6 Things To Know Before Using Henna Hair Dye

You may recall my excitement earlier this summer, when I decided to try using henna as an all-natural alternative to hair dye. I’ve always enjoyed changing-up my hair color, and thanks to a good friend of mine who happens to be a very talented hair stylist, I’ve had the opportunity to change it rather often.

However, looking for a more natural hair-coloring option, I decided to take a chance and try a henna hair dye that you can use at home.

I had heard great things about Lush’s henna line, so while on a vacation in Palm Springs, my good friend and I decided to have a little hair-dying party in our hotel room– where no one could see us make fools of ourselves!

Here are a few things I learned from our experience:

1. Using Lush’s henna is pretty easy and straight-forward.

You simply melt the whole brick in a bowl with hot water, until a mud-like consistency is achieved.

It takes a little elbow-grease to break the brick down at first, but before you know it, you’ll have an earthy-smelling mix that’s ready to apply.

2. It will get messy.

Really messy.

Like most hair dyes, you’ll want to use gloves when handling this mix. (Lush provided these for us when purchasing at their store.) I also recommend standing in your shower while applying to your hair, so that any spills are contained!

3. It will stain everything.

Again, a good reason to stand in your shower, to avoid staining your counters and floors.

It’s also a good reason to protect your skin! We used Lush’s Ultrabalm, an all-natural alternative to Vaseline, as a protective shield around our faces.

Apply to your forehead, ears and neck to prevent staining.

4. This dye takes a long time to set.

Depending on the vibrancy you want, the package says it can take one to six hours for the color to develop!

That’s a long time to have your scalp wrapped in plastic. (This was another recommendation from the store employee– the plastic wrap keeps the dye warm, and therefore, more effective.)

I only lasted two hours before I couldn’t take it anymore.

5. Henna will not even-out your hair color.

In my experience, if you have roots or highlights when you start the process, you’ll still have roots or highlights when you’re finished.

I happened to have roots AND highlights at the time (you can see before pictures here)–> so you can see how the reddish color varies throughout my hair, where I had more blonde highlights. I was hoping for a more even color, so this aspect was a little disappointing for me.

However, if you have natural highlights (without roots) it could turn out very pretty!

6. You must be careful when dying your hair AFTER using henna.

Only after using the henna hair dye did a hairstylist tell me that you shouldn’t use any permanent dye on top of the henna. So, if you don’t like the resulting color from the henna dye, you may not have a whole lot of options in order to correct it. (This will vary by stylist– I’ve heard that some are still willing to work with post-henna-dyed hair.)

Gosh, that would have been nice to know before we got started.

Luckily, you can safely use semi-permanent dye as a temporary fix–> which means going darker, rather than lighter with your color. My stylist had to put the semi-permanent color on twice, because the first time around my henna-dyed hair didn’t absorb the color very well.

I hope these tips prove helpful for anyone interested in trying henna, too!

Reader Feedback: Do you color your hair? Have you ever tried using henna hair dye, or would you like to? I think I would have been very happy with the results had I started with an even hair color… but thanks to my pesky roots, I see some some semi-permanent dye in my future. I may even try a “test strand” with highlights– just to see what happens! I’ve heard horror stories of hair smoking while applying permanent color after using henna (certain brands have compounds added to it), so that’s a scary thought! As I understand it, the henna dye is permanent, so you’ll have to wait until your hair grows out before making any drastic changes.

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370 thoughts on “6 Things To Know Before Using Henna Hair Dye

  1. Melody Jorgensen

    Albena Todorova I had to go to henna as I am allergic to conventional dyes. My hair grows fast an inch a week . I have to cover gray every 2 weeks. I only do roots for covering gray. My hair is more than 50% gray and long- 8 inches below my shoulders. I have been using Henna for 10 years. 5 years from India, now 5 years Rainbow Henna from Vitacost.com. (I used semi permanent hair coloring for 10 years prior). I mix 2 colors and add 2 Tablespoons of vinegar to the mix and use coffee instead of water for the liquid. You can read everything about it on the vitacost.com website. Rainbow henna also has shampoo and conditioner. Hope it helps~ Melody

    1. Flor Alvarez

      Im tired of the quemical dyes and i want to try henna but i was reading that it has to be pure henna and from a reputable place.. Will u recond it then ?

