When Life Hands You Bad Tomatoes

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While shopping last night, I got my heart set on making a homemade tomato soup for dinner.

I only had one problem.

chopped pale tomatoes

I think it’s the end of tomato season! I picked up a box of Roma tomatoes, which looked fine on the outside, but when I cut them into quarters, I quickly realized that they were not the ripe, juicy tomatoes I’ve grown accustomed to! Dang it!!! Well, you know what they say…

When life hands you bad tomatoes– ROAST ‘EM!!!!

…okay, maybe I’m the only one who says that. But you really should roast them.

roasted tomatoes

Then make this soup. Seriously.

I’ve been eying Heidi Swanson’s Roasted Tomato Soup recipe for the past few days now, just biding my time until I had all the ingredients on hand. Well, last night was finally the night! I excitedly prepared all the veggies:

peppers, oil, and onions Then arranged them on baking sheets lined with foil. (be sure to line your baking sheets– you’ll thank me later!)

tomatoes, peppers, and onions ready to roast on trays…and let them roast away! They’re done when the onions are caramelized, the garlic is soft and golden, and the tomatoes are collapsing on themselves.

Oh, and your kitchen will smell wonderful.

Making this soup couldn’t be easier– once your veggies are roasted, all you have to do is blend them together with some veggie stock! I used my Vita-Mix, then simply re-heated it on the stove so I could serve it piping hot.

spoonful of soup Yes, the color of my soup is a little off. I realized, only after blending this soup together, that I used one too many onions. Whoops!

Follow Heidi’s recipe, and I’m sure your soup will be a more “tomato-colored.” Despite the extra onion in my soup, it still tasted fabulous! This is by far the best tomato soup I’ve ever made myself– and it’s completely detox-friendly! (as far as food combing goes, it’s neutral– so you can enjoy it with a flesh OR starch meal!) Win-win.

Oh, and if you lined your roasting pans with foil– like I suggested– you should be thanking me right about now:

balled up tinfoil on clean pan When you have NO pans to clean!

Reader Feedback: What fall recipes are you excited to make? Now that I’ve satisfied my taste buds, I’m looking for something new to try! Feel free to share recipe links in the comment section!

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Pure2Raw Twins

Soup looks great. I like making butternut squash or pumpkin soups, and lentil. My BF loves tomato soup so this would be perfect for him ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~ Lori

Holly @ couchpotatoathlete

That soup looks great — I was actually planning on making some tomato soup this week. And yes, roasted tomatoes are so delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

I love your updated header with the fall leaves — so cute!


Are you pregnant? Oh goodness please be pregnant. Then I can live motherhood through you ๐Ÿ˜‰
Everything looks super delicious! I love tomato soup but have never made it at home, I really should give this a shot!


Hey girl –

just wanted to say your blog has quickly become a the daily read I most look forward to. LOVE it, keep on.

Can’t wait to see you saturday!

grocery goddess jen

You ARE a tease! Desserts look delicious as always, and I love the idea of caramelized onions on salad.

Jaelyn the Healthy Cooking Girl

Unbelievable, that’s precisely what I was looking for! This post just saved me alot of looking around

I’ll make certain to put this in good use!


I love Potato and Leek soup. I have never made tomato soup before, I like the idea of no cleaning.


Made this last night! so delicious, hearty and even my picky parents ate it up. I used one large red one, one medium size yellow onion (just because that was what I had) and four large tomatoes. I think the ratio of the veggies was perfect! I did add a little extra spice though =)

P.S. I also made the grain free focaccia to eat with it. Dipping it in the soup was heavenly!


Hi Megan,
I would just like to ask you a question in relation to food combining and your roasted tomato soup on your website from Heidi Swansonโ€™s Roasted Tomato Soup recipe. You mention that the soup falls into the neutral category so it can be enjoyed with flesh or starch. I read that tomatoes cause problems with the digestion of starch in a couple of different sites. Have you come across this and if so whats your opinion on this please?

I just have to say aswell that I love your website, all the recipes are fantastic. I tried the Roasted tomato soup for lunch today and it was so tasty. Thanks so much for setting up this website.


Can you use parchment paper instead of foil? Don’t like cooking with aluminum.


    Absolutely! This is a really OLD recipe– I don’t use foil anymore, either.


Terrific! Didn’t know if the paper would get soggy & tear from the tomatoes. Well, there’s only one way to find out! The recipe looks so darn good.

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