What I Ate: In the Office (And news!)

I’ve got lots of news for you today, starting with the fact that we have moved. Our little family recently left California and moved back to the Midwest, where we have lots of family (yay for grandparents!) along with a lower cost of living and WAY less traffic.

toddler outside with dog

(While shopping for our new house, our son thought all the front yards were “parks” because he had never seen so much grass! Ha ha.)

Moving back home means I’m working in my company’s office again, which is actually a refreshing change after working from home for so long (and pulling my hair out somedays) with a toddler– with no help. What people don’t tell you about working from home while also staying at home with a child, is that you’re not really “having it all.” You basically feel like you’re doing a bad job at everything all day long, and the work never ends because whatever you don’t finish during the day you just end up doing at night. I was slowly losing my mind in that situation… so, in this case, change is very good.

One more change that we’re pretty excited about?

We have another baby on the way! Our timing is a little crazy this time, because I basically found out I was pregnant the day I signed the deal for my next cookbook– which means I had to develop 90% of the recipes during my first trimester, when all food sounded terrible. However, my goal is always to make healthy comfort food that appeals to even picky eaters, and for the first three months I was the definition of a picky eater– no vegetables sounded good, and it truly felt like a chore to eat anything healthy! So, if these recipes sound good to me, I hope they’ll sound good to you, too. I’ll be sure to share more details about the book when I can (it won’t be released until next year), and I’ll probably share more on the pregnancy as it progresses, too. (You can see the posts from my first pregnancy here.)

Okay, back to the theme of this post– food!

I’m hoping that working in an office again will help me to provide you with more packed lunch and snack ideas, because I need them now more than ever myself. Up until recently, I wasn’t that excited about food, but I hit the 18-week mark this week and all of the sudden I think the baby must be having a growth spurt, because I’m suddenly starving every 2 hours! So, here’s a peek at what I brought to my office yesterday:

watermelon slices, raspberries, and a smoothie in a cup with a straw

Morning: Before I leave for work, I make a BIG batch of green smoothie for my family to share. My husband and I both use these 24 ounce cups to take the smoothies to our offices, and my son gets his half-way full in a matching cup so that his shake looks like ours– which is very important at his age! Most mornings I make the Chocolate Superfood Shake (recipe in this bonus pack), because it’s loaded with enough fat and fiber to keep me full for the whole morning, and I add two handfuls of spinach, which blends right into the chocolate color.

That smoothie used to keep me full until lunch, but currently I need a little extra something around 10 or 11am. I’ll usually polish off a large serving of fruit (yesterday it was the entire box of raspberries), and maybe a handful of dried mulberries, too.

Lunch: I packed a double-serving of my Quinoa Pasta Salad to share with my son over my lunch break. I topped my serving with a hefty portion of crumbled feta, and then I also shared some baked chips and hummus with the little guy, because he’s still pretty leery of quinoa. (Our deal is that he has to take at least one bite before he moves onto one of his other favorites– like hummus or guacamole.)

Late Afternoon: I snacked on half the box of watermelon that I had brought from home, and later I ended up eating three big pieces of my chocolate freezer fudge. (An easy thing to keep in the work freezer at all times!) The recipe I’ve been using lately will be in the next book, but this one is similar.

Dinner: When I get home from work, we usually share more fruit with my son– lately it’s been pears and oranges. And then Austin offered to pick up dinner, so I wouldn’t have to cook, which I happily accepted! My favorite take-out lately has been a large Greek salad with a side of white bean hummus. My son eats the hummus straight with a spoon, and our local pizza place offers sliced cucumbers on the side instead of bread as a gluten-free option. (Sometimes we still get the flatbread, but I love that more places are offering healthy options!)

Late-Night: I’m still polishing up the final recipe list for the next cookbook, so around 9 or 10pm I’ll usually work on one more recipe– and last night it was vegan tacos! I had a few sample bites of that, along with an experimental avocado crema, before working on my computer for the rest of the night. (There are several late nights in my future, but at least it’s only temporary.) The leftover tacos will be my packed lunch for today, so it all works out, even if I feel like a crazy person for cooking so late at night. Ha ha!

So, that’s my super-long update for the week. If you made it this far, I’m impressed!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week? 

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Congratulations! It was good to see your email after long time.


Super excited about baby and pregnancy posts, particularly since I’m only about 2-3 weeks behind you with my first! I hear you about it being hard to eat healthy in the first trimester – just hit 18 weeks today and still not feeling the veggie love which is super sad for me, but your progress is giving me hope!!

Best of luck with all the wonderful changes!!


Wow, congrats! You amaze me, how the heck do you have time to work full time at home while caring for your baby at the same time? While also writing a cookbook?!?! I think I would be in the looney bin !
Looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy. My daughter is a few months younger than your son, so I learned quite a bit from you!

Lyzz Kirk

Congrats on all the news!! Is wondering if that would be it, I was due pretty much the same time as you last time, and I’m expecting again myself. The world send very small sometimes! And I don’t know how you managed to work from home with no help, I know the feeling and happy for you that you are closer to family and have an office to go to.


Congratulations, Megan! I am currently pregnant with my first child and am also due in September. It’s great to have someone I know go through the same things as I am 🙂 I love seeing what you eat, it inspires me now that food sounds interesting again 😉 I wish you all the best in your new home. Take care!


I take some fruit to work with me, a banana and a peach or an apricot if they’re in season. I eat one piece of fruit around about 11, when breakfast wears off, and for lunch I eat a garden salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers some olives and maybe green peppers) with tuna and anchovies (if I’m lucky). Sometimes Sardines or Mackerel or Chicken (if there’s leftover from dinner) for a change.

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