      1. Corinne W

        I’ve been using henna for a couple of years now and at first I was scared to death but I felt like you…hated the chemical dyes and what they were doing to my hair. So I’ve been getting Red Raj henna from Henna Sooq which has a high dye content and has always worked extremely well and is very stable and dependable. Others I’ve tried that are good are from Mehandi.com. I don’t have to straighten my hair anymore, as henna has relaxed my curls and has smoothed my frizz. My hair is now wash and go and starting to use henna was the best decision I’ve ever made about my hair. I get more compliments now than I ever have. I color on 100% gray/white hair and it comes out this beautiful light auburn. Very shiny now, too. Sometimes it takes a few coloring to get it the way you want it, because it might be very bright and orangy at first, but since henna doesn’t fade and it just keeps depositing color, try it a couple more times if you’re thinking of giving up.

        1. Jojo

          Can you color it with henna twice in one day? Can you mix 2 colors of henna? I want auburn hair color and my hair is naturally white/ Gray. Also can you put henna over permanent color from a salon?

          1. Deborah

            Henna takes a long time to process. You need to leave it on ur hair anywhere from 4 hours to overnight. I don’t think you will want to put that much stress on your hair by doing it twice in one day. It gets heavy on your head. It’s like mud and weighs your hair down while on your hair. It is probably best to wait a couple of days if not a week because trust me the process takes hours.

          2. Stacy

            Yes but you need to wait a couple of months for the color to wash out. Box dye has nasty chemicals which react bad with henna

          3. J

            I had my last permanent color done at the salon, then when the roots start to grow, I’d touch up with henna on my own. I found this strategyy less intimidating since I’d have to only focus on putting henna only on my roots and not my whole head.

            The first time I tried using pure henna, my roots turned out red. Then I bought pure indigo. When I follow it with pure indigo for 20 mins. my hair did turn very dark. I really want a dark brown looks, so now it’s a matter of learning the right amount of mixture. I mix my pure henna with lemon juice and cover overnight. Then when I’m ready to color, I mix the indigo in a separate bowl and finally stir everything in together. I would process my hair about 2 hours. That’s as far as I have the patience for.

            What I enjoy about using henna is I can multitask at home while my hair marinade. And the fact that these days, young people are using crazy rainbow colors on their hair, I don’t feel too weird going around with my new experimental roots. This range from red, magenta, purple…but again, i’m talking about 20% gray, and that’s not too much to call for attention.

          4. Mel

            You can mix colors all you want! I purchase my henna from morroco method and I even chemically dyed my hair afterwards so I know it’s pure! Their website has tons of info about dying with henna.

        2. Cheryl

          HI what colour did your hair used to be before the grey? What hair dye colour did you use? I am thinking of using the blonde one or the honey blonde? My hair is very grey is spots 🙂 Cher

          1. sonyah

            Henna does only ONE color. All the colors you see like Auburn, burgundy, black, etc, means henna is no ed with chemicals. So be careful. I have been using henna for ten years now and I know is a lot of work, but I don’t regret it.

      2. Laura

        Hello women, I need advice. I found pure organic henna on iherb.com here: http://www.iherb.com/Light-Mountain and I would like to order it for me and my mother, but I do not know what colour. My mother have brown hair and needs to cover gray hair to match her hair. There is regular kind and Color the gray kind of henna hair colour. I have read ingredients and it says lawsonia – henna, indigo and senna (depends on the color you choose). Pure red is lawsonia only. Do you think there is any difference between both kinds (except the size and packaging)? I would order light brown for her from Color the gray. And me, I have dark blonde hair and I would like to have really red hair, but not copper and I do not know which color to choose, bright red, red…? If I use red from Color the gray and I do not have any gray hair, would it be ok for me? I have long hair and this package would be better for me. Do you have any experience with this brand? Sorry for my English, I live in small country in Europe. Thank you very much for your help.

        1. Stephanie

          Henna Color Lab is the best. I’ve tried many different places and I’ve liked theirs the best. And they have a variety of colors!

      3. Chrissy

        I buy Ancient Sunrise Henna. The proprietor wrote her doctorate on henna so not only is she incredibly knowledgable and shares it via a FREE ebook (http://www.hennaforhair.com/freebooks/), she also sells very pure, affordable henna. I have dark, brown hair – very thick and long – and so I buy between 200 and 300 g of Rajasthani Twilight and an additional 100 g of Rajasthani Jasmine because it makes the batch super smooth. This time I ordered 12 g of a powdered citric acid called Malluma Kristalovina. I credit it for giving me the boldest red yet!

