How to Get Rid of Hiccups (Works EVERY time!)

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Hiccups are one of life’s little annoyances, but once you learn this little trick, you won’t have to suffer with them for long. (And no, you don’t have to drink a glass of water upside down or have someone scare you to get rid of them!)

drinking water

What are hiccups and what causes them?

Hiccups are simply involuntary muscle spasms of the diaphragm muscle. They can occur for a number a reasons, including eating too fast and swallowing air, chewing gum, eating or drinking too much, stress or anxiety, or there are more serious causes like nerve damage, brain tumors, and strokes.

While there’s not necessarily an easy fix for those serious causes, when you get hiccups from swallowing air or eating too fast, there is a relatively simple solution– you need to stretch the muscle that’s spasming.

A hiccup fix that actually works.

If you woke up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp or muscle spasms, what would you do?

Stretch it, right?

The same logic applies to hiccups. Your diaphragm muscle needs to be stretched to help stop the spasms.

diaphragm muscle illustration

How to Get Rid of Hiccups:

  1. To stretch your diaphragm muscle, take a deep breath and hold it for a count of 10.
  2. Without letting that breath go, take another deep breath and hold it for a count of 10.
  3. Without letting that breath go, take one more deep breath and hold it for a count of 10. (Or as long as you can at this point– your stomach and lungs should feel VERY full of air.)
  4. Slowly breathe out and then return to breathing normally.

You’ve just stretched your diaphragm!

By taking all of those deep breaths, you’ll feel your stomach and lungs protrude out, giving that area a nice, deep stretch. I think this is also why drinking lots of water or even being scared can sometimes “work” as a cure for hiccups– because they might also stretch the diaphragm muscle. This method is just a little more direct.

Just one breathing session is usually enough to stop a bout of hiccups, but repeat the above steps if you couldn’t complete them the first time, or if your hiccups return. (Sometimes I’ll have a hiccup during my first round of breathing so I’ll have to start over to get the full stretch in.)

I hope this technique will help you stop hiccups in their tracks the next time they happen to you. Personally, I find them SO ANNOYING, so having this method in my back-pocket is a sanity saver!

Reader Feedback: Do you have a go-to cure for getting rid of hiccups fast? Feel free to share more ideas in the comments below!

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Hi Megan,
I might try this next time I get hickups. I have tried so my different techniques but there is only one that ever really worked for me since I was a toddler. I close my ears with my fingers and then take little sips of a drink (preferably non carbonated water) and swallow Minäkinreally slowly and carefully. Using a straw works if you have Noone around to hold your glass. I do this till I feel my body relaxing. Sometimes, like you, I need to start over if a hickup gets through.
It looks strange and my boyfriend always feels really embarrassed but it ALWAYS works. And I get hickups quite often and sometimes really bad.
Try it! Might be an easier solution for your kids.
Thanks for all your hard work!!


    This worked so well for me, thanks for sharing.My husband walked in on me and started laughing at me but who cares when it works!


      Unbelievable! It worked the first time after the first 10 counts. It’s the first time something I got from Google actually works. Keep up the good work!


    Thats what I’ve always done. My mom showed me and its worked every time. I just tried this tech and it worked and I didnt need water


Stretches have never worked for me. Just eat a teaspoon of peanut butter. Cures hiccups every time.


    Genius! Worked instantly. Peanut Butter!!!

      thanks you

      omg itt worked


        well, hey, that worked!

          Joshua Butler

          It worked!!!! Thank u so much!!!!!!

Christa rakich

Don’t know why, but a trick I learned from my teacher in second grade works every time. Hands make soft fists, then extend your index fingers and bring the tips as close to one another as you can, without touching. Really concentrate. Worked on 6-year-old me, still works on 65-year-old me. Thank you, Sister Mary Celeste!


    Out of all of the tricks this one actually helped me. Thank you!


Thank you for the awesome tip! Never knew the science behind hiccups!


The one fix that has always worked for me – take a mouthful of water, plug your ears with your fingers, bend over at the waist and swallow. I think it has something to do with not swallowing air; I’m not sure. I just know even if I occasionally have to do it a second time that’s all it takes and it works.


    Wow, when all hope I lost , I did your trick and hey, there it went away, thank you so much

      joseph mtambalika(chair)

      yea it’s true it worked


    I can’t believe it, this really works instantly!!! Thank you!


    This one worked for me. Thank you so much!


I just did three rounds of this and it worked like a charm! Thanks for sharing!


thank you for this!!


It works for me.
Thank you

saikat chowdhury

Really it works like magic. I have just got rid of from hiccups by doing two breathing sessions.


