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My blender is out of commission this week. It started smoking(!) this past weekend while making our morning smoothies, so I’m awaiting a replacement from the Vitamix company and am sorely missing the use of a blender this week. I can’t believe how much I use that thing! (I’m also grateful for the amazing warranty– I didn’t have to pay a dime for the company to replace any part on my machine.)

smoothie in a glass with a straw

In lieu of smoothies for breakfast, we’ve been having green juice this week. This one is kinda murky-colored thanks to the carrots, but it was a delicious blend of romaine, kale, carrots, cucumber, lemon, parsley and ginger.

bowl of red grapes

Followed later in the morning by a bowl of organic grapes. I used to think that I was allergic to all grapes, but it turns out I’m only allergic to the conventional variety– so it must be a pesticide that I’m actually sensitive to. Now that the organic varieties are in season and available, I’m happy to be enjoying them this summer!


salad in a bowl

We had purchased an organic rotisserie chicken the other night, so I whipped up a large mixed green salad topped with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and leftover chicken pulled off the bone, all dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette. I’m actually not the biggest fan of chicken (I’ve just never cared for it), but I hate wasting meat, so this helped polish off the stash in the fridge. It did fill me up, but I really don’t want any more chicken for a while…


vegetable salad in a bowl

I’ve had some Asian-flavored coleslaw marinating in our fridge all week, so I fixed myself a small bowl of that topped with fresh avocado for a late-afternoon snack. I love the blend of carrots, red onion, cabbage and cilantro!


coconut curry in a pan

Vegetable curry is quickly becoming one of our favorite evening meals because it’s so quick and easy to prepare!

On this particular night, I didn’t have time to chop vegetables, so I simply used a one-pound bag of organic frozen veggies as the filler for the dish, along with a chopped sweet potato, and cooked it all in a homemade coconut curry sauce. We split this entire pan of veggies between the two of us, and served it over bowls of cooked quinoa for a filling and delicious meal.

coconut flour cookies on a cookie sheet

For dessert, we sampled some FAILED chocolate chip cookies. I tried making a coconut flour cookie with a flax egg, and it was a disaster! Coconut flour and flax eggs just don’t seem to mix very well. They tasted great, but they were total mush. Good thing we’re not too picky when it comes to desserts.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Hello, I love, love, love your site!! Would you please share your coconut curry… I simply can’t wait to try it! And by the way, many, many blessing for your baby boy, I really am exited for you and your family. I have a 2 year old daughter and I cannot imagine my life without her. If I may, I would like to recommend Earth Mother Angel Baby products, they are the best when it comes chemical free, organic, baby skin care.


Hope your new VitaMix arrives soon! I can’t imagine living without it either. Eek!

This week we’re eating a few recipes from your site: eggplant pizzas, black bean & sweet potato enchiladas, cheesy spaghetti squash casserole (one of my faves!), and a new recipe I found…black bean and sweet potato quinoa patties. Time to pick a dessert too since we finished off your grain free peanut butter cookies the other day (they’re a staple!). Ha! Thanks for all the great recipes 🙂

Rachel Cate

I don’t know what I would do without my vitamin either! I know what you mean about chicken. It can be really bland. However have you tried buying just the legs or thighs? The flavour is completely different and it’s much juicer and moist. Thank you or your posts. I eagerly wait for each one xxx

Rebecca Mason

I have been tested to be intollerant to the dust/powder that is on grapes but if each grape is rubbed and washed I can eat the grape. So you must be similar. Time to find some organic ones it seems.


My new obsession is keeping my organic grapes in the freezer. They are so refreshing to eat straight from the freezer. They are like little popsicles. Yum.


Would love the recipes for the curry and Asian salad as well. Please post soon! 🙂


I, too, would be interested in the veg curry and Asian slaw recipes. We aren’t eating anything interesting this week because we’re at the beach and have only a makeshift kitchen (microwave, electric fry pan and Magic Bullet).


Im trying to get my vitamix fixed too. The service center hasnt called me back uet. The motor has been shutting off ever since i got it. Ive never been able to make pesto, mayo, nut butters… Basically if it doesnt have at least two cups of liquid, the blades will not blend. I thought it was supposed to be he king of blenders but i wish i woulve went with a blendtec. I hope vitamix will send me a replacement because i only got it in 2011. I dont have the box anymore though…


    I’m sorry to hear that! I’d recommend following up with them over the phone during their business hours– they were really quick for me when I talked to a representative. You don’t need the box, just the serial number on the back of the motor.

    I’ve tried using the BlendTec before, and I have to say, I like the Vitamix MUCH more!


      thanks megan. I’ve never used a blendtec, but I just get frustrated with my vitamix! it’s been like this since I got it- the motor dies a few days a week and then I have to transfer my mixture into the food processor to finish it up.

      I figure I will call again on Monday. good to know about the number on the motor. I was like ‘how am I gonna prove when I got it?’

      did you call the actual vitamix company? I just called a service center in my area that fixes appliances. it was recommended on their site.


        Yes, you need to call the actual Vitamix company to get a replacement under warranty. You can find their support contact info here: https://www.vitamix.com/Customer-Service/Contact-Us

        The motor should definitely not work like that– mine has been perfect for the last 3+ years (and I use mine 3x a day), so you definitely need to get that fixed!


I’d love the asian slaw recipe!!

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