Elmo Smoothie Bowls (Fun for Kids!)

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Like most kids, my son LOVES Elmo.

toddler hugging elmo

I grew up watching Sesame Street as well, and to this day, I still can’t make a batch of cookies without singing to myself, “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me, yeah!” Talk about a show that sticks with you.

To help my son enjoy his smoothies even more, it’s fun to make his smoothie bowls with a familiar-looking face on top. At least, I hope he looks familiar… my food crafting skills might still need some work!

two elmo smoothie bowls

These smoothie bowls are such a fun way to get your kids to enjoy a healthy breakfast, without relying on sugary breakfast cereals. What Sesame Street fan can resist a treat with Elmo’s face on it?

Elmo Smoothie Bowls
Makes 2


1 batch Blueberry Mango Smoothie (recipe below)
10-12 large strawberries, thinly sliced
1 small apple, sliced into thin circles
1 clementine, peeled and sliced in half
4 raisins

Blueberry Mango Smoothie:

1 cup water, plus more if needed for blending
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 cup frozen mango
3 Medjool dates, pitted
1/4 avocado


Prepare the smoothie by blending the ingredients together in a high-speed blender. You want the smoothie to be pretty thick, so it can be eaten with a spoon, but if your blender can’t break down the fruit, you can add a little more water to help it along.

Divide the smoothie between two bowls, then start arranging the strawberry slices around the edge of each bowl. You want the dark blueberry smoothie to form Elmo’s “smile,” so after you’ve lined the edge of the bowl with strawberries, make a line of strawberries across the middle of the bowl to create his upper lip.

assembling elmo smoothie bowl

Place two round apple slices at the top of the bowl to create Elmo’s eyes, and then arrange half of a small clementine underneath the “eyes” to create his nose. Place a raisin in the middle of each apple slice to give him pupils. Then serve with a spoon!

I hope you and your family enjoy these smoothie bowls as much as we have. An added perk of eating your smoothies with a spoon is that it slows you down– and research has shown that enjoying your smoothies slowly will leave you more satiated later. Perfect for kids who need to get through a school day!

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First I want to say this recipe is adorable, and maybe by trying this my son will not tell me he doesn’t like blueberries. It’s definitely worth a shot!

And to answer the question, yes I do have a favorite memory from Sesame Street:

I remember growing up, my brother, my sister and I would always watch it together in the afternoon. We loved whenever The Count was on the show and of course my sister adored Big Bird, since he is yellow. I just have such fond memories of us bonding as a family over a show we all enjoyed. And now I’m able to do the same with my son. He loves Cookie Monster and I love being able to tell him how I used to watch Sesame Street when I was younger. He always just laughs and finds that funny though!

paige c

I loved the laughing elmo i got for christmas one year! I liked cookie monster a lot too 🙂


I loved watching Big Bird.




My favorite Sesame Street memory was watching the Cookie Monster devour cookies! I also remember that I learned how to count numbers better by singing along with Count von Count!


My favorite sesame Street memory is remembering my brother trying to hunt down a tickle me elmo doll for my niece one Christmas probably about 20 years ago! Elmo is a classic. My daughter now loves him. I may just have to make this for her upcoming birthday!

Kelly D

Yes, I remember taking my son to meet Elmo when he was 2. He kept hugging him and was so happy.


My favorite memory is when my son watched Sesame Street for the first time. He was so excited.

Jessie C.

My favorite Sesame Street memory is watching the TV show with my sisters.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jessie C.


Liz S.

My favorite Sesame Street memory is the “Rubber Ducky” song that Ernie sings. Love how lively and fun all of the characters are, but I distinctly remember Ernie and the love he had for his rubber ducky toy.

Lisa Brown

my favorite sesame street memories were watching sesame street at my grandparent’s home.

Lisa Brown


Heather W

Oh gosh! I think my favourite Sesame Street memory was from when I was young. I remember watching it all the time at my grandma’s house growing up. There was this one song called ‘Don’t Waste Water’ (that I can still remember the tune of to this day!) and every time it came on I would get up and dance around my grandma’s living room. I was a pretty shy, only child, so it was rare that I would get up and dance around like that. My grandma always got quite the kick out of it.


i adored watching sesame street as a child!! there was also a sesame st themed amusement park called ‘sesame place’ close by, and i remember it was like a dream come true to go there!

Alia Vo

I remember watching Sesame Street with my younger sister and singing along to all of the songs on the show! xx

Kathleen Eeg

I have always adored watching The Count on Sesame Street! He may be a little off-beat and live with bats, but he’s so much fun!


My favorite Sesame Street character when I was growing up was Big Bird still love him.


Sesame Street on HBO??? 🙁
That’s really sad!!! Sesame Street should be easily accessible to all children. Not just the ones with parents can afford HBO. 🙁

    Megan Gilmore

    It will be available later on public broadcasting, too!

Julie Wood

Our favorite memory is getting to see Cookie monster go nuts over his cookies and all the fun songs that my son and daughter love listening to with Cookie Monster. They even got a Cookie Monster toy for Christmas last year!

Julie Wood



I forgot all about Sesame Street! My sister and I watched it when were little. She had a Big Bird blanket that she carried everywhere. My mom says I was a Bert and Ernie fan although I can’t remember haha

Amy Tong

Yes, my favorite and most memorial Sesame Street was the episode they talk about a loved one passed away. I always have a hard time trying to explain to my kids on that concept. Love that episode as it brings comforts to me as well.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

Shawn Gallagher

Honest. All I can remember is Big Bird freaking me out =(

Angel Jacklyn

I remember my mother always making us special snacks when Sesame Street would come on… The good old days…. Ahhhhhh


My parents subscribed to a book club that delivered new Sesame Street books every week or month, (I can’t remember). I loved getting a new book and asking my parents to sit and read it to me!


I remember being a little girl and Sesame Street would be on every day I returned home from school- I’d laugh over Cookie Monster devouring all his cookies and having crumbs fall everywhere from his mouth….And I always thought my grandfather looked like Grover and my dad like Big Bird, lol….many laughs were shared when my dad would count like the Count, imitating his theatrical voice; I was always laughing hysterically as a result…

sherri crawford

not really a specific one but love the count ha ha ha

Rebecca Graham

I remmber watching Big Bird. He was my favorite.

Cynthia C

I remember watching Sesame Street with my kids and singing along to the songs with them.


Such a cute smoothie bowl! I remember watching sesame street with my sister ?


I still remember lots of the songs they sang. My kids love the show, too.


My favorite memory is just boding with my brother and cousins when we all gathered together to watch it 🙂

amanda sakovitz

i loved watching elmo

Faith Jacklyn

Yes! Watching Sesame Street with all my little friends at a birthday party one year!


I do not have a memory as I didn’t watch it when I was little, but I do remember my much younger sister watching it as a child.

CR Williams

My fave was when india arie came on the show

Tina m

My favorite Sesame Street memory was watching it with my son and we danced together.


I remember loving Mr. Snuffleupagus – I think because I liked saying his name!

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