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With all the vegetable juicing that goes on in my kitchen, I feel like I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to re-use the remaining pulp.

bowl of juice pulpI’ve used it muffins.

In pancakes.

In meatballs.

In burgers.

And now?


vegetable sushi rollsIn sushi!

Why didn’t I try this before?

Carrot pulp is even easier than making jicama rice–> meaning my favorite raw sushi is now even easier to prepare!

Simply save the carrot pulp from your morning juice (I juice my carrots first, to keep the pulp separate), then use it as you would rice!

making vegetable sushi rollsAdd your favorite sushi fillings, roll and enjoy!

Easy and delicious, just the way I like it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Reader Feedback: Do you have a favorite use for juice pulp? What’s your favorite easy lunch?

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Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

This is such a fantastic idea! I hate when rice overpowers sushi, and I’m sure these taste amazing!

Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Ooh great idea Megan! I’m actually going to be doing some sushi making experimentation next month and was thinking for alternatives to rice for the filling. Only problem is I don’t have a juicer! Do you think doing the blend-and-strain method would work?


    Yes, you can definitely use a food processor for creating a rice-like effect. I have a photo-tutorial here if you need pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ (a blender might make it too pureed, so a food processor is ideal, if you have it!)


Fantastic idea..looks delicious..we just had sushi last night for a small celebratory dinner-Travis just got 2 more job offers yesterday..more to choose from!

Have a great day!


    Congrats to Travis!! How exciting!! ๐Ÿ™‚


what!! I neeeeed to do this! awesome idea!


Omg!! What a smart idea! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m definitely going to try this out!


gonna be trying this soon… smart girl you are!!

Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

Absolutely brilliant. I usually just mash mine with some avocado and call it good but I’ll definitely be trying this!


These look delish and the red pepper as tuna is brilliant! I love the picture tutorial as well, so helpful! With combining, you could probably use real rice too, yeah?

I have a question…do you add anything extra “juicy” to make up for the dry pulp or is it just good as is? I am asking because last year I had a juicer but I sold it because I felt like I spent half my life cleaning it and when I ate the pulp it was too dry and I felt like I wasted alot. Now I kind of want it back!


    Yes, for combining purposes, real rice would actually work in this! I’ve just never actually made sushi using real rice… ha ha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t add anything juicy to the pulp, because I’ve been using my Breville juicer lately– which leaves the pulp a little more moist than my other Omega juicer. (I actually bought the Breville juicer AGAIN after buying the nicer one, because I missed it, too! Sometimes you just want faster juice, and moister pulp… go figure.)


When I had breville I have used the pulp for salad or soup but now we have bought angel juicer and the pulp is like sand. I have tried to make soup and crackers but it was not good, really like sand. But I am happy so I know that it juice everything very good. Thanks for the recipes when I use breville(that is not very often once a moth) I will definitelly make it.

Tamara Lukie

are you serious girl~ this is seriously the most amazing thing I’ve read all month!!!!


This is a GREAT idea! I’m definitely doing this!


Deee-licious! Even my very skeptical teenager loved it! The only thing I would do differently next time is to have enough of everything prepped to make more!


I’m so glad I stumbled onto to your site. It’s so hard to find ways to replace bread, rice, and noodles and still have taste. I can never thank you enough for your ideas! You’ve made meal planning for diabetics fun and my parents are very happy to have pizza back with your cauliflower crust and now sushi too!


Love the sushi rice idea – thanks so much. In answer to your question…I use my juice pulp to make crackers by mixing with garbanzo, coconut or almond flour…a search will give you some recipes t play with!

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