amazing- I can literally feel the nutrients being absorbed by my body…And once you’re in touch with that, it’s nearly impossible to turn to certain foods that are simply deficient.

Gluten Free Babe

Megan, I am interested to hear how you introduced your child to gluten for the first time at age 2. I was wondering about this and if babies/children should be given gluten so that they get used to it and can handle it sometimes as adults, or should it be avoided.
Do you have a post on this – or can you let me know your thoughts?
Thank you!


    I’d love to know this too (hint hint).

      Megan Gilmore

      I just gave him a slice of the sprouted wheat bread that we keep in our freezer. I felt that it was good to avoid grains until two, but I also wanted to introduce gluten so that I would know if he was intolerant or not.

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