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  1. Norelle says

    Hello, just wanted to say I love your blog. I am currently under a C.N.C who also went to IIN and so I will be starting with IIN. I can not wait. I saw on one of your reciepes that you suggested to use a silpat. I was wondering about those. Are they safe and non toxic. I read that they are deemed safe by the FDA but these days that doesn’t me much any more. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • says

      I’ve had the same concerns– and have been trying to look into safer options, since I don’t think silicone is ideal. So far, this brand of unbleached parchment paper seems like a safe bet, and is just as effective, if not better than the Silpat: I’d still love to find a reusable option, since using paper seems so wasteful, so I’ll let you know if I find anything better in the future!

      • Debbie says

        I too have avoided the silicone cook ware. I’m old enough to remember teflon :-) I have used this brand of parchment paper for years and it works well. Parchment may not be as wasteful as we think. A blog somewhere along the line pointed out the fact that (depending on what you’re cooking) parchment can be reused. I will reuse mine several times before it goes to the trash bin, but it is compostable as well if you have community composting.

        And Megan, thank you for this wonderful blog.

        • lynn says

          I recently found out that parchment paper is silicone coated paper. So I’ve been concerned about stability and chemical leaching because of the slow realization (or admitting it) that years of plastic and teflon use was unhealthy. My instinct tells me that I should not use anything that must be processed but it is just so dang convenient… ugh.
          This world is so motivated by profit I worry that we will find out that a big bucks corporation is squelching any health related reports so we need to be diligent in seeking info and sharing if any of us do hear of even potential concerns. We are on our own now as far as the FDA is concerned :(

    • says

      I am a consultant for Demarle at Home ( the company that created the Silpat). I can assure you that Silpats and the other Demarle silicone products are safe. They are FDA approved, Kosher Certified, and NSF approved. Their products are professional food grade flexible silicone with glass woven through it. The way you can tell if silicone is food grade or not is if you twist it or bend it and it turns white, it is NOT food grade and contains toxins and chemicals that leech into your food. Silpats and all of Demarle products do not turn white nor any other color. They take great pride in their products and if it doesn’t meet their expectations, they do not sell them. The Silpat has over 30 years of gauranteed health and safety standards and none of their products have ever been recalled or caused health or safety problems.

      Does that help? If you have any other questions or concerns, you can contact me at

  2. Laurie says

    I stumbled across your website…enjoyed all the tips and recipes. I have recently changed my diet and was looking for some helpful tips. Thank you so much. :)

  3. Jess says

    What are your thoughts on non/low-fat, unsweetened soy milk for recipes? It’s healthy right? I tend to use that kind of soy milk to make shakes and was surprised by the lack of soy milk used in your recipes.

  4. says

    Just wondering if you have had enough time to finish composing your thoughts on the Specific carbohydrate diet yet. We were researching it before we found your site. Would love to know what your take is on it.

  5. says

    Awesome. Thanks for the input. And thanks for being such an inspiration. My daughter has been on a special diet since birth (she’s 5) and we were just over the bland plain food we had been eating by trying to stay natural. We had gotten as creative as we could with her limitations or so we thought. We were just at our wits end when someone introduced us to your site. Such a God-send! Can’t thank you enough.

  6. Kym says

    I just want to tell you how much I love your site. I was wondering if you had children and if you feed them the foods you feature on your blog. I have a very fussy 12 year old that refuses to try new stuff. Would love to see some kid-friendly recipes.

    • says

      Hi Kym! We don’t have any kids yet, but I do have a few nieces and nephews that I feed often. I’ll try to share some kid-friendly recipes in the near future!

  7. says

    Have you ever tried making a healthier lemon bar? I tried to just substitute out the reg flour for almond flour and sugar for stevia and it tasted okay but the texture was weird. Suggestions?

  8. Sarah says

    Hey I love your blog and all the recipes! However I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I am currently on a very strict diet due to a very bad flare up I’m having from Crohn’s disease. I feel like i can’t eat anything without getting sick. So I was wondering if you could maybe post a shake recipe that would be light on my stomach but have a lot of protein. Thank you so much!

