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It may not seem like it now, but it took me a while to jump onto the high-speed blender wagon. When Austin and I moved to Los Angeles nearly 10 years ago, I brought with me a blender that I thought was pretty good at the time. (It was made by Breville, which I usually consider to make quality kitchen appliances.)

I remember hearing about high-speed blenders in the magazines and health books I was reading at the time, but I always thought to myself, “How much better could they really be?” I felt like my smoothies turned out good enough in my standard blender, so I stuck with it until it died… which only took about a year and a half.

two different blendersEven though we didn’t have a lot of spending money at the time, I couldn’t help but think I’d be saving money in the long-run by investing in a high-speed blender the next time around, since many of them came with a 7-year warranty. I had been buying a “good” $100 blender every year or two since I was in college, so spending $350 once, and then not buying another one for 7+ years sounded like a pretty good deal to me. However, I didn’t know which high-speed blender to buy– at the time, I had heard that Vitamix and Blendtec were pretty comparable.

Choosing the Vitamix

I couldn’t find any reviews online saying that one brand was decidedly better than the other, but my decision was helped by the fact that two of my friends had just gotten a Blendtec. I only had one experience using theirs– making frozen margaritas at their house– and I wasn’t super-impressed by it right off the bat. I remember that we had to start and stop the blender a couple times to use a spatula to help the ice reach the blades, because the Blendtec doesn’t come with a tamper. It was also REALLY loud. (Though, all high-speed blenders are fairly loud.)

blender with mango chunks in it

Because I wasn’t blown away by my initial experience with the Blendtec, I decided to go with the Vitamix because I thought the tamper seemed necessary. I had never even tried a Vitamix before buying it, but Amazon had a great deal on this 2-speed model at the time, so the timing seemed perfect. The moment it arrived, I was hooked. The tamper helped my smoothies blend in seconds, and they were always thick, creamy, and super-silky-smooth. It even breaks down seeds from berries, like raspberries and strawberries! I’ve been a happy Vitamix customer ever since– owning the same old blender for nearly 8 years now. I’ve only ever had one issue with my blender, and when I called Vitamix customer service they immediately sent me out a free brand-new replacement; no questions asked. Keep in mind that I use my blender up to 4 times a day, especially when I’m testing recipes for a cookbook, so it gets quite a workout!

My Experience with BlendTec

Because I’ve had such a good experience with my Vitamix, I’ve never looked into using another blender… that is, until Blendtec reached out to me a few months ago. They offered to send me a complimentary blender so I could see for myself how they compare to Vitamix. I’m always up for seeing if there is something better out there, so I happily accepted their offer and soon received the new blender. Right out of the box, I was super-impressed by the sleek design and light-up electric touch pad. It seemed nicer than any car I’ve ever owned! Another nice perk of the Blendtec is that it fits under my kitchen cabinets fully assembled– the Vitamix container is taller, so I have to store the blender pitcher next to the base, rather than on top of it. (Not a big deal either way, but I think it’s worth mentioning in case you’re OCD about how your countertops look!) Regardless of how it is stored, you still have to pull the blender away from the wall to add anything inside– I couldn’t keep the blender under the cabinets on my counter while actually using it.

blendtec blender

While I was very impressed by the look and feel of the Blendtec, my first experience blending was not love at first use. I made my usual go-to chocolate smoothie in the Blendtec using their smoothie pre-set “smoothie” button, and it took significantly longer than the Vitamix to create a smooth consistency– probably because I wasn’t using a tamper to help stir it along like I usually do with the Vitamix. I think it’s also worth noting that I’m used to my shakes being super-thick and smooth, like a traditional chocolate milkshake, and it was difficult to achieve this texture since the Blendtec doesn’t come with a tamper to help keep everything moving towards the blades. (The Blendtec’s electric touch pad actually kept warning me that my smoothie was too thick– it wanted me to add liquid, which would have resulted in a thin and runny smoothie.) I stopped and scraped down the blender twice, and even after that I found small bits of dates in my final product– enough to clog my straw while I was attempting to drink it. I’m so spoiled by how smooth my smoothies are with the Vitamix, that I was really disappointed to have a less-than-perfect smoothie! (My other family members were disappointed by the texture, too, to the point that my son wouldn’t even drink a smoothie made in the BlendTec.)

After that first experience, I didn’t use the Blendtec again for a few days because I didn’t want to risk my family members not enjoying another smoothie. In fact, I didn’t try it again until the Blendtec reps reached out to me, asking how my experience was. They were surprised to hear that my first experience wasn’t great, but I promised them I would try again to see if it was just beginner’s bad luck. I later tried making an all-fruit smoothie using the manual settings instead of the pre-set button (because I prefer manual settings and having full control), but the final result was also disappointing because the seeds from the strawberries didn’t totally break down, and I had to add more liquid than I would have liked to in order to keep the smoothie blending without a tamper– so the overall smoothie was too runny. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed the second time around, either.

