Detox Blonde Macaroons

I’ve got a special recipe to share with you all today.

My nut-free macaroons!

These rich, buttery morsels are an easier-to-digest treat that won’t ruin your health efforts! But be warned: They’re downright addictive.

Detox Blonde Macaroons
yields 22-24, depending on size


2 2/3 cups shredded unsweetened coconut (**see note below for a coconut butter substitution)
2 (additional) cups shredded unsweetened coconut
3/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. pure almond extract (*optional, omit this for nut-allergies)
1/4 tsp. fine sea salt


Start with your 2 2/3 cups of shredded unsweetened coconut:

If you pay close attention to this particular packaging–> you’ll see that this bag contains EXACTLY 2 2/3 cups! Hence, where I came up with the measurement. (note: this brand is available at most Whole Foods stores and on Amazon)

Simply dump the whole bag into your high-powered blender or food processor, and blend until you have a creamy coconut butter.

In a Vita-Mix, this takes under a minute on the “low” setting. In a food processor, it may take longer. (I’ve heard it takes up to 10 minutes in a food processor– so be patient!) Be sure to scrape the sides a couple times, so that you have an even consistency.

**Substitution note: For those of you who have asked, blending the 2 2/3 coconut turns into just about one cup of coconut butter. If you can’t make your own coconut butter, you could easily use Artisana’s Coconut Butter instead.

You can see how THICK this butter turns out (it’s also slightly grainy):

Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well with a spatula. The batter should stick together well:

Drop batter by small rounded spoonfuls onto your dehydrator sheets, or if you’re using the “oven method,” drop them onto a pan lined with a silpat, or parchment paper:

Oven method: Preheat your oven to 300F, and bake macaroons for 22-26 minutes, watching closely so that they don’t burn. Macaroons will be crisp on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for an additional 25 minutes, so that they firm up. Place the macaroons in the fridge or freezer to “set” further, or serve immediately! (I personally like them best served at room temperature!)

Dehydrator Method: Simply dehydrate your macaroons at 145 degrees for the first hour, then reduce the temperature to 118 degrees, if you’d like to keep them raw, checking on them every 2-3 hours until they are firm and crisp on the outside. (If you’re impatient, crank it up to 155F and they’ll be ready in a couple hours!)

(Feel free to drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top to make these extra-decadent!)

Store macaroons in an air-tight container for up to 5 days. (if they last that long!) For a longer shelf-life, store them in the freezer–> they’ll last a LONG time in there! My husband actually prefers his macaroons frozen!


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Detox Blonde Macaroons
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
35 mins

These buttery macaroons are naturally sweetened and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Course: Dessert
Servings: 24
Calories: 147 kcal
  1. Begin by blending the 2 2/3 cups of shredded unsweetened coconut in a food processor or blender, until you have a creamy coconut butter. (This takes a couple minutes in a blender, and up to 10 minutes in a food processor.) Be sure to scrape the sides a couple times, so that you have an even consistency. *If using store-bought coconut butter, move on to the next step.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well with a spatula. The batter should be sticky and uniform.
  3. Drop the batter by small rounded spoonfuls onto your dehydrator sheets. If you're using the "oven method," drop them onto a pan lined with a Silpat, or parchment paper.
  4. Oven method: Preheat your oven to 300F, and bake macaroons for 22-26 minutes, watching closely so that they don't burn. Macaroons will be crisp on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside, and very tender. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for an additional 25 minutes, so that they firm up. Place the macaroons in the fridge or freezer to "set" further, or serve immediately! (I personally like them best served at room temperature.)
  5. Dehydrator Method: Dehydrate your macaroons at 145 degrees for the first hour, then reduce to 118 degrees (if you care to keep them raw) for up to 12 hours, periodically checking for crispness. They are ready when they are firm and crispy on the outside, but still tender on the inside. (If you're impatient, dehydrate at 155F for 2-3 hours.)
  6. Store macaroons in an air-tight container for up to 5 days. For a longer shelf-life, store them in the freezer--> they'll last a LONG time in there!
Recipe Notes

Drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top to make these extra-decadent!

Let me know if you give ’em a try!

**Some of you have also asked about using coconut flour instead of coconut butter–> since I haven’t tried this method yet, I’m not quite sure what the measurements would be, but I’d suggest starting with 1 cup of coconut flour, and adding a 1/3 cup coconut oil. (I’ll be sure to update this recipe if I try it myself!)

