What I Ate: January 25th

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It’s amazing how much easier it is to eat well when you prepare ahead of time.

fridge full of meal prep food

(I’m embarrassed to show you my fridge when we resort to using some plastic storage bags, but the rest of our reusable storage containers were either being used or in the dishwasher… so this is what real-life looks like sometimes.)

I was really on top of my game when it came to food prep this weekend, thanks to my baby cooperating in her Ergo carrier, and a trip to Costco. (Hence, the huge 3-pound bags of organic veggies in my fridge.) Here’s what I made on Sunday, and all together it took me about an hour– I did it while my toddler was napping! Sleeping babies = a productive mama.

Here’s what I prepped on Sunday:

Armed with those make-ahead staples, it takes me only 5 minutes to throw together a quick salad and I’ve got easy snacks to reach for in the fridge all week long. Below is a peek at how I’ve been eating this week.

smoothies in a cup, roasted broccoli on a pan, sald in a bowl, butternut soup, chocolate cake, and hand holding a date energy ball

Morning: We changed up our smoothie yesterday by making the nut-free Frozen Chai Lattes from my new cookbook. My son calls this his “spicy shake” and actually prefers it over our usual chocolate one! I added the last of our spinach (we go through those big boxes fast), so these shakes have a very light greenish hue because of that.

Snack: I tasted a small slice of experimental chocolate cake, and had some baby carrots dipped in the hemp seed ranch.

Lunch: I find roasted vegetables so comforting in this cold weather, even if I rarely get the chance to eat them warm. Lately, I’ll roast a big pan when I have 5 minutes of hands-on time to spare, and then I’ll eat them later over a big leafy green salad. (I can polish off the whole pan by myself if I’m in a snacky-mood, but if Austin’s home I’ll split the pan with him.) Above, you can see how I sit on the floor and eat lunch on my coffee table while my baby gets some tummy/floor time. She’s getting so strong!!

Snack: I made the Date Energy Balls with pecans this week, and as a result they taste like pecan pie. So good. Usually I eat two at a time.

Dinner: I’m updating and adapting my Curried Butternut Bisque recipe to be made in the Instant Pot, so that was our dinner last night, along with a quick side salad of Power Greens (a mix of organic baby chard, kale, and spinach from Costco) topped with sliced almonds, dried cranberries, and Honey Dijon Dressing. The leftover soup was my lunch today, too!

Treat: I’ve been having a piece of almond butter fudge almost every night lately. I forgot how melt-in-your-mouth good it is! My toddler son is also obsessed with it… and with popsicles. (Which are a great way to sneak more smoothies into his diet!)

toddler eating a healthy layered popsicle

I’ll share how I make his popsicles in a future post. I think I’ve finally figured out the most efficient way to make these fun 3-layer ones!

Reader Feedback: What are You eating this week?

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I just got my instapot and I’m not sure what to do with it. Could you share your adapted recipe? I’d like to give it a try.

Liz Johnson

Hi, Megan! What kind of cups do you have your smoothies in? They look nice!


I’d love to see a haul post about your Costco shopping. I shop there myself and love their organic selection of fruits and veggies – very cost effective!


I am *obsessed* with the hemp seed ranch. Made it for the first time this week and it’s definitely going to be a staple. Have never been so excited to eat veggies 🙂


Yum! Your meals always look so creative yet simple. Totally understand your addiction to the almond fudge. When I first stumbled across your recipe 4 years ago I think I made it every single night for a month (the individual serve one). At the moment I’m loving making inca inchi seed butter from organic inca inchi seeds and eating it with lots of ripe banana coins.

Kezia @ Super Naturally Healthy

Ohhh i have not been very organised this week with eating – need to get back on my SUnday meal planning and prepping sessions – it does make like so much easier! So mainly been eating roasted veggies, smoothies and whatever is in the freezer. But now inspired to get prepping this weekend again!


I am battling an overgrowth of yeast and am not eating foods containing much (if any) sugar. Do you have a non-fruit replacement idea for the dates in the Dates Energy Balls recipe?


When you get a chance, could you please share where you got those containers for the salad dressings? Or have you come across any good salad dressing containers that have a pourable spout? THANKS! No rush. Also, does your son get tired of the green smoothies? My kids are burned out 🙁 I guess I better make more of the chocolate shakes with a little greens mixed in!

    Megan Gilmore

    These are the containers I use, but they don’t have a spout: http://amzn.to/2jeldc9

    And yes, my son does get burnt-out on certain smoothies! Lately I’ve been freezing them into popsicles as a fun way to keep eating them. 🙂


    Thanks, Megan!


I am obsessed with your date balls. Kicking my processed sugar habit has been hard, and those date balls have been a wonder! I started throwing in some hemp for extra protein.

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