        I was able to hold out for 4 hours (trying to sleep) but between the increased bulk of my muddy head, combined with the sweat I could feel rolling down my scalp due to the plastic wrap turning my head into a little greenhouse, I finally just got up and rinsed. THE RESULTS MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT.

    2. Sara

      I have very long hair too, I have pure white roots that need touched up every 3 weeks . And if really like to just have plain (boring) light brown.
      1. Do you know if lite brown is available
      2. Do you touch up your roots w henna or w semi perm color ? (From a box??)

      1. Corinne W

        No. There is not “light brown” henna. Pure, safe henna comes in one color. red. Depending on what your hair color is now, your results will vary. Henna cannot make your hair lighter, it can only add color.

        1. Chantelle Bhana

          I colour my hair with black Henna and I would like to know can I put red will the black go red also or should i stay with black

          1. Misplacedhippie

            There is no such thing as “black” henna. Henna is “red” and only red. The black all naturally dye is called “Indigo” ……….If you want to dye your hair brown, using the all natural method, you must first use henna, then 24 hrs. later you mix your henna up and add some Indigo to the Henna until you reach the color brown you want. It’s a two day process, but it’s the only “all natural” way to get brown hair dye.

      2. Jen

        Hello, the best results would be if you use pure organic henna and pure organic indigo. There is a lot of good advise on the web. Wait at least 2 days before shampooing or re applying, if you would like stronger colors. The reason to wait is because henna and indigo would continue oxidizing and the colours would get darker. I have waist long hair with 50% gray and like it pure black or dark brown, so I apply the two step process – i.e first henna with amla, sleep over night, wash just with water and apply the indigo paste for just over an hour. It works for me very well.

      3. Dee

        John freida match to the nearest or a shade lighter. I was so fed up with chemicals I ordered lush caca rough a red arbun hair as I have grey roots I do touch up with John Freda range after trying so many. I will the whole of my hair 8 wks as henna is a messy but a worth it. Hope it helps please test box colours 48 hours before use.

    3. Heather B

      Please post here what the vinegar does to the henna? And you use coffee to darken it? I have red hair, but the gray coming out does NOT match my natural red when the henna is applied, it looks brassy -an orange tint and it’s a lot of work (I have very thick hair) so a 2-step process sounds horrible!

      1. Corinne W

        I have all – gray hair too. If yours is coming out too orange-y, perhaps you’re not using a henna with a high lawsone content. Buy one that certifies a high lawsone content. Mehandi.com or Henna Sooq. Make sure you’re using a terp oil to darken the stain. Lavender essential oil works best. Make sure you’re also leaving it on long enough – 6-8 hours. This together should all work to give you a nice auburn insteada of orange. I’ve had very good luck with that and I love my hair now.

      2. Darlene

        Heather – I don’t know what the vinegar does – I remember it sets Easter egg dye, so maybe the same for henna – I don’t know. BUT – what I do know is that if you put two or three bay leaves – the kind you cook with – in a pot with a little water and bring it to a nice boil and let it simmer 10 or fifteen minutes while you make the rest of your henna paste, then ad it to the mix (it won’t look like much – just clear, slightly brown water), your hair color will come out more auburn than orange. I have white streaks and if I don’t add the bay leaf brew the streaks come out Bozo the Clown orange, but with it they come out a pretty soft red and the rest of my hair comes out a really lovely dark auburn. I have dark hair, so for you I’m guessing your red will stay about the same but your white should mellow out. I also use whole-milk yogurt, olive oil, an egg and essential oils like rose and jasmine just for the nice smell. You could almost eat my paste for lunch. I wrap my head in two super market bags clipped to hold them, and only leave on the dye for about four hours, then shampoo out and go from there.

        Keep at it – I’ve been hennaed up for about nine years now and my only problem is my hair color and texture are too young-looking for my old face! Have fun!

    4. Maria Desquitado

      I started having grey hair when I was in my early 20’s. They are premature. In 2009, I started coloring my hair with commercial dyes through hairstylist because the greys are mostly above my forehead. I am now early 40’s and just recently after I got a new hair color in January, I felt my scalp got tired. Just this week, I decided to find a natural way of coloring my hair, so henna got into the picture. How would I know if the henna that I could buy is original? Please help. Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Darlene

        Got to your local Middle Eastern or Indian grocery store. If you’re not sure which brand is the most natural, ask the check-out girls and they’ll know.