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

Holly is the sweetest girl and im so glad she won! she just won a give away of mine, some probiotic herbs…ha! And you’re giving her macs. Great combo 🙂

Wow those look stellar, love the recipe! I dehyd stuff at like 140 for way less time. Girl, i have no patience for that 48 hrs dehyd stuff! my god, after 6 hrs im ready for it to be DONE!

And your email to me re your Bro and helping him…blessings and hugs to you, you are a light and a healing ray of light for him. Ok i sound hokey, ill stop 🙂


these look amazing, i definitely want to make them! thank you so much for sharing!

ashley @ ashley's adventures in alaska

I keep meaning to make these. They just look (and sound) sooooo good!


Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! I have all of those ingredients, so I will try a batch today!

Holly @ couchpotatoathlete

Megan I am so excited to try your macaroons! Thanks again 🙂

And I may just have to try your recipe too — I bet the house will smell wonderful with these “baking” in the oven!

Allison @ Food For Healing

everyones making macaroons nowadays, I really need to get on that boat!

Laura @ Tidbits

Yum! these look great! i’m definitely going to have to give them a try. 🙂

ps. pineapple apple carrot cake recipe is posted! 😉


You know what Gina over at The Fitnessista and I have in common? We have both read the same book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, and it “clicked” with us. So, YES, of course we have some similar food on our blogs. One of the reasons that I liked Gina’s blog in the first place was that she ate similarly to me.

I’m not going to change what I eat simply because it happens to be similar to Gina. Yes, she has a popular blog, but that doesn’t mean that she’s the only one who can post about green smoothies and macaroons (or that she was even the first one to do it). That would be like telling all bloggers that they can’t eat oatmeal or “overnight oats” because someone else does it on another blog, too! Come on.

Yes, I drink green smoothies (I actually learned about them WAY before discovering Gina’s blog, when I read the book Green for Life, almost 3 years ago), yes, I make a cherry pudding that is inspired by Kristen’s blog (not Gina’s– she gives credit to Kristen for that one as well), and yes, I make macaroons–> there’s a recipe for them in practically EVERY raw food book out there! So good luck finding an aspiring raw foodie who HASN’T made macaroons. And of course mine look like Gina’s! That’s like saying my chocolate chip cookies look like another blogger’s chocolate chip cookies. They’re cookies. That’s how they look.

And, no, I don’t do TurboFire. But many other bloggers do, so are you going to go give them a hard time, too?

Personally, I think the whole point of reading and writing blogs is to SHARE food and fitness ideas. If Gina didn’t want her fellow blog readers and writers to try a certain smoothie or workout, then WHY would she even bother taking the time to post them?! In fact, if I saw more bloggers posting the same food as me, it would bring me much joy knowing that the health and happiness is spreading. Isn’t that the point?!


I can’t wait to try these- I love that coconut flour and shredded coconut are the ingredients- I am wondering if you can give an idea of how much flour you get after grindig the 2 &2/3 cup shredded coconut… I have bags of coconut flour I need to use up and want to use that instead of the grinding process. Thanks!!


these are baking right now 🙂 so excited to taste them. you’re a darling for posting the recipe. much love!

Lea @ Healthy Coconut

I saw in the recipe that you shredded coconut and process it to get it finer. Can I just use coconut flour? or will that change the recipe too much. I have a bag of coconut flour that I want to use and always look for recipes that I can use it with.

Thanks for sharing this recipe and I’m sorry you received that comment #8. You are doing a great job with your blog. I learned more about eating raw foods by reading your blog.

~ Lea


Gosh, I just went back to read this post and saw that comment from Katie. The one thing I’d like to add is that Fitnessista refuses to post “her” macaroon recipe – saying she’s “saving it for a possible cookbook.” I applaud people like you and Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga and Angela from Oh She Glows for sharing so much of what you find works. Isn’t that what this is all about? Sharing.

So, thanks, Megan. For being cool and all.

Ange @ Health & Swellbeing

I am so making these next week! I’ve seen you post about them a few times and every time I make a mental note but forget about them.
Can’t wait to try these!


    Hope you like them!! 😀 They’re kind of addictive in my house!!

Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa

Hello! Just had to swing by and say THANK YOU for sharing this recipe with Angela at Oh She Glows – these are AMAZING! Not sure what you were thinking sharing this recipe…it is soooo good I am sure you could have made millions selling them! 🙂

I seriously cannot stop eating them!

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

I just made these macaroons, and am in love! I used reduced fat shredded coconut for the 2 cups, and full fat for the 2 2/3 cup to make the butter. I’m already planning to make another batch :).

Erin W.

Megan, I’m finally making your macaroons! They are “un-baking” in the oven right now. Although I think I’m still full from all the batter I just ate. Ha!

Just also saw the mean comment above – ignore that stuff. Your blog is awesome just the way it is. xoxo

Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner

Oh my gosh. These look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


I made this recipe tonight, and tweeked it a little. I replaced the maple syrup (as I had none) 1/2 cup raw organic honey. I also added 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil. They turned out very good, so delicious. I made them for my son, who has crohn’s disease, and coconut does wonders for him. Yes, he likes them, started picking them off the pan before they came out of the oven. Thank you!

    Megan @ The Detoxinista

    I’m so glad you both enjoyed them!! 🙂


      These look great!,, can I put them up in the freezer to set them as I don’t have a dehydrator and my oven s lowest temp is 170′ would that temperature keep them raw or just freezer? Thanks for ur amazing recipes! You are an inspiration!,


        The texture will be much different if you only freeze them, but I’m sure they’d stay together like that, if you don’t mind having a different result.


Hi Megan,

Where did you purchase the lovely mini baking cups for the macaroons?

I’ve been looking for them…

Thank you,



    I think I found those at Michaels craft store last year. I’ve also seen cute ones at IKEA recently. Hope you find some fun ones!


      Thanks Megan so much. I’ll peruse at Michael’s and Ikea and see what I can find. If I happen to find cute ones elsewhere, I will definitely post on here for sures 🙂

      Happy Holidays 😀


What a great way to make coconut butter. any ideas on how to replace the maple syrup with liquid stevia.


Awesome! thanks. I am in the middle of Natalia’s 30 day cleanse and these macaroons are going to be a nice addition


I made these tonight and they turned out great! Thanks for sharing your recipe, love them!


    So glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

    laura black

    I tried to make and the coconut did not turn into butter…. I have a vitamix too. I had to add in some coconut oil and then the maple syrup and vanilla to the vitamix and just blended till rough…. why didn’t the flakes go to butter?

      Megan Gilmore

      Are you using the tamper with your Vitamix? That helps the coconut flakes stay close to the blades, turning it into butter faster. And you’re using the full amount of coconut? Less coconut won’t work. Also, make sure you’re using the full-fat coconut flakes (because they sell reduced fat flakes, too), and if it doesn’t become butter, just add a touch of coconut oil and keep blending– it should look like butter within just a minute or two in a high-speed blender like the Vitamix. Though, keep in mind that the butter isn’t silky smooth in texture… it still has a slightly grainy texture.

Mike Haugen

These are great!!! I’ve made them a few times now and they get better every time. Thanks!


    So glad you’re enjoying them! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂


megan! I made these yesterday for a passover dinner and people kept coming up to me over and over! they were the biggest hit! They couldn’t believe it was all healthy ingredients. There’s no egg in this? I followed the recipe exactly doing the coconut butter sub you mention (using Artisana raw org coconut butter) and raw org shredded coconut from Ojio. This time I used maple syrup as you suggest. The first time I made them I used honey and maybe because of the kind I used it was too overwhelming a flavor. The maple syrup was just right! The next time I will try the stevia ones. Everyone wants the recipe so I will be linking away! TX!


    I’m glad they were such a hit! The maple syrup is definitely key– these still beat the stevia-sweetened ones, so they’re my go-to crowd pleasing treat. But, of course, the stevia version is great if you want to enjoy them regularly and not worry about the sugar content!


These are so good thank you for the recipe… there were always my favourite cookie but since eating clean i have not had them. now i can and they are better than any store bought ones for sure. My husband and i are also on a cleanse and these are the only treat we can have…. again thanks

{lauren} the talking kitchen

holy moly!!! these are amazing! I just made my first batch with a few substitutions (- the almond + some Grand Marnier) and love them! Thanks for the recipe! (excuse the overuse of exclamation points.. :))


    I’m so glad you enjoyed them! The Grand Marnier addition sounds fantastic!!

Tina B

These were amazeballs!

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