    • Megan says

      I eat it cold or at room temperature, but I’m sure it would be tasty if it was gently warmed in a dehydrator or blender, too.

  9. Debbie says

    Megan, I am part of the April/May group coaching. Everything was working fine until I logged out. Now when I log back in it does NOT take me to the group pages where our conversations are posted. PLEASE HELP!!
    Debbie S.

    • Megan says

      Debbie, do you still have your original email with the log-in information? All you have to do is click on that URL to the forum to get back to the conversations. I recommend saving that link as a bookmark, for easy access. I’ll email the link to you privately, in case you don’t still have it saved.

  10. Lauren says

    I hope you do not mind that I put a link to your page on my blog. Your site is amazing & I love all of your recipes! I have struggled my whole life with weight & food & I am so thankful to have found your page. Everyone should see it!

  11. Rebecca says

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog after searching for a raw chocolate cheesecake recipe for my husband’s birthday tomorrow. So while that chills in the freezer I’ve been looking around your recipes and just wanted to tell you that I THINK I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! I’m pretty sure the next thing on my to-do list is MAKE ALL THE RECIPES from here! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  12. Emily says

    Hi! I’m 14 and I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration your blog is to me! I am so excited to start using all your recipes and incorperating healthy, nutritious foods into my everyday lifestyle. Thanks, keep posting!! 😀

  13. Linda Lett says

    I would like to be put on your email list or whatever so I can be kept informed about updates and new information. Love your site.

  14. Karen says

    Hi Megan,

    I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago trying to find healthy and tasty smoothie ideas for breakfast. I find that I can get wrapped up with looking at all of your different pages and before I know it a few hours have passed by. Also, my son who is 3 years old, loves your smoothies (even with the spinach in it).

    Congratulations on your expanding family! There is nothing like being a mother. I would be interested in joining your group coaching session and just missed the recent one. Do you think you will be conducting another session after this group? If you would be, when would be the next session held?

    • Megan says

      Thanks, Karen! Depending on demand, I might hold one more coaching session this summer, before I have to start worrying about going into labor! I’ll be sure to post details in the near future!

  15. says

    Hello! I just stumbled upon this website today and I absolutely love it already! I have been forwarding it to all of my family and friends. I am a Zumba instructor and I am trying to get more healthy and in shape. This is a great resource! Thank you so much!

  16. Leanna says


    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website! I love ALL your recipes– I thought you should know how much I appreciate that they are all sugar-free (and not artificial sweeteners), vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc, and utilizing only high quality natural ingredients. I cook just like this every day and have created many of my own recipes like yours for years- I had no idea anyone else out there was publishing them on websites! So proud of you for making this a reality for those of us who strive to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor! Best wishes and keep up the good work! :)

  17. SF says

    Hi Megan!
    I love the “what I ate Wednesday” posts. What are your approximate meal times? Also, you said you are doing Physique 57. Are you still doing that during pregnancy and if so, how many times a week?
    Thank you!

    • Megan says

      I don’t time my meals, so I couldn’t tell you that. But I am still doing the Physique 57 workouts as often as I am feeling up to it, probably 2-3 times a week.

    • Megan says

      It depends on the recipe. You can usually sub at least 1/2 the oil with applesauce in baked goods, unless it’s a raw recipe where the coconut oil is necessary for structure.

  18. Worldp3ac3 says

    Dear Megan,
    I love your blog and your personality is beautiful. You make healthy eating so easy….I love healthy food, but I’m a compulsive binge eater too. Have you ever struggled with emotional eating or has it not been a problem for you? Any tips would be great. Thanks.

  19. Michelle Kunselman says

    I am having my 3rd little one in a week or so and after I have my babies I am constantly in snack mode for the first few weeks because of nursing. I’d love to see so posts specifically geared toward nursing Moms and good snacks to make before babies arrival that could be frozen and ready for when baby comes.