    5. Rose

      I have become increasingly more allergic to conventional dyes over the past two years….the last time I went to the salon, I had actual burns that scabbed over, so embarassing and hurt! I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and came to the conclusion that henna was my answer. (I was nervous about the color (turning red, and the mess)
      I just used my first Rainbow Henna today. I used the dark brown with coffee and apple cider vinegar for covering the gray. I was pleasantly surprised! The mess was nothing like a typical dye…just crumbly, I might add some olive oil next time. I left it on the minimum time which was 45 minutes because I was worried about it affecting my scalp. The color was beautiful! Next time, I will leave it on maybe five minutes more.
      My recommendation is once it on to cover it with a cap or hat to keep it warm, and then you won’t have to leave it on your hair as long.

      1. Michele B

        Hi Rose. I also, after years of dying my hair, gradually developed a reaction to the dye (itch scalp), until I had a full-blown burn and wound up in the emergency room. I found a product at Whole Foods that was (mostly) natural and it was ok for a while. I dyed my hair last weekend and my scalp is killing me and I have areas of burn/scabbing.

        I guess it’s time for plan C.
        I am not all over gray/white – but have the typical crown white roots.
        I’m glad to hear that Henna is a viable alternative.
        Any other information you can share will be appreciated.

        1. Darlene

          I’m a lucky expatriate living in a country where I can buy the most lovely henna – out of big barrel, by the kilo! It only costs about 10-12 dollars a kilo, which would last me for about a year but I buy by the half-kilo because of the room it takes in my cabinet. My point is, if you can get it from a market where things middle-eastern (or Indian) are sold, chances are it’s going to be more natural and un-processed. The problem with most beauty products in the west is that the producers can’t let well enough alone, and to make the products more attractive, they do weird stuff to it. Like Olive-oil soap (which I also buy by the kilo), which ends up soft, greasy and smelling of not-olive when you buy it in England or America, most of the henna on the western market has been gentrified and the cost reflects that. So you all you want your henna to look like is muddy-green powder. (and olive-oil soap should smell like olives!)

          But I’m old-fashioned….

          1. Reich

            Hi dear, where do you live, and can you buy for me and just pay you. Badly needed that kind of stuff. Thanks

        2. Evelyn

          This is my problem also, very itchy scalp all of a sudden. Would like to hear the reply to this question. Thank you.

    6. Sue Cosgrove

      Hi. I wonder if you could advise me. I too used henna for many years before starting to turn grey. Recently I’ve decided to chance applying henna again. There was only one type available, henna pulver. Although the shopkeeper said it ok to use on hair I’m dubious as it only showed skin dye on the box. Help!

    7. Jenny

      yj;i716ave tried to follow the directions to blend the rainbow henna. the end result is a very gritty texture (i saw from youtube that the final consistency is supposed to be a creamy texture) almost like the product never really combined. Do you have this experience? How hot is the liquid supposed to be when combining the product.


    8. Anu

      Hi, I have gray roots and waist length black hair. I just need root coverage. But I hate the orange color that Henna gives. Is there are way to make it brown or black? I tried Indigo powder, but it made my hair blue .

      1. Tracy

        you should look on hennahair.com it has before & after pics along with a detailed discription about what the henna was mixed with and how long it was left on the hair.

  2. Sally Hudson

    I am in my 40s and have fast growing grey hair. I had to dye my hair every 2 weeks to cover the grey hair.. Since i used chemical hair dyes. Every dying session was very irritating. And even chemical hair dyes were not lasting more than a couple of weeks. One can imagine , how much time consuming it is. I have always been searching for a better alternative.
    For that, i talked to my friends , searched on internet. And it took no less than 6 months to hear about pure and natural hair color. After that ,it was another search to find a brand , which really have pure and natural products. One of my friends purchased light brown from online store for me. I did the first application reluctantly, as never used such products before. I dint like its smell at all. But with its application, felt no irritation like as chemical hair dyes. It covered 70% of my grey hair. And gave a shiny brown color. Then on my own , i used dark brown hair color from same company brand name “THEHENNAGUYS”. I added few drops of essential oil for eliminating its foul smell. This product gave me exactly what i have been dreaming for and without any problem. With Dark brown color , all my grey hair with beautiful color. I do the hair color after 3-4 weeks. Since then i am stuck with pure and natural hair color from THEHENNAGUYS.COM.
    they also have plenty of information about hair colors and have other pure and natural skin and hair care products.

