What I Ate Wednesday


green smoothie in a glass with a straw

I started off my morning with a very green smoothie! This one included raw young coconut meat, frozen banana, a couple Medjool dates, spirulina, fresh spinach, vanilla, and cinnamon. It made 32 oz. worth, so I sipped on this for most of the morning.


bowl of yogurt with sliced plum chunks on top

In the early afternoon, I snacked on a bowl of plain goat’s milk yogurt topped with chopped plums.

salad in a bowl

Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed a large salad topped with cucumbers, roasted beets, cherry tomatoes and leftover organic chicken, dressed with honey balsamic dressing.


salad in a bowl and potato salad in a bowl

I started off the evening with another salad, this time topped with raw bell peppers and sliced avocado, plus more honey balsamic dressing. Followed by a bowl of steamed red potatoes, mashed with grass-fed butter.

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

For dessert, Austin and I both enjoyed a couple of these coconut flour chocolate chip cookies. I posted about these on Facebook yesterday, to see if this is a recipe worth posting– the texture is very soft and cake-like, rather than dense and chewy like I usually prefer my cookies. Austin is a huge fan, so maybe I’ll probably post them soon, in case anyone else enjoys cake-like cookies, too.

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I want all of this right now.


I really appreciate your blog and approach to eating. Thank you so much! Yes, Please post the cookie recipe! Best wishes with your pregnancy!!

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