  20. Kim says

    I am writing in regards to all the coconut oil you use in your recipes. Before I wrote I did research the new studies and findings on this particular oil. For many years this has been considered a bad oil for your cholesterol. You may want to let people know about health benefits and new findings of this natural resource. I almost dismissed your site and recipes due to the old studies. I’m glad I didn’t. I love healthy living and good food. I just don’t want others who stumble across your site to not come back because of this. Your site is wonderful!! Many people have cholesterol issues that seek sites like yours. Dr. Oz has a wonderful write up on it that I know many will read due to his celebrity.Studies still show that even though it raises the HDL levels it still raises the LDL levels, which is not what a person wants if they are already battling cholesterol. I’m glad to see you show some substitutions.

  21. says


  22. Antonio Spellman says

    I know a lot of grain free baking is coconut flour based. Coconut is an allergen for me. I like using almond flour but is there a substitute for coconut flour in a recipe that calls for it? I am also vegan.

  23. Jade says

    I didn’t know if you had this recipe already its a dressing. I have candida so I cant have sugar, wheat, alcohol, any processed food, vinegar (except apple cider vinegar), dairy, anything that might or could be bad for you I cant have. I wanted to give you this dressing I absolutely love: Cilantro/Basil, lime, garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and jalapeno. Put all ingredients into food processor and voila! I absolutely love your site! Thank you for sharing all your healthy food recipes!

  24. Teresa says

    Hello Megan – I stumbled upon your website and I LOVE all your recipes and am excited to try a bunch of them. I love that you have so much info and resources posted. I’m definitely going to follow your site!!!

    Thanks! ~Teresa

  25. E.J. says

    Hi Megan – I was wondering if you noticed a significant difference between your own homemade almond flour versus the Honeyville brand in terms of texture/baked results? I know you mentioned a difference between almond flour made in Vitamix versus the food processor, but not necessarily how it compares to the Honeyville brand. I know Honeyville comes so highly recommended, but $34.99 for a 5 pound bag is a bit steep.

  26. Arthur E Ray says

    Are you still balancing your PH? And are you testing your PH? Your site got me on to balancing my PH and the pounds are dropping off. Just wondered if you were still paying attention to your PH.

    • Megan says

      I’ve been pregnant this whole year, so I’m not testing my own PH during this time, but I’m glad to hear it’s working so well for you!

  27. Danie says

    Hi Megan! Just want to let you know I made the Cauliflower Pizza Crust tonight and it was a hit!

    The thing I am loving most is my belly is not bloated like with regular pizza crust! Yeah!

    Thanks for sharing, I’m loving your blog!

  28. Wendy says

    Really could use some advice. Two of my girls recently had food intolerance bloodwork through ALCAT, this also testing for candida albicons and gluten intolerance. They were both gluten intolerant, one came back with a severe reaction to candida and the other mild. Their food intolerance list includes 50+ foods each. My family is already on a mainly raw diet, and have not consumed processed foods for some years. I know that to starve candida you cut out sugars which we only consume in states such as fruits, honey, maple syrup and dates. Putting them on a vegetable diet is quite difficult as they tested intolerant to many everyday veggies. Also many of the GF options do not apply do to the substitute of rice or potato starch. HELP us!! Any advice?

  29. Leah says

    I just want to say this is the most wonderful and generous site I have seen in a long time- perhaps ever. You are doing great work. Bless your huge heart.

  30. zahraa says

    Hi Megan!

    my mom absolutely loves your website! all her latest recipes are from you so id just like to say thanks for that! keep up the awesome work :)

    so i was wondering if maybe you could make a recipe for some girl scout cookies? my faves are the peanut butter patties and the lemonades. do you think you could come up with an easy, healthy version for both?


  31. Effie says

    OMG! You have become by biggest inspiration in the kitchen. Since I found this website I have totally looked at eating healthy in a whole new light and have learned so much. You have really proved that healthy eating is easier than we think and make it possible to cook healthy delicious recipes without breaking the bank. I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you share on this website and being such an amazing person. Your website is such a kitchen blessing:) THANK YOU!!!