    1. Maria Jenkins

      Hi my name is maria I love u r honesty.considering trying this product.I have black hair down to waist I really like your recommendation to my hair.should I use how much my hair is almost50% gray. The last time I colored was in September of last year.I was tired of spending money every 4 weeks. A d hate the smell of it.would sent me the site again. Y coworker says that she add a whole egg with the mix for more protein and shine.what do you think.thankyou very much.

    2. Heather

      Hi there,

      How long do you have to leave the dark brown on for please? To cover Gray roots.

      Been having a night mare with orange vibrant roots. In desperation tried to lifhten the patchy black (from dark red henna over bleached hair to correct botched foils) the previous bleached has gone green 🙁

      I’ve tried chestnut brown henna for 4 hours, gray roots go brassy gold/orange within a week.

      Can’t cope with the upkeep, especially if it doesn’t last.


      1. Maria

        I think all henna should be allowed to activate atleast 8 hours and left on hair for the bare minimum of 4 hours. Then it should last 2 months, atleast in my experience. Remember that the more often you henna your hair, the shorter it lasts.

  3. lauren

    Hey there, I’ve always used black box dies and I’m looking for a natural alternative. I’m naturally blonde and I’m worried that the black henna will fade to orange like the tattoos do. Anybody have experience with the black henna hair dye? Thanks, lauren

    1. Adelline

      Hi Lauren !

      As an answer to your question, I would suggest you to use lighter colors on your hair ( as you are blond any coulour would cone great ) and you can even try with highlights of different nuances. Chocolate coulour to dark brow or blond highlights would be a great choise.

      I’m suggesting this as it is a pitty to go straight black without taking advantage of trying different lighter versions; because black can not be removed or highlighted after neither to use chemical coloring because it will affect your hair. I used black henna ( as the original one can be only auburn red or black) and it faint away in a deep dark brown NOT orange in any case.
      So I would try to enjoy more colors then go straight to black ( which also make you look more mature ). I use henne Creme Color France, as a ready prepared cream ready to be used (2 in 1 product hair dye and conditioner ) they also provide a wide range of shampoo and conditioner that really gives glow to the hair ).
      Hoping this was useful,

      My greeting to all

      Adela D.

    2. Apirl

      I have hip length brownish- red hair and wanted to go to brighter red. I do henna tattoos, so I just went to the shop from which I buy my body art henna: Empire. I know they have a website, which I have included. Anyway, “black henna” is not henna and can be very dangerous. What you are looking for is indigo or indigo/henna mix, depending on what you want. You might want to give it a try. The owner did her doctoral thesis on henna and has a ton of information: The also have a number to call if you need any help with the process.

      I just buy Rajasthani Twilight, mix it with lemon juice and a cardamom and cloves tea. I do it all by myself and have never made a huge mess. I then wrap it in plastic wrap and a towel, sit back, and binge watch Netflix.


      1. Agnes

        What proportions if each ingredient are you using? I m about to try my first henna since chemical dyes damaging my hair. Thinking to start with simpler Rainbow research which is color ready, and then progress to make my own mixes.

      2. Sue Cosgrove

        Hi! I wonder if you know whether using henna pulver, used in body art, can also be used to dye hair. I bought a box from an Asian supermarket. The male staff told me I could but I’m a little dubious. Can anyone help?

  4. Carrie

    I’ve used Rainbow Henna for years- for a long time I used red tones, which gave my naturally strawberry blonde a very intense red. These days, I’m using the marigold blonde (still from Rainbow Henna) to cover my grey. It can be messy, but I just prepare for it. I’ve done it enough times now that I have a pretty good routine to control the mess! My hair always feels amazing after I do it- even if you just do the natural, colorless, henna once in awhile, it is so good for your hair.

    I love it! The biggest problem with using henna is that once you start, you can’t switch to other kinds of dye. For me, I ended up shaving my head a couple times over the years when I wanted to go back to my natural color. I know that doesn’t work for everyone, but I found it refreshing to do once in awhile. But that was back when I was doing the red. Now I’m just using blonde to cover grey, so the outcome is basically my natural color anyway (sans grey!). Also, it’s less work for me to cover grey- because I primarily am grey up front, around my temples. So I can just target those areas the majority of the time and then henna the rest of my hair only occasionally.

