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green smoothie in a glass with a straw

I started off my morning with a very green smoothie! This one included raw young coconut meat, frozen banana, a couple Medjool dates, spirulina, fresh spinach, vanilla, and cinnamon. It made 32 oz. worth, so I sipped on this for most of the morning.


bowl of yogurt with sliced plum chunks on top

In the early afternoon, I snacked on a bowl of plain goat’s milk yogurt topped with chopped plums.

salad in a bowl

Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed a large salad topped with cucumbers, roasted beets, cherry tomatoes and leftover organic chicken, dressed with honey balsamic dressing.


salad in a bowl and potato salad in a bowl

I started off the evening with another salad, this time topped with raw bell peppers and sliced avocado, plus more honey balsamic dressing. Followed by a bowl of steamed red potatoes, mashed with grass-fed butter.

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

For dessert, Austin and I both enjoyed a couple of these coconut flour chocolate chip cookies. I posted about these on Facebook yesterday, to see if this is a recipe worth posting– the texture is very soft and cake-like, rather than dense and chewy like I usually prefer my cookies. Austin is a huge fan, so maybe I’ll probably post them soon, in case anyone else enjoys cake-like cookies, too.

Reader Feedback: What are YOU eating this week?

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Fit n Fifty

Farmers market treasures: Roasted beets, sweet potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, all colors of peppers and red onion. Roasted to perfection and tossed with balsamic, garlic and thyme.


Please post those cookies!

I’m on day 4 of a 21 day no sugar challenge, and I’m feeling great. I just had your vanilla chia seed pudding for breakfast (why did I wait so long to try it?!). Lunch will be sweet potato soup, and dinner is going to be wild caught BC salmon. Also on our menu plan for this week are various smoothies, rotisserie chicken, a sprouted black bean dish, chicken soup and your savory quinoa pilaf. It feels like fall here, and it’s making me crave comfort food.


Megan please post your cookie recipe! I have the biggest sweet tooth now that I am pregnant and I trust your “treats”, they are always delicious


All your meals look excellent! I actually just picked up some spirulina and am kind of surprised by how much I like it. I’d heard it was super potent, but I happen to love the taste.


Hello Megan!!
Do you ever have “cheat meals” to rev up your metabolism once in a while? I ask because i was recommended to eat once a week or twice something i normally would not or eat out so my body does not get used to eating “too clean” And get sick when it eats something different. I usually eat a diet similar to yours, what do you think? If you agree, might i ask your opinion for somethng you would consider a “cheat meal” (which is an obsurb term ๐Ÿ™‚ )? Would really love and value your opinion!


    Yes, I absolutely have “cheat” meals! I don’t eat them in order to “rev up” my metabolism or anything, but I find that I’m more content when I’m not militant about diet or lifestyle choices. I’d say that I eat something pretty decadent at least once or twice a week, usually on the weekend when we’re socializing, which could include anything from a cheeseburger and fries to a deep dish pizza followed by a scoop of gelato.


      Megan, this question is rather personal, so I understand if you would prefer not to answer. And I hope that it doesn’t sound judgeamental, because that is not how it was intended.

      Your strategy with cheat meals makes sense, and I think that it may even be beneficial for my sanity. But every time I have sugar, or dairy, or even grain, my daughter, who is 1 and nursing, suffers (my 3 year old and I have dairy and wheat intolerances and I find that I feel so much better off sugar and grains). I wasn’t careful during my pregnancies, but I also didn’t know then what I have since learned about diet and its effect on do many subtle and not so subtle facets of health.

      All that being said, my question is – since you find that you feel better without dairy and grain, are you worried at all about how your cheat meals might be affecting your baby? I am absolutely not a person who believes in ‘perfect’ diets, I just had to ask because I miss cheese SO much and I wish that I could have a cheat, but I just cant make my daughter suffer.


        That isn’t something I worry about at the moment, as my body seems to have become less-sensitive to foods during my pregnancy. If my body had a poor reaction to a certain food, I certainly wouldn’t continue eating it, though! And if my baby has a sensitivity to certain foods in the future, I wouldn’t consider “cheating” with those, either.


Wow, sorry for all the typos! Ipad is tricky at times ๐Ÿ™‚

Davida @The Healthy Maven

Post them!!! They look absolutely scrumptious! I made chocolate chip muffins yesterday but when those are done these cookies are up next!

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

Yes, post the recipe for the cookies!!

Elaine Brisebois, Holistic Nutritionist

Your day looks delicious as usual! I’ve also been enjoying those seasonal red potatoes steamed and topped with organic butter as an accompaniment to my dinner meals. I also like the looks of those coconut-flour cookies:)


Oh yum, I usually like my cake cakey and my cookies chewy, but those just look awesome! Give up the recipe!

And, a question, for 32 oz. of smoothie, what was your ratio of ingredients? I’ve been creating some new smoothies lately, and I sometimes feel that for the density of flavor I like, I may be using too much density of sweet/fat per serving. But then, I too will sip on it as my main morning meal, and I need satisfaction and energy! I just don’t do wimpy, light, low-fat smoothies. There’s always some nut butter or something in there.


Sounds like a day of good eats! I had an awesome 16-24 ounce green smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch with romaine, cilantro, ginger, soaked almonds, coconut oil and Celtic sea salt – delicious. I’ll have quinoa for dinner tonight with greens. Organic celery sticks thrown in there for snacks.


I love cake like cookies ! black & white cookies are my favorite ! I would love for you to make a healthy version of them ! & please post the recipe !


Please post the recipe of those coconut flour cookies!!!!! i LOVE that cake like texture


I have been eating goat’s milk yogurt with fresh blueberries (that I picked at a local U-pick farm) for a snack lately. So good!!


I work at a juice/smoothie bar on Block Island, RI and I am sitting on the porch of the cafe and I just saw this green smoothie on your post. I went right into the cafe and recreated it with frozen pineapple, banana, dates, spirulina and coconut water and it’s AWESOME!!! Everyone loved it!!!


I want all of this right now.


I really appreciate your blog and approach to eating. Thank you so much! Yes, Please post the cookie recipe! Best wishes with your pregnancy!!

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