  32. says

    Hi Megan, I’m so excited about finding your healthy blog with all the recipes! I can’t wait to try your Healthier Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe!! I had some flourless chocolate pie at a dinner event I attended and it was fabulous!! I’ve been looking for that recipe all over…and your recipe is the nearest thing I’ve been able to find!! I will keep you posted on how it turns out for me!! Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    • Megan says

      You can always use the “Search” function in the right sidebar of my website to find any recipe. I have several gluten-free banana recipes that may work for you, so I hope you enjoy them!

  33. says

    Hi Megan, i love your site and sending your link to my clients who want ideas on vegan recipes, I am a 2012 graduate of IIN. totally awesome and I just love what you are doing.

    I am making the mac n cheese now — the sauce turned out great and i am pouring it over brown rice spaghetti and shallots. I am sure it will be delicious. the sauce is the best yet vegan that i have tasted.
    in much loving light to you.

  34. says

    my spaghetti with the mac and cheese sauce was excellent and rich- I ate a smaller portion and it was enough- i was satisfied and full. so delicious!

    I have some sauce left over – how long will it last in the fridgerator to use over some steamed veggies etc?

    I can’t wait to try your other recipes!

    thank you!

  35. says

    I just found your website and I’m so excited to try your recipes!!! I started eating natural foods a month ago… I’m trying to follow the Paleo (or Caveman) diet, and I need all the healthy recipes I can get. It seems like most of your recipes follow the Paleo guidelines. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom!!!

  36. Laurie says

    I see you have a variety of choices…detox, vegan, gluten free. food combination ect. I have been told by my doctor to eat gluten free. Which has been some great advice and I am doing better. However, I want to lose 60lbs and was thinking low carb is the way to go. But after viewing some of your recipes I notice you use honey which I REALLY like. There are so many choices what would you recommend I eat for weight loss? I’m a bit confused and really would like to know what you think. Do I do the food combination…low carb…should I just meal plan from your recipes? The recipes that I have tried are by far the best I have found. Very user friendly and pretty easy to make and very sensible! Thank you!

  37. Liz says

    I found your website upon searching for constipation remedies.

    REgarding food combining, where do beans/legimes and vinegar fall?

  38. Julia Dennis says

    Hi, I love your blog and enjoy trying put your recipes. I wanted to find out if you recommend buying both a food processor and the vita mix?



  39. Robin says

    I think your recipes are terrific! I notice you use raw honey quite a bit and I suffer from advanced Metabolic Syndrome X. I usually switch honey out for half the amount of agave nectar. I am aware of the controversy with agave having a low GI but the same GL as HFCS so I use it with caution. What are your thoughts?

  40. Greig says

    Megan love what you do & what you’re putting out here! From today’s mailing you mention these Coconut Flour Brownies. I can’t find them unless it’s still “under development.” Is it here on your page or just not finalized?

  41. says

    I just read a website that touts food combining as being the ‘cure’ for many ailments, including IBS, Gerd and many other ailments. (They are also selling their program.) I have sere IBS-c with horrible nausea. Do you see this claim as being legitimate?

  42. monica says

    Hi Megan!

    Can we skip the Baking soda in the ‘Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars’ recipe!?
    Please tell us if you know of a Raw & 100% Natural alternative to baking soda

    We love your site and thank you!

    • Megan says

      I’ve never tried skipping it, but please let us all know if you have any success! May I ask why you’d prefer to avoid baking soda? I only ask because I know several raw foodists who add baking soda to their drinking water daily to increase alkalinity.

  43. Ric says

    My wife just made your mashed potato cauliflower recipe and my God, I am in seventh heaven! You are amazing !
    Thank you so much. You saved my life because I loved mashed potatoes and now I’ve got the perfect substitute.
    I am on a heart healthy diet due to bypass surgery several years ago and now I can enjoy one of my favorite foods without concern.

  44. says

    Hi there!
    I love your recipes and I was wondering if you have a thin mint recipe like the girl scout cookies.
    Thanks in advance for all that you do to change the way we bake and eat!
    Maximum blessings,

  45. Ruth says

    Hello!! I just wanted to say I LOVE your website!! We don’t eat any refined sugars and seeing so many great recipes on your website is refreshing and encouraging. Great to see so many healthy recipes! Overwhelmed with excitement to try these!

