WIAW: My One-Year-Old’s Meals

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Instead of posting my meals today, I thought it might be fun to share a look at what our son has been eating now that he’s a big one-year-old! We’re still gradually easing into solids, as our little guy still nurses on demand, but I have a feeling he’ll be eating full meals in no time– he’s starting to love food as much as I do!

Our schedule can change day by day, but our feeding schedule currently looks something like this:

7am: Wake up & nurse
8am: Breakfast
9:30am: Nurse & nap
11:30: Lunch
1:30: Nurse & nap
3:30: Snack
5:30: Dinner
7:00: Nurse & bedtime

(There are also a couple of nursing sessions in the middle of the night, to help comfort him with teething– he’s got a molar breaking through right now!)


baby drinking green juice

Since my workday starts so early, my husband is on baby duty until it’s time for him to leave for work himself. Some mornings he’ll take our little guy on a morning juice run to give me some much-appreciated quiet time, and as an added bonus, they bring me home a fresh green juice! Lately, my favorite has been a mix of cucumber, kale, celery, apple, and wheat grass, and to my surprise, our son LOVES it! He asks for sip after sip of my juice, and I’m happy to share with him.

apple, pear, avocado, and spinach puree in a bowl and scrambled eggs on a plate

When I sit him down in the highchair for breakfast, I’ll usually start with some sort of puree. This particular puree was a mix of apple, pear, avocado, and spinach. I have a feeling the puree phase won’t last much longer, since he doesn’t want to be spoon fed anymore! I might try spooning the purees into reusable pouches next, so that he can be in control and still get an easy and filling source of fresh produce.

After he’s done with being spoon fed, I’ll offer some finger foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, or eggs. On this particular morning I scrambled an egg in coconut oil, and offered him small pieces of that along with a few pieces of sweet potato and broccoli leftover from our Pumpkin Curry the other night.


mixed vegetables in a small glass jar

For lunch, he started off with a few pieces of banana (from one that I was eating myself), then he had the rest of his scrambled egg from the morning and some more curried vegetables. Half of what he’s offered still ends up on the floor, but he is good at trying everything!


a pear cut into small slices

I like to offer a snack as soon as he wakes up from a nap, so today it was small pieces of a very ripe pear. Our son is still learning to chew, so I prefer to give him mostly mush-abe foods at this point, or foods that I can easily squish between my fingers before offering them to him.


veggie muffin in a muffin tin

I always start dinner off by offering more puree, but he’ll usually only take a few bites before wanting to move onto finger foods. I’ve discovered that our son will eat ANYTHING if it’s in muffin-form, so this is my solution to that– I stuff as many vegetables as I can into a muffin tin. (These muffins are actually based on a recipe in my upcoming cookbook, and they’re perfect for kids!) He ate one whole muffin, broken into bite-sized pieces for the rest of his dinner.

That’s it! Other than what’s pictured, we also offer plenty of water throughout the day, but no other milks or juices other than breast milk. I hope you enjoyed a peek at how our smallest family member feasts!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU (or your kids!) eating this week?

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What a healthy little guy, you’re such a good mom! I wish I had been as savvy with my first. My girls both enjoy green smoothies, cubed roasted potatoes, and quinoa/vegetable stir-fries. The earlier starting them off healthy, the better! ๐Ÿ™‚


Wow! It’s so cool to see a baby eat so healthy!! I’m wondering–if babies eat healthy growing, will they like veggies & other healthy things more as teens or adults? Lots of times I see toddlers and teens as picky eaters. Is that because they didn’t start out eating healthy as a baby?

YAY for healthy babies~


    Hi, Anna!
    The answer to your question is YES!
    My son (who turned 21 over the summer!) did not even know what sugar or cookies/cake were until he got to school. He was fed much the same way as Megan’s son, and to this day will go for a fruit if he wants something sweet. He eats pretty healthy even though he is not living at home. That makes momma proud ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best, Faigy


I hope every single thing you are feeding him is organic. Especially the juice. I believe if juice is not organic, you are simply feeding him super concentrated doses of chemicals.


    Buying organic and pasture-raised foods is a high priority in our home, and has been since before we had a baby, and I feel very fortunate that we are able to afford to do so.

    However, I would still encourage parents to choose fresh produce and whole foods, whether they can afford the organic versions or not, over the alternative options like processed crackers and cereals. There’s enough guilt that comes with parenting as it is that I wouldn’t want to make any other parents feel bad about the choices they make, since most people are doing the best they can for their kids.


      Agreed! And good for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the blog.


      Perfect blog, perfect family, PERFECT response about organic foods and not shaming other mommies! We all need to stick together!


I have heard many times that babies are not supposed to have more than 4 ounces of water a dayโ€ฆ…


    That sounds right for a young baby who isn’t eating solids yet.