      1. Natalie

        You wont need help applying it.. It gets pretty messy so you just have to be careful. My mistake was that I like to go lighter in the Spring and dark in the fall. I used henna last fall and it washed out in a couple months. I thought all the henna was gone so I tried to go back light. My stylist attempted to do a balayage and my hair turned green.. After several attempts it’s still not lighter. If you want to freedom to go dark and light don’t get henna. If you usually stay dark henna is ok..

    1. Corinne W

      You can use all coffee for the liquid. Use a high terp oil to add in, too, to darken the stain. It still won’t come out brown, though. You’ll have brown hair with red tints and tones in it.

  5. rose

    I have never dyed my hair and i want to try black henna. How long does it take for the color to leave completely from my hair?

    1. Megan Gilmore Post author

      As I understand it, henna color doesn’t leave your hair, so you just have to wait for it to grow out. There are lots of tips in the previous comments, too!

  6. dj

    I’d recommend http://www.mehandi.com (ancient sunrise @ amazon). There is a wealth of information written by someone that researched henna for their Ph.D. at Kent Univ. She literally wrote the book (there is an ebook) on the topic. People get caught up in adjectives “natural”, “chemical”. Everything is a chemical. And natural things can be poisonous too. mehandi sells henna and it is tested by an independent lab for lawsone content, heavy metals, contaminants, adulterants. What I found while searching is that when people say they used henna isn’t always true. They used a product that contained henna and other stuff. My image of India is not “organic and pure’, but of over pop, poverty and the Ganges river. I definitely want anything coming from India tested. I placed my first order with them. The customer support was super helpful for this newbie, but I appreciate the the volume of material on their site and the independent testing. I know it takes some of the fun out it but I alway research everything I buy and check at sites like http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/.

    They seem to say, in the troubleshooting section, that you can dye your hair with store bought dyes after “henna”. But with the caveat, if you used their henna, indigo or cassia. I believe they say that because they know the purity of their product and what’s in your hair, known and unknown, may react. So it seems you need to know the quality of ALL the ingredients in the product used if it wasn’t only henna.

    1. Apirl

      I do all my henna business with Empire (the physical store for Mehandi.com (The Henna Page). It is located in Kent, Ohio. I absolutely adore the people there and Catherine Cartwright-Jones, owner of The Henna Page, has done extensive research on henna–her doctoral thesis was about henna–and speaks out about the harm tat can be caused by so-called black henna.

      The customer service is outstanding.

      I had considered trying Lush, but decided to just go with a packet of henna from Empire, after looking at the ingredients and reading reviews. (Cocoa butter can inhibit the dying process. I use it around my airline when I henna my hair.) I have been doing henna tattoos for a long time, so I knew I could get a good stain with the stuff from Empire.

  7. Casey U

    I would never ever buy anything (again) from LUSH! I do not have allergies and loooove girly makeup, cosmetics and perfume; most of which I wouldn’t wear because of thier toxicity anyway. I tried Lush and every time – not exaggerating – it either made me get a headache or some weird reaction: the vanilla scented lotion bar did me in!
    Read thier labels, at least by law they have to list thier ingredients and they don’t lie – total chemical cocktails. Thier advertising is false about purity. ‘Detoxing’ with LUSH is an oxymoron, unfortunately. Too good to be true.

  8. Fatima Herrera

    I do like Lush cleansers, facial scrubs and mask and there bar shampoos, not a big fan of the conditioners. I, myself also tried the Henna hair dye, I used the Caca Noir, I was not happy with the outcome. My hair was dark before using the Henna. I read that the Caca Noir would have an Indigo/Blue-Black shade color with a touch of red. Let me tell you, there is not one strand of dark hair color in my hair. My hair is bright brownish/reddish. I should of done the hair strand test like they “recommend” we do. I already had dark hair, i thought it would make my hair look rich and healthy. That is not the case. I did reach out to customer service and they told me it was like a varnish, but if the first time I got more red than black, I don’t see the point in spending a lot more money for the same outcome. I am not happy with the results.

