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5-Day Fall Reset

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Fall is here, and I’m thrilled to share with you a new mini e-book that I’ve designed to help you stay on track with your health goals as the weather cools down. Similar to my 5-Day Make Ahead Reset program, this new digital guide is filled with recipes, meal plans, and meal prep tips to make healthy eating easier— only this time the recipes are Fall-inspired!

fall reset cover with bowl of pumpkin soup

Why only 5 days?

I love creating shorter meal plans like this one, because it is affordable and more approachable for you. There’s no long-term commitment, because you’ll be following the guidelines in this program for just 5 days. You can do ANYTHING for 5 days.

That leaves your weekend free for social events (so you won’t feel deprived during any holiday parties coming up!), and you can go right back to this plan the following week if you want to keep your momentum going. Which, I hope you’ll do.

stuffed potatoes, carrot noodles, and spiced almond milk

What’s Included?

This is a digital PDF that is 58-pages long (to be clear, it’s not a printed book). It includes easy recipes that have been developed specifically for this program, using seasonal produce, all of which are plant-based and gluten-free.

Here’s what you’ll find in this guide:

  • 15 Fall-inspired recipes & photos (probably more than you’ll need for 5 days!)
  • Tips that may help support detoxification and weight loss
  • Two complete 5-day Meal Plans for one person (that way you’ll try all of the recipes without a lot of leftover food waste)
  • One complete 5-day Meal Plan for two adults
  • Shopping lists for all 3 meal plans
  • 3 detailed “Meal Prep” Guides, customized for each meal plan
  • A Sample Daily Schedule
  • Printable Food Journal
  • Bonus recipe ideas to help you continue after the 5 days!

If you’re like me, and don’t follow a vegan diet all the time, I find that making vegan recipes for 5 days encourages you to eat more plants, and as a result you’ll squeeze more nutrients into your day. We can all use extra nutrients around this time of the year!

fall meal plan

These meal plans are also properly combined, so all the guess-work is done for you, and they include 3 meals + 2 snacks each day to keep you feeling satisfied.

Paleo Modifications

In case you prefer more of a grain-free, or Paleo, approach, there are also modifications included in this digital guide to make that easy. There are only 3 recipes that call for gluten-free grains or lentils in this guide, so it’s easy enough to switch those out for a Paleo-compliant alternative.

The only sweetener used in this guide is maple syrup, but I’ve also included substitution notes for making these recipes fruit-sweetened, if you prefer to use NO added sweeteners. You can also use honey, instead of maple syrup, if you’re not vegan.

fall recipes salads and pudding

Healthy Recipes Made as Easy as Possible

I want to make this program as EASY as possible, for as many people as possible, so these recipes are purposefully simple, while also being sturdy enough to be used as leftovers for another meal in the future. That means you won’t have to spend your entire week in the kitchen, and you won’t be overwhelmed by huge ingredient lists!

The meal plans are designed to use up all of the food you prepare, with possibly a snack or two being leftover for your weekend, too. That means if I ask you to buy a can of coconut milk or tomato paste, you can be sure I’ll have recipes so that you can use the whole thing!

Here’s a quick video, showing you what the first week of meal prep looks like:

Other than physically coming to your house and cooking for you (I wish I could!), I think I’ve done just about everything in my power to make this meal plan as easy as possible for you.

  • Your shopping list is done.
  • You’ll know exactly what you need to prepare for the recipes in your meal plan.
  • You’ll know exactly what you’re going to eat each day.
  • And then you get to eat whatever you want on the weekend– which may very well be more of the recipes in this guide. The choice is yours!

If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you, you can grab this digital PDF for just $9.99. That’s roughly the equivalent of buying two Pumpkin Spice Lattes this season. Since you can keep this guide forever, and you can make a healthy pumpkin spice latte at home, I think this is clearly the better value.

Click on the button below to grab your copy now!

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If the button doesn’t appear for you, click here to purchase the e-book for $9.99.
*Please note, this is a digital e-book that you can download to your computer. This is not a printed book, so nothing will be physically mailed to you. By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to my terms of service.

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I hope this year will be your healthiest one yet!

Get more recipes + meal plans in my books:

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I am amazed of your creativity!! Healthy+Delicious+Economic+Beautiful
I can’t ask for more!!
Thank you!!


This is very really unique helpful information.I learn so much from you as well! Thank you so much for sharing your helpful information. Keep it up.


Great guide- there are so many recipes that I look forward to trying! I made the pumpkin soup last night and it was delicious! I alphabetize my spices and accidentally grabbed and put in some “Chili powder” instead of “cinnamon” I quickly noticed and was able to scoop most of it out but the little left added a nice kick to the soup. I think next time I’ll add a dash of cayenne to the original recipe.

    Megan Gilmore

    Ooh, I love the idea of adding a kick to the soup! Glad you’re enjoying everything so far!


I noticed you have these freezer reusable pouches for your smoothie ingredients. Can you share a link for them?
I have all your cookbooks, have made so many of your recipes, and have sent many friends to your site. A legit Detoxinista addict! 🙂

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