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green smoothie in a blenderI don’t know why I haven’t tried this before, but I’ve been throwing my usual “green lemonade” ingredients into my smoothies this week, rather than juicing them. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the texture, but after blending together an assortment of kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon, apple and banana, I was pleasantly surprised! In fact, it wasn’t that far off from my usual green juices– just with a little extra texture from the fiber.

This makes a HUGE batch, too. I’ve been sipping on over 42 ounces of smoothie throughout the morning.


salad and a bowl of honey balsamic dressingLunch on this particular day was a leafy green salad, topped with ripe avocado slices, raw red pepper and honey balsamic dressing.

Followed by a large bowl of sweet potato ginger pudding!


salad in a bowl and a bowl of mexican chicken soup

Large leafy green salad topped with raw goat feta, cherry tomatoes and honey balsamic dressing.

Followed by two bowls of homemade Mexican Chicken Soup! This was an experiment gone very well– it’s like Chicken Tortilla soup, without the tortillas! Austin’s already requested that I make it again.

vanilla slushie in a glassAnd I can’t get enough of these “vanilla slushies” for dessert. Simply almond milk, vanilla, maple syrup and ice blended together! So good.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Rande McDaniel @ The Fruitarian Foodie

Great idea with the smoothie, I’ll have to try that!


For your salads do you buy prepackaged salads? What kind of greens do you use in your salads. BTW…I so heart your blog. Always look forward to seeing a new post! When are you going to do another coaching session? Thanks so much!!!


    I do rely on boxed salad mix far too often, but I do try to mix them up with other greens for variety. For example, I’ll mix my organic “Spring Mix” greens with fresh arugula or dandelion greens in any given salad, for a different taste and texture.

carly morgan

We are super similar. LOVE IT. awesome that you take pictures and record everything. good idea..might have to do the same for my blog 🙂 xxxxxx !!!


Yum! This looks so good, all of it! The light fruitiness of the green lemonade, the warmth of the ginger pudding, the light refreshing vanilla slushy….nice mix of flavors and ingredients.

The Delicate Place (@misathemeb)

i cannot get enough veggie and chicken pho! must because old man winter is having his last gasp right now. brrrr snow! 🙁 the spice and savory broth is definitely keeping me warm! before i got a juicer, i would make juice in my vita and strain it through a nut mylk bag! the only downside is that the pulp is too fine to do anything with then.

Tasha L.

I always look forward to “What I Ate Wednesday”. So inspiring, and I love the pictures. Thanks! Are you going to post a recipe for the soup? Looks yummy


    Yes, I’ll probably post that recipe next week!

Jen @ Existential Evolution

Hi! Great eats as usual! How do you keep your Vitamix blender so clean? Mine always has a layer of grime we just can’t seem to get rid of! In fact, our Vitamix just recently “broke” and they sent us a container replacement and I was appalled how nasty our old one looked. Maybe the Thieves would work well? Thanks!


    My mom would probably be appalled at how well I don’t clean my Vitamix pitcher– I usually just run it under very hot water immediately after use, then allow it to dry upside down on my cooling rack on the counter! It does go through my dishwasher about once a week, for a better cleaning, and after that, it looks pretty great!

    Mandi pandi

    I saw a vita mix presentation recently and they filled the container halfway and added soap. Since it’s only filled halfway it’s pulses and acts just like a dishwasher! I always do it right after I use it, and it works great.


what time did you eat these three meals? west coast time right?


    Yes, these aren’t actually the meals I ate today, though. I just feature a food journal each Wednesday.

Kim T.

Oooo that vanilla slushy looks good!! How much vanilla and maple syrup goes into that?


Yum to the slushy! I just tried one now and used almond milk, ice, a dollop of greek yogurt, small small piece banana, some stevia, pinch xantham gum. It was just like ice cream! Now that I list out the ingredients it seems like a lot but it was so easy! And very low in calories, but very high in flavor! 😀


Question for you Megan – is there any benefit to drinking juice over smoothies? I make a green smoothie each morning, just wondering if there is really any need for me to get a juicer? Is juice more beneficial health wise? Would love your feedback 🙂


Do you know of any cheaper blenders that could do what the vitamix does? I’d love a vitamix but can’t afford it at the moment, and would love to know if anyone has had a good experience with a cheaper substitute for green smoothies. Thanks!


    My $100 Kitchenaid mixer I bought at Target blends, chops, and purees as well as my sister’s Vitamix. She has both and says to save my money on a Vitamix.
    I make this same green smoothies every morning and have used the Kitchenaid for 3 years, along with afternoon smoothies, occasionally.
    Target has sales quarterly when they mark the Kitchnaids down by $20.

Lauren @ Fun, Fit and Fabulous!

I have a green smoothie every morning and love how they make me feel. I’ll have to try your recipe for sure!


