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What I Ate Wednesday

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diced cantelope in a bowl and a bowl of blended chia pudding

I’m normally not a fan of cantaloupe, but for some reason it smelled so good when I was grocery shopping this week! I’ve been starting off my mornings with this fresh melon all week.

When I feel hungry later, I’ve been whipping up a bowl of blended chia pudding, with an added tablespoon of grass-fed gelatin. It doesn’t look very pretty, but it sure does taste good!

Early Afternoon Snack

banana slices on a plate with almond butter

As I’ve mentioned before, my growing stomach needs smaller, more frequent meals lately. My first “snack” of the afternoon shouldn’t be surprising at all… sliced bananas with homemade almond butter.

Late Afternoon Snack

salad in a bowlFor my second snack of the day, I had a large mixed green salad topped with roasted beets, homegrown cherry tomatoes, raw apple cider vinaigrette, and a hefty chunk of goat cheese. As you can see from the picture, I like to really chop up my salads so I get a little bit of everything in each bite!


green smoothie in a glass with a straw

I love having a big glass of green juice before my evening meals lately. This one was very green, thanks to some extra kale, and also included romaine, cucumber, carrots, half an apple, and lemon.

vegetable masala in a bowl

Followed by a bowl of homemade Indian food! This was my first attempt at making a dairy-free Vegetable Masala, featuring a sweet potatoes and assorted veggies, and served over a bed of cooked quinoa. It was pretty darn spicy, but delicious!

I have been craving Reese’s cups lately, so it’s a good thing I keep a stash of homemade Peanut Butter eggs in my freezer. They seem to stay good forever!

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating lately?

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All your eats look awesome. That homemade indian food sounds incredible!
I always forget how much I love Indian food until I try it again.
And I need to try that blended chia pudding asap.

Alexis @ Hummusapien

Dairy-free vegetable masala?! I’d be all over that recipe! I plowed through a honeydew last week…so I feel ya on the melons.


Megan, what time do you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 🙂


    I’m not sure what time every meal is, but I usually start eating around 9:30 lately, and spread out my meals 2-3 hours after that. (There’s also room in the late afternoon for a post-work nap!)


Mmm 🙂 I’ve never heard of adding gelatin to chia seed pudding…can you tell me what you used it for?

Also, have you ever made almond butter in the Vitamix..I know you mentioned it works for softer nuts like cashews. There’s a lot of information on soaking your nuts and seeds prior to consuming-do you soak and dry them before you blend them into butter. I’ve tried to soak them and let them air dry completely but it changes the texture and it doesn’t seem to work based on my experiments.



    I’ve been experimenting with gelatin as a supplement, and adding it to the chia pudding is just a good way to “hide” it. 🙂 (You can see my post from yesterday about some of the potential benefits of gelatin.)

    I haven’t had the best luck making almond butter in the Vitamix, but I know other people do. It just sounds like it’s going to burn-out my motor (or burn my almonds), so I get too scared! The food processor is way more reliable in my experience, though I do use the Vitamix for other nut butters. I don’t typically soak my nuts before making nut butters because the texture does seem to change, and the result isn’t as desirable. If you do soak them, I think you’d have to let them air-dry for days in a warm room, or use a dehydrator, to make sure they are truly dry enough before blending.


Megan..I chopped up the cantaloupe…blended it well and then chilled it a bit ….for a nice summer soup ….topped with cinnamon..yummm


I love your “What I ate Wednesday” post. You can add Indian flavor to your vegetables by tempering them with cumin seeds and mustard seeds in one tsp mustard oil. and throw some shredded coconut over them while sauteing. It will enhance the flavor of the vegetables. choice of vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, beans and peas) these vegetables goes well with this seasoning and coconut.


I made a base for a vegan Mac & cheese last night made in the food processor of raw ground cashews, coconut milk, braggs nutritional yeast, dash of turmeric, I think this would work for a base for an Indian korma curry in place of the typical yogurt base…in case you want to try it.


I don’t know what it is but I really like eating cantaloupe with blueberries.

Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl

I love chopped salads and yours looks delicious! I’m a big cantaloupe fan, but watermelon is really where it’s at! 😉

Davida @The Healthy Maven

Wow you eat better than anyone I know! So yummy!!


For years I felt scared when I ate salads, but your blog with your beautiful and frequent salads as a main staple of your day has made me start it up again….but then there there was the cyclospora outbreak this month with lettuce and I got all scared again. I do buy my lettuce/greens organic exclusively, and local (rarely, as we just moved and I don’t know where to get it)….but even organic can have outbreaks. Do you ever worry about it, or been affected, with all the salads you eat?
We want to grow our own lettuce, but it is hard for it not to be bitter in this Florida heat.


    Nope, I’ve actually never worried about that, nor have I known anyone affected. I do stick to organic greens at home, and when we dine out I’ll only order a salad if I trust the restaurant– otherwise I’ll stick to cooked foods.


Today started my day with a green juice. Later a serving of 0% fat plain greek yogurt + 1 Tbsp of chia seeds and some cinnamon. Lunch was a salad topped with egg, avocado, vinegar & oil and some dark chocolate (always need something sweet!). Dinner is TBD 😉

You’ve inspired many of my meals and I love your blog so much! Yours and the “Oh She Glows” blog are my favorite 🙂


    Aw, thanks! I love Angela’s blog, too. 🙂

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

LOVE veggie masala! I hope you post the recipe 🙂

Alison @ Daily Moves and Grooves

Mmm goat cheese! I’ve been eating lots of eggs and yogurt because my family has been on-the-go for vacation recently. It’s a good thing I like my dairy 🙂

Living Outside of the Box

Oooh…and when do we get to see that masala recipe?!!


That curry looks amazing!!


That all looks good, but here’s a thought. With all that fruit, grains and chia, it’s no wonder you eat every couple of hours. Your blood sugar might be out of control.


    The timing actually has more to do with the fact that I’m pregnant.

Nancy A.

Love all your recipes so much!! The raw apple cider vinaigrette is delicious and one I will definitely continue to make! My new fav, tastes delicious as well as good for my health!


Not only does your food look delicious, but that is a cute bowl your cantaloupe is in! If you dont’ mind my asking, where did you get that?


    I bought it at West Elm!


As I am in last stages of pregnancy I also have to eat every couple hours. I just do not have the room for bigger meals! I do start my eating a lot earlier than you do as I get up early with a toddler. Today I had a green juice made with collards, celery, carrots, apple, and lime. Then it was two eggs cooked in pasture butter with fish oil supplement and a spoonful of kimchi. After that I had some oats which had been soaked in water and yogurt for 18 hrs and rinsed cooked in almond milk, cinammon,coconut flakes, and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. And I just had an oz of pastured ground beef with one chip (my husband and son were eating it and I tired a bite) and chia seed pudding. I am loading up on the healthy fats in this last stage of pregnancy.


Megan , in one of the comments above you say that you rather use a food processor then a vitamix to make almond butter. I am in the quest for a good food processor that is not too expensive, which one do you use? I bought a Kitchen Aid one for 99 yesterday to make nut cheese, and it worked, it just took very long to become smooth. I have a champion juicer so I usually just use that to make the nut butters because it makes such creamy butter, I love it.

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