To give them a fair shot, I also tried blending a smoothie in the smaller Twister jar that came with my BlendTec package, to see if the spatula-like attachments on the side of the lid would help with a smoother blend. Unfortunately, the Twister jar is not intended for liquid smoothies (it’s intended for making nut butter or dips like hummus and guacamole), so I ended up with a messy disaster there, too. I would consider the optional smaller blender jar for nut-butters a “perk” of the BlendTec, but it’s not enough in my opinion to make up for the lower-quality smoothies, since that’s what I use a blender for the most often.

After reporting my unsatisfactory experience to the BlendTec reps, they recommended that I call their customer service line to see if I could be doing something wrong. I had already read the instruction manual and used the pre-set smoothie buttons– shouldn’t it be that easy to use such an expensive blender? (As a side note, I’ve never had to call a customer service line for any other brand of blender I’ve used to make sure I’m not the problem.)

Side-By-Side Comparison

vitamix and blendtec blendersIn a nutshell, here’s how I feel that the two blenders compare:

blendtec versus vitamix pros and consTo me, the Vitamix is the clear winner and that’s what I would ultimately recommend you buy if you’re trying to decide between the two. To be fair, I think if you’re upgrading from a standard blender, anyone would be impressed by the texture of a smoothie made in the Blendtec, because it’s definitely going to be an upgrade from what you’re used to. However, I think it would be very difficult to enjoy using the BlendTec after using the Vitamix. (But maybe that’s just me– all I can share is my own opinion.)


To be clear, this is not a sponsored post and I have no affiliation with Vitamix. They did not send me a free blender, and I’m still using my 8-year-old, two-speed model that I bought myself. In my opinion, my old Vitamix blender creates better smoothies than the free newer model that BlendTec sent me. (I’ve heard that BlendTec is amazing at milling grains into flour, but I find the Vitamix to be perfectly adequate in that regard as well.) Clearly, I’m under no obligation to post a positive review on BlendTec’s behalf, despite the fact that they sent me a free blender. (I will always post my honest opinions!)

Money-Saving Tip:

If you’re looking to buy a new blender but don’t want to pay full-price, I’d recommend looking into the refurbished options, like this certified refurbished Vitamix model, which still comes with a 5-year warranty. Vitamix also makes a new low-profile model that fits under kitchen cabinets, and that model is available in a cheaper certified refurbished option, as well.

Note: I would like to eventually add some other blender recommendations to this post, especially if I get the chance to try the new Ninja blender model. When testing recipes for my last cookbook, I did borrow a friend’s Ninja, and the results were terrible– but it was a very old model, and I’m guessing the newer models are better. Are they comparable to the Vitamix, though? I’ll report back when I know for sure! 

Reader Feedback: Do you have a favorite blender? I hope this post is helpful if you’re shopping for a new one! I know there are some fervent BlendTec fans out there, so also feel free to chime in if you think I missed something. I always try to keep an open mind!

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Megan Gilmore

Hi, I’m Megan. A former fast food junkie turned best-selling cookbook author. I create healthy recipes made with simple ingredients to make your life easier.

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  1. I agree:) My friends have a BlendTec and I tried making them your chia chocolate smoothie. Same problem with bits of dates and seeds not completely pulverized. When we got home and made it the next day with our vitamix my husband mentioned how much better it was than the ones I made with the BlendTec…They have a problem for sure!!
    So Glad I made the right choice too:)

  2. WOW! I’m impressed by how many comments this post has already!!! I’ve tried a few things so thought i would add my thoughts:
    I used to have a large vitamix and it was amazing!!! It was only a loan one so had to give it back and ended up with a bullet as I was moving and didn’t want to invest in a large blender and with the large blade it made smoothies that were liquidy and banana icecream with a lot of shaking, not comparable but fine, the big blade broke after 6 months and you can’t just buy replacement blades so it seems like a lot to through out instead of just getting new blades!
    I went home on vacation and used my Mum’s blendtec and agree with this review, it just didn’t get my smoothie as smooth but I didn’t use it heaps/have time to experiment too much. (I also have a thermomix – which I have lent out as i live overseas- which aren’t sold in the US I think and that was great for making nut butters really thick and for smoothies but the next level of machine and super expensive)
    This year i bought a vitamix S30 (the personal size) and it’s pretty amazing!! It makes smoothies soooo smooth, you do have to babysit it from walking across the table it is so powerful. I haven’t made nut butter in it as I can get it at the store freshly made but the base of the blender is pretty small so I think it would struggle. It’s not as good as the big one but it is perfect for me, cooking for 1 and small amounts, like a couple of cups of sauce etc.
    I also have a ninja fit at work for smoothies and it works fine, blends smoothies much better than the magic bullet (and doesn’t sound like it’s dying) but in comparison to the vitamix it doesn’t come close, still little bits in it but perfectly fine for a smoothie with kale, ice, frozen fruit.
    So I’ve tried a few things and if you can afford Vitamix I would go with that, and the refurbished model since it’s cheaper 🙂