I, too, love to make green smoothies. How does the breaking down of the cell walls affect the influence of not consuming certain greens raw for low thyroid function? Does it make it okay, somehow different than if you were to consume the greens raw. Or, does it still pose a problem?

How does all of this relate to juices?



Most days of the week I eat a version of this smoothie (shared with my husband): three large handfuls of kale, two large handfuls of spinach, about two cups of frozen fruit, 2 scoops protein powder (sweetened with stevia) and water. It’s a pretty green color and absolutely delicious. Good way to get more greens into my diet than I would ever be able to get otherwise.


Megan, I discovered your blog two weeks and have been visiting almost everyday. I love the healthy way you prepare all of your meals and I love how you look for ways to indulge your sweet tooth. We are addicted to several of your recipes. PLEASE keep the good times rollin!!!

Sherie B

I’m surprised that you put your Vitamix in the dishwasher. I was told to never do that. I’m assuming you have not had any problems as a result. I agree on the cloudy, dirty looking container but I do the same thing you do…rinse it well with hot water and let it drain. I give it a little soapy wipe down once in awhile! Love your blogs and website! I use so many of your recipes and ideas.


    I used to be much more cautious with the Vitamix pitcher, but the dishwasher does such a better job than processing soap through the blender. I’ve been using this method for over 3 years, and my pitcher is working just like new still!


      I’ve been wondering about this as a new Vitamix owner! No matter how hard I try I can never get the pitcher very clean by hand washing, especially when blending fats and protiens. I feel better about throwing it in the dishwasher tonight, thanks!


This looks like an esp. delicious grouping of recipes! It’s neat to see that the pudding can be made with various sweet potatoes or yams! I enjoy changing recipes up & am looking forward to trying it with many different options :0). Which is your favorite that you’ve tried, so far?! Also, this post brings a few questions to mind. I can’t afford a high powered blender, but I’d love to make a similar smoothie to your green lemonade one. Do you have advice on how to make that work with a regular blender? Whenever I put kale in my smoothies, I end up chewing it more than drinking it :0). Would soaking greens or massaging them with avocado or something else help? I’d like to avoid straining & therefore losing fiber & nutrition, if possible. Last of all, I was wondering if you’ll post a recipe for that scrumptious soup!? Thank you so much for your blog and your enthusiasm for delicious nutrition and the community of health nuts! I’ve enjoyed all of your posts since I discovered it in Oct!


    I definitely prefer the pudding made with the purple-fleshed sweet potatoes, but they are sometimes difficult to find in traditional stores– I usually can only find them when I shop at our local Asian market. With a regular blender, I’d probably skip adding kale to green smoothies, since it’s nearly impossible to break down without a Vitamix. Softer greens, like romaine and spinach would work, though! Just make sure you blend them with the water FIRST, before adding any other fruits or veggies to the mix.

    I will be posting the soup recipe sometime next week. 🙂


      I’m going to try those purple sweet potatoes; thanks for the reminder to look in Asian markets! I find most naturally purple produce tastes really good to me; maybe it’s my bodies way of telling me to eat more anthocyanins :0). For ex., I prefer purple dragon fruit over white. Thanks for the tip on the smoothies & for posting the soup recipe! I’m esp. glad you included the chicken & vegetarian options. I’m an omnivore, but I enjoy eating like a vegetarian much of the time :0). I hope you are doing well & have tackled that cold!


Your smoothie recipe is SO similar to my post workout one! In my Vitamix I throw kale,spinach,1/2 green apple, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen mango chunks, 1/2 lemon juiced, chia seeds, a touch of stevia, Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder,ice and water….Blend for 60 seconds. The whole thing is around 30 grams of protein and really does the trick for muscle recovery and my post-workout reactive hypoglycemia…I’m sort of obsessed with my new Vitamix also, so I thought I’d share 🙂 Love your blog, so glad I found it. Be well! xx


Youre meals look fantastic!!!! Do you exercise portion control or can you drink the 42 oz smoothie plus the salad made with honey or the large salad with feta and maple syrup??? If I can eat these things and not gain, Im in..Whats your advice Chica???


    Obviously, I can only share what has worked for me, but yes, when the majority of what I eat is vegetables, then I can definitely indulge in large portions, honey and feta without an issue!


Is your healthy eating okay for diabetics? Do you eat fish and grass fed beef in your menus?


    Yes, I do eat fish and grass fed meats. Keep in mind that I am sharing what I eat, but I am not recommending these food journals as recommended meal plans for anyone else. I think a healthy diet that’s loaded with fresh produce and quality protein is definitely healthy for diabetics, but there are various plans for approaching diabetes, so it’s best to consult an expert to find the approach that works best for you and your specific situation. Best of luck to you!

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