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I know how difficult it can be stay on track with all of the temptations this holiday season, so I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

plate of cauliflower

Now that the weather is cooling off, you may not feel inclined to drink as many green smoothies or eat as many raw salads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help support your body’s natural detoxification system with quick and easy whole food options. I’d like to provide a solution that can help more people at an affordable price, so I’m hoping this online program will do just that.

It’s chock-full of recipes and tips to help you eat well when the temperature drops. You may find it easier to eat well in the summer, when fresh and juicy produce is abundant, but when it’s cold outside and you feel the urge to hibernate, healthy eating can be a bit more challenging.

To help, I’ve included plenty of warming recipes to satisfy your cravings, without derailing your health efforts. In fact, this book features 21 exclusive recipes that can’t be found on the blog, and they’ve all been developed to be comforting and quick to prepare.

Here’s what’s included:

detox program handoutsSince this program is completely digital, as a PDF download and website, you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, you’ll be enjoying an abundance of whole foods while reaching your goals. No starvation or fasting required! As you all know, I’m not a fan of “quick fix” plans or fasts, because I feel they are often used as a form of procrastination– as a way to avoid making lasting lifestyle changes.

(Drastic diet changes can also lead to binge eating, which can become a bigger problem than you started with.)

It’s far more important to learn how to feed yourself well on a regular basis, so that you can maintain your results after the cleanse is over. No one wants to suffer and restrict their diet for a period of time, just to gain back the weight (or even more) later. It is my hope that this program sets you up to make better choices long after the three weeks are up.

To make this program as accessible as possible, I’ve included plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. All of the recipes are gluten-free and added-sugar-free, and there are lots of grain-free Paleo options, too. There’s something here for everyone!

NOTE: Registration is currently closed.

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Wishing you a very healthy and happy holiday season!




Megan Gilmore leaning on her white countertop.

Megan Gilmore

Hi, I’m Megan. A former fast food junkie turned best-selling cookbook author. I create healthy recipes made with simple ingredients to make your life easier.

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  1. Hello! I LOVE your blog and the idea of a cozy detox sounds fun and much needed! I am a vegetarian, and sometimes pre-made meal plans are not that helpful for vegetarians. Are most of the meals meat heavy, or can I easily alter it to fit my diet?
    Thank you! I look forward to cooking more of your recipes!

  2. Ciao Megan! ti seguo da 1 anno e mezzo, ho comprato il tuo libro tradotto in italiano…. spero che arrivino presto anche gli altri. GRAZIE DI TUTTO

  3. Hi! I have purchased detox programs like this before but found they were so calorie deficient that I couldn’t complete them. Can you tell me what the total calories per day are on this plan? I want to make sure I feel full:)

  4. Hello Megan,

    I showed this 21 detox plan to my husband and he shared some interest with me. However, I have some questions about the meals as I am wondering if they could fit into our lifestyle for 21 days. I have a few questions because my husband has never been disciplined with his diet in anyway.
    First, how strict are you meal plans? If there is a meal we aren’t crazy for can it be easy swapped out for a more pleasurable meal?
    Also, how time consuming are these recipes. Will they require a lot of prep and cook time using different kitchen tools or could they be put together easily?


    1. Hi Joslyn,

      This particular detox is definitely flexible– I include 3 weeks of meal plans, but you are most welcome to swap meals if there’s something you don’t like. I personally tend to eat the same few meals all week long, and then switch to something else when I get burnt-out, so if it’s easier for you to make a big batch of something and eat leftovers for a day or two, that’s totally fine. Most of the recipes in this program take about 30 minutes to prepare or less, with the exception of soups that might have to simmer a few minutes more. The only kitchen tools I use are a blender and a food processor (and for one recipe a coffee grinder, but a blender would work for that, too), so nothing too crazy in the tool department. And if you have questions as you go, you’ll have plenty of support in the online member forum!

    1. All of my recipes are gluten-free, and most of them are vegan. I’ve also added a bonus PDF to the members-only forum with 30 “winter detox approved” meal ideas, so hopefully you’ll enjoy that!

  5. Quick question: are most of the recipes appropriate for someone who is following a grain-free and legume-free diet?

    1. I believe 4 of the recipes in the PDF contain grains or legumes, but even those could be modified to accommodate a paleo diet if you like. (i.e. sub ground meat for lentils, or cauliflower rice for quinoa.)

  6. Hi – i purchased the program this morning and have been checking out the recipes and ebook. I do have to say to anybody here who is vegan – i would not recommend it. It is correct that a lot of recipes are vegan but i would consider them side dishes and not complete meals. To complete a meal the recommendation seems to be add meat. I find it disappointing that there are no suggestions to make a meal complete unless one eats dairy or meat. My other gripe is that it would be much easier if ALL the recipes are in the book, its a pain having to toggle back and force btw. the website, the meal plans and the book to figure out which ones are vegan, what are the ingredients, etc. Completely understand why no shopping list is provided, assume most people will make up their own meal plans anyway but having it all in one place would be so much easier for planning purposes. I will try and see if i can use some of the recipes but otherwise, i’m afraid i will have to write this one off under ‘experience’.

    1. Hi Claudia,

      Have you checked out the member forum yet? I add updates to the program there, so you’ll find a bonus PDF there with 30 more “winter detox approved” vegan meals– and all of those recipes are in one place for your convenience. Hope that helps!