  9. charlene

    i would like to try henna, I do have questions though, I have right past my shoulders medium reddish hair. I have a lot of grey and need to do roots every 3 weeks at least. can I color my hair with henna and then retouch the roots with henna? how long does the henna last in my hair?

    1. Corinne W

      Henna is permanent and does not fade. at all. I am all gray and you can do henna on roots and all over. It makes your hair very healthy and shiny.

  10. Deepthi

    I got brown hair which I really don’t like and I would like to go with black hair…. what could be the suggestion… should I go with black henna or any other colouring agent…

    1. Corinne W

      There is no such thing as black henna. Henna is red. period. If you’re using something called black henna, it either has henna plus chemicals or henna with indigo. The indigo will fade slightly leaving you with red undertones, so that’s something to consider.

  11. Julie Wetzel

    I have been using henna in my hair for about three years now and I love it. I love the red color that it gives and since I started after beaching out my hair, it’s got this nice ombre going on. I’ve had so many stylists criticize my choice for using henna, but as long as I stick with my red, it works well.

    I use Reshma Femme Henna found in Sally’s Beauty. I mix it up with a teaspoon of lemon juice (the citric acid helps to release the color in the plant) and a dark brew of Rose Red Tea. I let the mixture sit over night to fully activate and then leave it on for about four hours. Yes, I do wrap my head in plastic wrap and a towel why it’s on my head, and yes it will stain anything it touches. Henna does smell odd, so I usually put in some sweet smelling oil like rose or jasmine to make it more pleasant.

    It’s been about 3 months since the last time I hennaed my hair and while I am showing roots, the colored part of my hair has not faded or gone brassy like chemical dyes.

    If you want more info on henna, you can check out http://www.hennaforhair.com/ They can answer most of your questions and their products are amazing, but I’m a bad procrastinator and usually wait until last minute to color my hair before some event. Hence why I get the Sally’s beauty stuff.

    1. stacy

      Which color of the FEMME HENNA do you use? I purchased the Rainbow Henna in Med Brown, my hair is brown now.. wondering what color I will come out with.. I want to add tea not sure which one to use.. I just want shine and some color but dont want a orangey color..

  12. Jo

    I’m pregnant and been debating if to colour my hair or not I read that henna is a safe option …is this correct ?

  13. Sara

    I have been using henna (Herbique henna) for the past 10-15 years. Recently I noticed that my very thick hair has change – I have almost bald patches. Could this be because of the henna? Do I dare to continue with it?

  14. Tamara

    So chemical dyes and henna don’t mix…. What about colourless henna for healthy, shiny hair? Do this combination (not simultaniously) mix?

  15. Chris

    I just used Lush henna like I’ve been doing for the past couple of years. For some reason, the consistency was thicker than usual…I think it got cold quicker this time. Anyway, I’m feeling freaked out that it might be blotchy. I’ve got another 3 hours before I wash it out. Has anyone here had a “bad” henna experience? Should I abort mission?

  16. Alice

    I’m 63 and have very fine, thin, short color treated hair. My natural color is a mousy brown but have some gray roots and especially at front hairline. I would like to have medium brown with reddish tones but unsure what brand of henna and mixture is best for me. The grays at my temples tend to be resistant to color and I really don’t want bright red hair. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  17. Mayette Torralba

    I live in Davao City, Philippines. I have a very sensitive skin. I am allergic to chemicals especially hair dyes. where to buy henna products. I want to try henna

  18. Alicia

    Hello !

    I am a fan of Henna. I have never used permanent / chemical hair dyes.
    I have been using henna on my hair for over six years now. I apply it twice a month with coconut oil, castor oil and lemon drops. I leave it on my hair for 6 to 12 hours. My hair is and looks super healthy, shiny. I went from Brunette to jet black hair just with a mix of Henna and Indigo.

    Now that I have moved to London, it is a bit difficult for me to find pure henna powder but I found that the Henna from Lush does an ok job.
    My all time favorite is the Henna from Aromazone. It is amazing and they have great colours for next to nothing

  19. Puja Pal

    Before using henna or mehndi in your hair you should test a small piece of henna on your hand or somewhere on else so that you can know the side-effects of henna if you show some side-effect then you should not use henna on your hair.