Katie Surjan

GREAT job Mama!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the amazing work. I love love love reading stories like this, what an incredible future you are providing for your son while gifting him the precious gift of health!


Thanks for sharing! This makes me feel less ‘crazy’ – I have a 9 month old who primarily eats fruits and veggies (some eggs, tofu). He’s never had grains or processed foods and I get so many negative comments about how I need to feed him ice cream at some point, or cheerios, or crackers. I just want him to have the very best start possible! It’s encouraging that I’m not the only one doing this…thanks for the helpful ideas! The muffins are genius!


This post is timely for me as my 9-month old is just now exploring foods other than purees. Thank you!
Are you willing to share the recipe for the muffins?


    I don’t think my publisher will let me share that recipe yet, but I’ll let you know if I can later!


      Could you post the muffin recipe?
      I’m not finding it in the cookbook.


Just like the comment above – this is perfect timing for us too! My 9 month old is just starting to explore foods other than purees, and seems to enjoy much more the foods we are eating than her own… I love how you start with a puree and then move onto the finger foods! I’m always worried that if I just do finger foods, it won’t give her enough nutrition since the majority of it ends up on the floor.


I love that you are able to feed your son such healthy food. I started out making my daughter organic baby food, but she always preferred to the bottled kind. so much for my good intentions. she is now four and I am going to have to try your muffin method! That is brilliant. A great and easy lunchbox stuffer too. I have been reading your blog and making your recipes for years now. I can’t wait for your book!!!! Thanks for sharing all your great healthy food ideas.


Great post. Im still nursing my 17mo all night long. But, she is our last, so trying to embrace it.


I was so excited to see what your feeding your little one. I have a 13 month old and I know he is getting tired of his vegetables. I try to give them flavoring with different spices but am running out of ideas (have not yet tried curry, but will now). We’ve done infant led weaning with him since he began eating and he is a great eater but I need some fresh ideas. I would love to see what else your feeding the little guy, please share more. Also, when is the cookbook coming out? Can’t wait to buy it!


Awesome ideas! Sounds like a great way to feed a baby.


Just thought I’d tell you that I think your methods for your babe are brilliant! I wish I had had your knowledge when I was raising my 3 who are now in their 50s.


Thanks for sharing everyone. I try really hard to feed my children well and we buy organic as much as is possible and available. I have five children now! One is 7 months old and I was hoping to delay solids until 12 months, but now she is really enjoying her occasional taste-testing of yummy fruits and veggies. I have grown to really despise the atypical pureed baby foods to be truthful. She now has 4 teeth and from what I have learned from midwives and naturopath doctors is that several things should be present before offering solids because it helps with the digestion of such foods: baby sits up on their own and has teeth because the attempt to chew food produces the enzymes in the body to help assist with digesting such foods. Every since my 2nd child (who had 4 teeth at the time) simply rejected baby food and starting taking food off the table at 4 months I have tried offering soft, chewable foods as the first alternative rather than the suggested baby cereals and purees. Of course some pureed foods are great like squash, sweet potatoes and apple sauce and I use them for taste testing, but quickly transition to food with texture that allow them to explore and try to chew foods. To all your breastfeeding mamas: revel in all your great moments because they only last for a short time and then they are on to another great stage in their life and development. I’m loving every moment with my new little Violet. She is a joy to be with every day!


Hi Megan,

Did you take wheatgrass during your pregnancy?
How often do you take some since you breastfeed?

Thank you!


    I did enjoy wheatgrass during my pregnancy, but not very often– probably once a week or so, and only when I was craving it. (So, not at all during my first trimester!) I still only have it once or twice a week now that I’m breastfeeding.

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What a great idea to bake the vegetables into a muffin form – my granddaughter would love that. I am going to try it when she stays next weekend.


What is in the muffin dinner? I’d love the recipe… My son feels the same about muffins…


Hi Megan! When is your cookbook being released? I have an 11 month old I am still nursing and am experimenting with finger foods, so I’d LOVE to have this recipe! We love, love, love your blog and can’t wait for your cookbook. Also, thank you for sharing your mama experiences with us!


Thanks this schedule is exactly the kind of info I want! Our baby is due any day and I’m always asking friends what their eating schedule is like while breastfeeding. I’m also taking mental notes about what their schedule is like now that they’re introducing foods to baby so I can have an idea of how our schedule will change once he’s ready for more than just breast milk.


Thank you for sharing this. Our little man is 17months old and has been almost 100% Primal as well. I felt like you are a kindred spirit as I could relate with a lot of what you posted – our son also enjoys fresh green juice/smoothies every morning with liver or other offal. The organ meat has almost healed his persistent eczema. Keep up the great work!


When will your book be coming out? I can’t wait to buy it! I’m also super excited to try this muffin recipe… I think my 10 month old would LOVE it! I just made your banana snack muffins for her tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚

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