  3. Thanks for this Megan. My husband and I are smack in the middle of discussing whether to invest in a Vitamix. I own a Nutribullet right now, which is great, but it has a few technical issues that are starting to drive me a bit nuts. I briefly owned a Vitamix a few years back and didn’t appreciate the tamper, but maybe I’ll feel differently now. 🙂

    1. Best investment ever. Leap of faith. Just do it. If you hold off till Christmas they are often cheaper. Vitamix also has payment plans.(which I’m sure you all would already know). If you buy from manufacturer its automatically under warranty and if you ever upgrade I believe I read they will deduct 100 off your next machine and recycle your old one for you. If you have or want kids. It is a godsend to help them eat their greens.

  4. I have a vitamix I got three years ago. I did get the model that is shorter and fits under my cabinet. It came with a tamper and I have never had to use it. I love the dial on mine if j go between slow and fast manual I do not need a tamper or spatula. I love how the smoothest are super smooth but still cold and thick not runny. Vitamix is amazing and worth it. I use mine 1-2 times daily.

  5. I would love to eventually get a Vitamix, but it’s definitely something I’m going to have to save up for.
    I’ve been using my Nutribullet for the past 4 years and LOVE it.
    I love how small it is, it’s super powerful, and it makes amazing smoothies.
    I’ve had some problems with the sealing rubber section of the blade part, but I just return it to Bed Bath & Beyond and they give me a brand new one!
    Now that I’ve moved in with my boyfriend and we have 2 Nutribullets, I’ve taken mine to work so I can make fresh smoothies on my lunch break! (I like them very cold and fresh, I may be a little bit pregnant)

    I would also recommend the Nutribullet for trips! Because it’s so small and easy to use.

    I really wish I would’ve paid for the preorder bonus in order to get your famous chocolate shake recipe 🙁
    I have your Everyday Detox cookbook and your Warm & Cozy Detox recipe set and there isn’t anything in there close to what your preorder chocolate shake sounds like 🙁

  6. Thank you so much for the honest review! Looks like I’ll keep on keepin’ on with the Vitamix!

  7. Thanks for this post. I am considering getting a high speed blender because I would really like to try making things like cashew cream and other things that require the power of a high speed blender. Your post and the other comments have helped me to know that Vitamix is the way the way to go!

  8. Thank you so much for posting such an honest review! I stalked the Vitamix for about 5 years before finally just buying one 3 months ago. I didn’t do too much research comparing it against the BlendTwc, even after a good friend said he bought a BlendTec specifically for green smoothies which is what I bought my Vitamkx for! I really couldn’t get anyone in my life to understand why I needed a $500 for smoothies but after years of literally chewing my spinach smoothies and being grossed out to the point of not drinking them anymore, I finally made the decision to buy a Vitamix. The only way I found it to be affordable was going through QVC. They had as a special value one day and made it available through their Easy Pay offer. I paid $80 for 5 months and no interest and couldn’t be happier! I picked one of the newest models in a pretty light blue color. I’m obsessed with it and use it everyday. I really don’t care if other people don’t get it-that blender has changed my life and made me so happy! I was slightly nervous as I started to read your post, and was afraid you were going to say the BlendTec was superior. I’m very happy that your research has proven Vitamix the winner!

  9. I really appreciate your comparison between these two blenders. Even though I’m not in the market for a new blender at this time ,I often wonder how they compare to each other. Most of the time when a person comes upon a demostration it’s the company that selling their product and they aren’t always completely honest. Thank you.

  10. I’ve had my Vitamix for probably 6 years now, best thing I ever bought for my kitchen. My Sister, wanting to begin a healthier lifestyle bought a refurbished model after using mine for the week she visited me. She was able to get a newer model than mine AND make payments for six months. I think she ended up paying $300 for hers. As a result she’s eating healthier (starting her day with a veggie loaded smoothie), started walking regularly and has dropped 40 pounds. I’ve had to make one service call to Vitamix, they responded quickly and took care of the matter immediately. My Sister and i would DEFINITELY recommend Vitamix.