It worked like a charm.I did it on my first go and my hiccups went away with no struggle.

Thank you

Akiva Centner

Breath in. Keep breathing in even when you can’t anymore. Keep trying for 5 to 10 seconds. Breath out slowly and gently. May need to to 3 times


This worked so great for me….:)!!!!!!


OMG!This worked like magic.I never knew this all my life.i tried it and got an instant result.Thank you so much for sharing.You saved a soul.😘😘😘😘


Totally hasn’t worked and I’ve done it 7 times now.


    Same… I’ve been having hiccups for so long and nothing makes them go away…


      Try standing up. I had to be standing before it would work.



I found your site yesterday while boarding a plane & couldn’t stop hiccuping. NOTHING worked, including several acupressure sites that usu. work for me! Thank you for your Website!

I have to add something to it that might help it work better. I’ve been doing a lot of work with Chinese/Asian exercises, which stress deep breathing and lung work (to increase the flow of breath into the lungs). When I did your exercise (above), I turned my head to the side & inhaled as deeply as I could, but still hiccupped. Then I put my hands near my groin, fingers in, thumbs facing my hips, which opens the lungs a bit more. Then I could inhale more, and THAT stretched the spasm out & the hiccups stopped! Hopefully this extra step might help someone else, too?

Thank you again for posting this! I really was desperate & you saved me!!

Glenn Allen
Lake Hiawatha, NJ
(please don’t be jealous, b/c there is no lake!)


Thanks! That actually worked for me.


Thank you! It hasn’t worked yet, but it think it has lessened the intensity of the hiccups, I’m sure it will work eventually!


It really works. Thanks a lot.

Jamie Warner

Worked instantly 😊😊


Had the hiccups… googled…. found this.. tried it and it WORKED!! Thank you!!!


Thank you so much for this! I just woke up (it’s midnight) with a horrible case of the hickups. This worked on the first try. Thank you!

Peters go oyebode

Been having hiccups for days just tried your breathing techniques and it worked.


THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. I’ve been holding my breath for 30-60 seconds to stop my hiccups for years, but never thought of it as stretching the diaphragm. The series of inhalations is a new one on me, though, and it helps a lot. Thank you!


for me I jst eat enough garden egg really WOrks for me
plz try the method if it works for u too

Saadia ramzan

I was getting so annoyed with my hiccups. I tried this technique and it worked! Thank you x


Hi Megan,
This worked for me and I am SUPER great full. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone!


Thank you! Usually the ‘drinking water upside down’ trick works for me, but wasn’t this time. So glad I found this. Did 3 rounds to be sure and it’s worked a treat!


It worked on the first try.. thank you

Andrew Demetriou

Perfect tip saved me alot of discomfort


Thank you!!! Had them for a while there, held my breath, drank water backwards etc and gave in and used google cause my usual methods didn’t work… read and used your tips… and low and behold no more hiccups so seriously thank you!!! X


Fantastic tip!

Worked one the first attemp

Remembering for future instances


Doesn’t breathing in involve contracting the diaphragm? So you technically are doing the opposite of stretching it.


woah! this worked for me straight away! i am so surprised but so thankyit worked! thank you (:

Gorwade s s

I must appreciate this article where found the best remedy to my hiccups in the midnight. Counting till 10 works faster. It help me solving my problem. Thanks.


It worked..TQ

Lizzy Mcarthur

I always take 9 drinks of room temperature water, and it works every time!!


I relax my diaphragm by sitting up straight and fully relaxing my stomach muscles, allowing it to extend as much as possible. My hiccups usually stop immediately.


It worked!!! I’m so relieved after trying everything, this actually worked. Thank you!


My bf was getting a little anxious at his seemingly intense hiccups, and this worked like a charm for him! Thanks so much!


thank you for your help!! i’ve been try all sorts of method and this is the only one that works


I was fasting and couldn’t try to drink water or have peanut butter and this tip helped so much . 2 sessions and I was saved

Michael Silvester

Didnt work for me. Ive had Hiccups for 12hrs now.


My husband just woke me up in the middle of the night because he had hiccups and had tried everything to get rid of them. I found this and he tried it and they instantly stopped. Lifesaver 🙌🏻


Worked first time! THANK YOU!!

Leanne Bradbury

That worked first time that’s amazing will remember this in future thank you for sharing and helping others. Xx


This worked on the first try – thank you!


Thank you


It worked for me. Thank you!

Charlotte regal

Thank you!! Worked so well!

Surjith S M

I usually don’t believe these kind of articles. but I got this link while I’m having hiccups. Worked PERFECT.

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