  46. crystal says

    Hi Megan, so I am glad you have this chart up for food combining its a great tool!

    However I have a few questions and concerns. I thought fruit does not combine with anything except with eachother

    I did not know that I can eat dried fruit in salads and yogurt???

    Also can I have any kind of cheese with nuts and dried fruit???

  47. L says

    Hi Megan,

    I recently came across your site looking for a peanut butter ball recipe that wasn’t full of sugar and I’ve been checking your page out for close to a month. Now my roommate is also onto it and we’ve been having a really good time putting together some of your recipes and seeing how they turn out. I don’t think we’ve had one that wasn’t pretty tasty. We’re very much looking forward to the release of your recipe book and hope that it makes it’s way North to British Columbia when it comes out.

    Best of luck


  48. Joy Dauble says

    Thank you for this website. Your enthusiasm, the brilliant photos of your recipes, the solid tips for shopping, prepping and food combining… it’s all so very helpful and encouraging. I’ve not been eating very healthfully as of late and I can feel it. I don’t sleep as well. I have more indigestion problems than before. I really think a lot of it might be due to my poor combinations of foods. I used to eat salads all the time and felt much more healthy while I did so. Makes since, because I was probably for the most part combining more appropriate foods. I was wondering if somewhere you have a “pantry list” of items that you like to keep on hand at all times. Esp. the things that aren’t necessarily fresh: tamari, coconut oil, almond butter, things like this that you find you use frequently when making your recipes.

  49. Rich says

    Hi Megan,

    I am interested in making almond butter. How many almonds does it take to make 16 oz of almond butter?


    • says

      If you want to make almond butter I found a good recipe on the Vitamix site.

      It uses 3 cups of dry roasted almonds and a quarter cup of organic canola oil.

      With a vitamix it takes only a minute or so to make and it taste great !

      Good Luck

  50. Amy Bundy says

    Hello Megan,
    I have been searching for healthy recipes that are easy, tasty and most important that my 3 young children will eat. I am so glad I stumbled across your site. I am spreading the word to my friends too. Wow. I am truly inspired. Great job!

  51. Terin says

    I made your creamy almond butter freezer fudge for a super bowl party today!!!! OMG Amazeballs and gone!!! Unfortunately it did not do a thing for my Broncos. Thanks for all of your fantastic recipes!!

  52. Darcy says

    I am so happy I stumbled upon you, so far I am in love with what I am reading.
    I love that you have suggested pages I actually had found Lyinda Wagners page about
    2 years back and loved it, from there I started loiking into the vegan world Where I found Kristina and others
    witch I also see on your suggestions :) so I can’t wait to check into some of the other suggestions you have! Thank you for this page I can’t wait to read it all 😀

  53. Kathleen Schell says

    We have been enjoying your blog and the wonderful recipes and recommendations. I have been making and consuming lots of almond butter and almond milk. I am writing to ask if you have a particular source for almonds? I have purchased from California Almonds on line and have been pleased overall but I have noticed that my almond milk has what I can only describe as a “soapy” taste. I also purchased a nut bag from Vitamix and sometimes even after washing it has an odor. I live in Central Florida and usually order online. THANKS

  54. Pat says

    A short while ago you endorsed a Y Vegetable Peeler. You said it’s great for making “vegetable noodles”. I cannot find that info anywhere…would you still have that info…or do you recommend using something else.

    Can I also say, in my ripe age of 55years, I am very excited and inspired by this ‘new’ way of eating that you have introduced me to.

    Thanks for my new journey!

  55. Robin says

    Thank you so much for creating this site. I have been grain-, dairy-, egg-free, plus many fruits and vegetables for four years. Recently I have had complications with my diet and needed to begin afresh. So I began to seek new recipes. Today was Pinterest’s turn. I am grateful I looked there and found your recipes. You have made things a bit easier again.
    Thank you your helpful hints,

  56. says

    I am not a maple syrup fan. Is there a substitute for this…? I’ve already made one of your recipes and can’t wait to try a bunch of others!! Love your website!!