  20. Sarah

    Hello, I went off colour for a year and today decided to do the Henna indigo 2 step process on my nearly 90% grey hair (only 52 years young). I left the henna (henna, black tea and alma mix) on for close to 3 hours on my hair and it gave me a bright orange colour. The second step of Indigo (mixed in warm water with a little left over henna and a teaspoon of himalayan pink salt) gave me a beautiful dark coverage, but with a blue green tinge to my hair 🙁 !!!

    Any suggestions how I can fix this, or as I have read other posts where it states the colour takes a couple of days to oxidise, as such would it lose the blue green tinge and give me a nice black/red toned look?

    I will post back in a couple of days if there is a natural change in the colour, but in the meantime any suggestions/assurance would be great, Thanks

    1. Kathy

      I remember once, years ago, using henna that turned my brown hair a dark brown with green tints. It did fade, eventually, but not quickly.

  21. Peg

    Have any of you tried HairPrint (new product)?

    I tried it and it smells like Henna. Both to me smell like straw or hay.

    I am pleased with it. However, there is a lot of it, and you can’t just have a little bit (to my knowledge) to touch up your roots. I do plan to contact the company to see if there is a smaller amount I can purchase.

  22. Parul Sheth

    All Henna dyers: its convenient to apply henna at home but if you are travelling and need to touch up roots every 15 days, can you suggest temporary hair colour which can go well on henna dyed hair?

  23. Roma

    Hi! I have black hair & lately gray hair is showing up all over. I would like to cover my gray hair would rather have light brown or black. I want to try henna and not used any dyes before. Can you please help?

  24. Kathy

    I went to the stylist the other day for streaks, and it didn’t take. No colour whatsoever when she was done. Does anyone know if I can use henna now? I have no colour from the dye, but I’m wondering if it may have still altered the composition of my hair in some way. I’ve used hennas off and on for many years, never anywhere near hair dye, though.

  25. Kimm Hunt

    I use the henna powder you can buy at any IndoPak grocery stores. There’s many brands to choose from. I like Depur.

    I’ve been using henna for 3 years. It’s messy and a pain but for $5 a coloring you can’t beat it.

    I’ve found you have to leave it on for at least 3 hrs. I usually go to bed after applying and wake up in the middle of the night and wash it out. Takes 15 min. Soak hair lying in a bathtub and gently work the henna out. Then hop in the shower and wash w/ shampoo. I use conditioner w/ a few drops of evoo.

    I’ve never had problems with my roots being lighter than the rest of my hair. I usually dye my whole head but when I had very long hair I only dyed my roots for a year. There was no difference bw the new or old color.

  26. Deb

    The only henna I use is what I purchase from Mehandi Henna. They carry, only after testing the henna themselves for purity and content, the best henna for covering gray that is pretty much chemical free from harmful chemicals. I say pretty much because nothing is perfect in love and war. I mix my dry henna (which you keep in the freezer until you use it) with lemon juice until it has the consistency of thick pudding (it needs acidic content) and let it sit for the day until dyes are released. I put a wooden chop stick in it as it will show color on the stick so you know it’s releasing. I like to put my henna in the window so it gets the warmth from the sun which helps it to release faster. I then put it on my hair and let it sit for 2-3 hours. It covers my gray perfectly and gives me a beautiful red with highlights through it. Sometimes, I use their indigo if I want a more brownish henna. That you don’t mix in until you are ready to use your henna. You mix the indigo with water and then mix through the henna paste. Never put indigo in the freezer or refrigerator. That will destroy the indigo.

  27. Fab

    Thanks for sharing all of that stuff with us, and your tips for reach best results 🙂
    My name is Fab, I’d like to ask for a piece of advice please 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I dye my air with a mixture for a light brown which contains Cassia obovata, Lawsonia inermis and Indigo tinctoria, I do it every month since February …however my hair colour is a way darker that I wanted to be since I started…
    I thought I may start a new mixture to go lighter using Lawsonia inermis, Walnut hull, Cassia obovata, Curcuma and Add warm chamomile to it.
    I’ m Still waiting to wash away the Indigo as you can see in these pics..
    Are there any advice you could gently give to me pls?
    How long should I wait before to try this new mixture, based on your experience?

    Hope you can help me with that, I really do

  28. Amanda

    I grew very tired of my hair and thought I would just go gray and be done with it, I hated it. but now I am unable to re dye back to red, The color washes out as fast as I rinse, will red henna help hold any color ? my color now looks like straw pinky kind of almost blond..


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