  57. says

    It doesn’t look like you have a book consolidating these recipes in one place. That would be SO much more convenient for me and your followers. My workload is so full that I don’t like spending time on Facebook; and it is going to be a huge time-consuming chore to download all the recipes I’d like to put to paper so I won’t have to read a computer monitor. And then I’ll have a slew of sheets of paper to stick into a folder and forget about instead of having a beautiful book in my hands to pick up and read frequently, and from which to make your delicious foods! Doris Sampson,Duluth MN.

    • Megan says

      I am currently working on a book with Random House, so a beautiful book is in the works! In the meantime, I hope the printable recipes will keep you busy. :)

  58. carre says

    HI! OK, so I weight train, a lot, and am currently eating vegan. I use Pea protein powder and I use hemp protein powders. I combine the two usually with 1 cup almond milk, or flax milk, PB2 powdered peanut butter, stevia (baking variety) and a banana. I’m just learning about food combining and not sure how to treat my pea and hemp protein powders when combining. I would love to stick to this protein shake combo I just mentioned, but I do get bloated (and such) after drinking. Not sure if it’s the food combination or if drinking straight out of the blender is causing me to drink excess air. Also, typically after a workout you should have your protein and some complex carbs, but I don’t think that works with food combining either..? I’d love your suggestions on this! Thank you so much! Carre

  59. Sabina says

    Hi Megan,

    I really love your website! Your recipes are fantastic. I eat the grain-free raspberry chocolate chip muffins every day for breakfast. I have also tried your cauliflower pizza crust, almond butter pancakes, paleo pancakes and almond milk. I love them all. You have made a gluten-free, grain-free lifestyle so much more fun. I’m going to try the raw swirled cheesecake bars next. I really enjoy that I have most of the ingredients on hand in my kitchen and that the recipes are simple.

  60. Cindy says

    Hello Megan,
    I just have a quick question for you. Is it ok to start a day with smoothies that contain both fruits and vegetables? I’ve heard so much about food combining and keeping fruits separate. Do you have an opinion on this?

  61. Michael Crabb says

    Thank you! This was my first day on your “detoxinista” diet and your recipe for cauliflower pizza crust was really good. My family was pleasantly surprised. THESE TYPES OF DISHES DON’T USUALLY WORK OUT FOR ME… I am really looking forward to more recipes!
    Thank you!

  62. says

    I live for peanut butter and your Peanut Butter Balls are going to be by my side for the rest of my life!!! Just love them!!!
    West Warwick, RI

  63. Paloma says

    Hello Megan!

    I wanted to let you know that I follow your website religiously! I am so excited there is a book coming out. I started looking for ways to replace unnatural ingredients with natural ones and you have given me a great map to do that with. I am originally from Paris and although it is a very butter-heavy gastronomy, I cannot tell you how much I struggled when I came to the US, unaware of the harms of all these dangerous ingredients. I mostly use your sweet recipes, I was never much of a baker, but these recipes are so easy and simple. Thank you thank you!


  64. Maureen fleet says

    Hi Megan,

    I have recently purchased your winter detox book with great excitement to dive in. However recently my daughter and myself have had a food intolerance test and we both have problems with many key ingredients used in whole food cooking. (nuts, seeds, beans, soy, eggs, dairy, grains, even things like onions, flaxseeds, quinoa, avocado!) I wondered if you had any thoughts on food sensitivities? Or could recommend any books that could help me navigate what food intolerances mean; and the importance of and/or flexibility of eating them or avoiding them. I’m feeling like my health food goals have been squashed!

    Thank you so much

  65. melissa says

    My daughter is trying to go vegan gmo gluten free and NO nightshades. Do you have any suggestions for a sour cream without dairy? Do you have a recipe that can be done? Thanks so much!

  66. vanessa says

    Hello, I love your interesting site.
    I want to ask yuo if you heard about the dangerous of baking with flaxseeds and chia seeds and what you think about it.
    It seems like they are very bad for our health when heated…

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